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10 Jan 2012

Snippets of my almost dull day

I can't say a great deal of things happened today except Ellie went back to school (well, for 2 hours) to revise for her GCSE English exam, which she will sit in the morning. I spent an age with her to try and encourage her to expand on her written statements where she stunned me with a list of very cool adjectives used in the right place.

I pottered about the almost empty house (ahem, the pooch was my company) and realised that 2012 had a routine to get used to, in this house. So far 2012 hasn't seen a great deal of action in our scrawny little 3 bed semi detached, so I whipped out my "to do" list to kick its little butt.

I also road tested a secret new steel rule die today which added a glimmer of excitedness in this January beaten bod. Hope I can share that soon, I've not seen anything like it. My craft fix, however, was short lived as it was time to pick up Belles from School and go food shopping. I HATE FOOD SHOPPING. Its boring. Although I was happy to check out the gluten free section of the store for some wheat free goodies PLUS the chockies and bickies were all reduced to ridiculously cheap prices too. Although Mark and Ellie will benefit from those more.

Ugh, I've just read this blog post back. Wow. Such a thrilling read. I'll compensate you with this image here taken from Nicole Samuels blog. How magnificent are those trees?

Gotta go, the amazing rush of life is almost too fantastic to bear ;)

Kirsty x
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Jaki Morris said...

In the words of the song, 'Some days are better than others'


ski said...

Good luck to Elle for her English exam today, DS also sitting this! Currently battling with revision for the other 3 exams due in January and a French CA. I'm sure GCSE's will be the en of me.

Sue said...

Really fabby LO.

Wish Elle good luck with her exam.

Debo said...

Good luck, Ellie!

Loving those trees but can't fathom out how to make them :(

I think you need something amazing-super-fantastic booked into your diary so you have something to look forward to (and not too far ahead!) - I know I do, but haven't worked out what it is yet!!

But if everyday was exciting, would we then be able to appreciate it?

Redanne said...

I know what you should do - stroke your ribbon stash or better still buy some more!!! Guaranteed to cheer you up. Anne Rx

Bettyann said...

maybe it is just the collapse after Christmas that has us all feeling blah...good luck to Elle on her exams...better times are a-coming !!

nicolesamuels said...

Hi sweetness! I miss you! Thanks for the linkage... I wondered where all the hits were coming from. ;) Hope you are doing well. Happy New Year!

susiesu said...

Good luck to Elle for her exam and hope you are feeling better? Debo - I reckon the fabby trees are made from a semi-circle and folded back on itself. Come on Kirsty give us a demo am sure you have worked it out for us lol susiesu xxx