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11 Jan 2012

Perking up

I don't want to die under my duvet of misery just because of the lack of daylight; how sad would that read on my gravestone? So I made a promise to leap out of bed, eat some fruit and poke at my eyes with a fork to wake myself this morning. And it worked! Well, I'm telling myself it worked because I still felt a little sluggish but nevertheless, I didn't want to go back to bed after Ellie went to College at 8am this morning. I put my iPod on the Bose docking station and belted out The Very Best of ELO (my latest iTunes purchase - magic!). The beat of Mr Blue Skies made me believe it was a GREAT day to start sorting and sifting through the house. I wonder why we all treat January as a month for sorting, organising and filing etc?

During a well earned tea break, I googled about after reading the Daily Mail Online. Once you separate the wheat from the chaff (namely the celeb goss (yawn) and the politics (double yawn)) you go to the normal stuff. Mainly stories of do-gooders and tales of pitiful lament. First good read has made me start looking forward to Madonnas Directional debut. Sure, the film has been panned because her reputation precedes her but I have always been fascinated with Madonna. I was 14, she was Like a Virgin. We used to laugh in school that we were allowed to talk about Virgins because it was in a song title. All the while whilst backcombing my hair and wearing hideous plastic beads, pixie boots, leggings and eyeliner. Yes - I was HOT. Um, not. My best friend, Tracy Smith and I were her biggest idols and I'd go into a kick boxing ring with anyone who challenged me on that score. **cracks fingers to limber up for a good old fight**

I love this photo of her and I love the Madonna in her 50's. I wouldn't say that she is conventionally beautiful or should I say, her previous antics didn't leave you thinking that she was. Her choice of behaviour and the air of "I take no crap of anybody" with which she displays has made her a very rich woman. Perhaps I should try and stop being so nice and get myself a boyfriend 30 years younger than me but then again not, because he would be 10!???!!!!

Here is the trailer of her movie, WE.

There is something fascinating about the tale of "that foolish King" who gave up a life of duty for the love of a woman. Whilst we all went weak at the knees over The Kings Speech, we also see that story from another angle. Call me old fashioned but I can't help but bite my knuckles over a good love story. And love or hate Mrs Wallace Simpson, she certainly left a legacy that history books soaked up with such relish. **Hope the critics were just being bitchy about her movie because I want it to be good**

And my new guilty pleasure? I definitely want to go and see Rock of Ages too. Maybe because Alec Baldwin looks a complete tool in character or the fact that I love soft rock. Think Def Leppard, Scorpions etc. Maybe I have a soft spot for musicals, who knows. I just want to go and see it!

I also read this story here (please read it buthave tissues to hand). Oh my goodness, I cried buckets reading this story.

The love of an animal cannot be felt by those who have never appreciated the affection of a trusting pet. I used to be one of those people. I'd scoff at people who would spend hours telling me about their pet cat or dog, I'd even raise my eyebrows and have them down as a nutter. Well, let it be said that I am deeply sorrowful for that era of my life and I'd happily suffer any recrimination during my entry test to Heaven. Because now, as an owner of the most lovable dog in the world, I could not imagine what this animal had been through to swim all that way after the turmoil it had just endured. It made me immediately go and find my pooch (found him burrowed under 4 cushions on the sofa) and give him a big fat cuddle of the most epic proportions.

Finally, I also discovered sheer delight of Genius gluten free fruit loaf.
I thought I had died and gone to heaven for REAL when I had some this morning. Despite the fact that its a HIDEOUS £1.99 for a loaf with approx 12 slices (and each slice is approx the size of a credit card), I was elated that I could enjoy gluten free at its most sexiest. Of course now I'm on a mission to find the most tastiest gluten free fruit loaf recipe to cook in a bread maker and one that doesn't taste like plywood. I do believe that Xantham Gum is a key ingredient but as for the rest of the ingredients - can anyone enlighten me? I've discovered a ready bag of mix for one loaf of fruit loaf but its £8.99. Come on, that's just plain stupid.

I'm going to share my recent gluten free recipes here. And you can rope the old man into the bargain because Mark can't tell if my recipes are wheat flour free or not - BONUS!
I wonder if that would work with arsenic?

**tune in tomorrow for some exciting news of a new online course. For two years people have asked me to run one and I feel that its time to finally get round to doing it**

Kirsty x
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Bernice said...

I found this website:

Mind you at the time I was looking for something else entirely

Jaki Morris said...

Yay, you've brightened up!

Don't know what it's like ooop North but darn sarf we've had some amazingly pink mornings due to the wonderful sunrises.

Looking forward to your next on-line project


Debo said...

its SO good to hear that you are feeling brighter! Now I'm going to have trouble keepig up with you again- your energy levels are amazing!

My 'sort-of-new-years-resolution' was to only post positive comments on my facebook wall - ok, I only remembered this week, but I've managed 1 post!!

One way to look at the (extortionate) cost of the fruit loaf is that it would cost more than that for 1 slice in Starbucks so don't feel so guilty! (worksfor me!!!) But obv a recipe to make it yourself would be better. Would like to try your gluten-free recipes cos I definitely bloat from wheaty carbs!

Keep positive!

(BTW I tried to post yesterday but pressed wrong button and lost whole message! I was going to echo the suggestion of a SAD light as I seem to remember that your studio/office doesn't have any natural light at all?)

sandysewin said...

Hi Kirsty, I'm glad to hear you're feeling a little more "up."

We've had to go through all the diet changes here in our house, no wheat, no gluten, no dairy, no sugar. What a pain!

One thing I've found that will really, really contribute to a serious lack of energy and an overall malaise is too much sugar of any kind (honey, maple syrup, etc. included, ANY kind of fructose/dextrose/glucose substance.)

Often the premade gluten free foods are loaded with sugar, so you might want to watch that.

I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only person out there who still listens to ELO, by the way!

Susan said...

BBC Good Food magazine has regular gluten-free recipes, a month or so after the magazine is published they put the recipes on their website.