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21 Feb 2012

Before midnight

I'm back home from the NEC after three days hard sell on the Letraset stand. Loved working with Nike (pronounced Nicky) and Mike (but not pronounced Micky). I managed to spend a combined total of 25 hours stood up whilst bearing the voices of Brian Blessed and James Earl Jones combined. This is the worst stinking cold ever known in the history of (wo)man.
I was so tired when I got back but had to finish some work before retiring at this unknown hour. Well, in this house at least. Whilst at the NEC I managed to secure prizes for my sponsorship/raffle as part of my upcoming Inca Trail.

Back to blog land tomorrow.


Jenne said...

Glad you're back in your cosy home. I hope your cold Gets better very soon. Me and Mr G have both been in bed before midnight for 3 consecutive nights now. We are very proud of this miracle that's unfolding before our very eyes :-)

Julie Kearney said...

Sure you will start to feel better now you are in your own home. Bring some raffle tickets with you to the next craft show then we can buy some :) x x

Lizzie said...

I'm glad to hear you're home - it's never nice to be ill, but so much worse when you're away working. Hope you soon feel 100%!
Well done on the prizes for your Inca Trail. Do you still need things and what are you doing with them - is it a raffle, an auction...?
Have a good rest-of-the-week!

Sue said...

Sure hope you feel much better soon.

Debo said...

Feel better soon! We've missed you.

Jaki Morris said...

10.52 is late me me!

Glad you're back where you belong.

Hope Mark realises he has to bring you hot lemon dressed as a waiter at any time of night?

Take care

Anonymous said...

hope you are better today, colds usually only last a couple of days dont they. some good fresh food and sleep will help along with plenty of fluids and some vitamin c etc. Hopefully you didnt pick up more germs from being away. Hope the children are well and enjoying being back at school playing with their little friends.

Redanne said...

Hope you are feeling a bit better today and that you got a good night's rest.