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26 Jan 2012

Sneak a peek a poo

On Monday 30th Jan, at 5pm, I will be showcasing some gorgeous "New Today's" on QVC. When I received the top item of the show, yesterday, I admit I did a little jig in the style of a merry little weeble on a mission to not fall down.

So without further ado, here is a taste of just a few of the items/tools on offer:

You see this? Not only does it make a lush border buuuuuuuut........

You can chop the "petals" off to make this aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand

You can use the waste goes on to make this. But thats not all, the best is yet to come.

It most majestically makes this (the best thing about this tool!). Im so happy that I cannot stop clapping.

There is also some sparkly stuff going on

And delicious little accents

And fab borders and inks

Why not join me to see what else you might fancy. Im paired with Debbie Greenwood (I love her but not like - you know, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE her!). She totally puts me at ease.

Kirsty x
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Debo said...

Marking it in my diary now-it's looking exciting!
I think Debbie Greenwood is a lovely presenter, interested without being over-the-top-excitable like some can be. Good luck(not that you nee it!)

kate said...

will be tuned in- is this a punch that you have been chopping to pieces-looks interesting !

Anonymous said...

will there be any hand made crafts or just ready made toppers and stuff? really would love a shopping channel with proper bits for hand made crafting items..... one day when people cannot afford topper and stuff maybe there will be? who knows!

Kirsty Wiseman said...

Anon. I make the toppers from individual items. I wish you would go away; you are always leaving irritating posts.

Debo said...

WHO is this anonymous person? WHAT planet is she on? Her posts are ridiculous!! (Though they do make me chuckle from their ridiculousness sometimes, I'm sure that sometimes they must be very upsetting for you, Kirsty, although you should dismiss them IMMEDIATELY as this person clearly has problems understanding 'English' and speaking 'Sense'!!

Belinda said...

Here, Here Kirsty & Debo!!
Jog on Anon!!! Did you see what I did there???!!!
Loving the sneaky peeks too, BTW x

Lisa-Jane said...

I wonder what Anon means by hand-made crafts? You mean like scissors, pens and card etc? Yeah, they do that too. LOVE the look of those butterflies.