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10 Feb 2012

A funny old day

Dentist, Education Authorities, Local MP's, Legal emails.
Meh! Today was a battle that I dont yet know if I have won.

Instead of boring you all to death, here is a tag for my tag collection.
I havent tagged for ages.

PS: Come and take a sneaky peak at the first DT entry for this months Fantastic Ribbons challenge, more to come soon.

Kirsty x
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Jaki Morris said...

I love that tag!
What do you do with them afterwards?

My day ended traumatically, I'll email you about it!

Have a great Friday


Lizzie said...

Hope you soon have it all knocked into shape, Kirsty!
I love the butterfly wings behind the tag - it makes the little girl look like a fairy - especially with the "Wish" ticket. Very lovely!

Nicki said...

It's scrummy!

Sue said...

Fab Tag.

Hope you win your battles.

susiesu said...

Hope your weekend goes better than today? The tag is great (I know there is a reason why there are no hands on the clock but I just have a strange feeling that it should be 4 o'clock!!!!) Do you display your tags or store in a folder? please let us know lol susiesu xxx