Ladies Camera Club

19 Feb 2012


I've been in Birmingham less than 12 hours and I've got a very sore throat. I rang home to speak to Marko and he thought I was a man! And then afterward retracted it and pronounced that it was bordering on Deirdre Barlow.

And now I'm in my room, all alone with no craft supplies. I feel bereft. Instead I jotted this quote on complimentary note paper whilst scoffing the complimentary bickies.


Sue said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Jaki Morris said...

Hope you're feeling better today. It's horrible when you're ill in a hotel
Take care

Anonymous said...

pharmacists are qualified to deal with people who have very minor ailments as well as the seriously ill who they will assist with getting a dr when away from home. A&E is for the very seriously ill and walk in centres will help those who need a dr or nurse practitioner who could give you advise re fluid intake simple pain control, healthy eating and rest etc as well as deal with any underlying medical conditions which you may have in relation to this ailment.Life is very fair and we can all enjoy living it. many would be thrilled to be able to be away for a holiday in a hotel atm....enjoy it and relax. has your little girl got it too? hope she can get back to nursery after half term [ she prob brought it back from there in the 1st place hugging and playing with her pals!] and the older one can be at college etc too. take care and hope things seem brighter today !

Debo said...

Are you feeling ill or have you just worn out your voice with your demos?

Try gargling with disprin (or Southern Comfort!) or try hot Ribena, that's the only thing that helps me.

Hope you're not feeling too rough too enjoy the show!

Peggy said...

I have the croak too but have lost the voice altogether now I've read Saturday's post and laughed so much- Fanta sea?????? Why haven't I seen that before. Take care. Dee xx