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13 Jan 2012

Online course - DSLR training. At last!

For a numbers of years I have had many requests to run an online DSLR training course as many new DSLR owners can't always travel to me; to be taught how to use their camera. I have taught over 120 people to take their camera out of automatic, several of whom have gone to take their photography seriously as a hobby/business. I've never considered teaching it online, until now. Im ready for it; I like to share :)

But why should you choose my online course?
Well, no doubt you will have seen 3.4 bajillion of these particular courses online, right? You may have taken one or two of them and perhaps still can't fathom how to use your precious, pricey and precocious DSLR, right? Not with me you won't.

The way I teach is non-tech speak. There is, initially, no scientific jargon that makes you go cross eyed and head explode. There is no unnecessary amounts of theory before you switch your camera to even its simplest Aperture Priority. And there is definitely no speed to which you can learn, although the course is delivered to your inbox in bite size chunks (every weds for 4 weeks). There will be video tutorials that you can access ANYTIME you like plus course notes to explain in both layman's terms (and tech speak for those who really feel they need to understand specifics). From client feedback I believe that its the layman's terms that makes taking photographs so much more enjoyable.

You will learn not only how to use your "beast of a camera" to its full potential but I teach you all the secrets of composition and lighting. How to get the best from kids, men, still life, christmas tree lights bokeh, moving objects, pets, portraits, group shots, flash photography and low light situations too.

I'll be on hand almost everyday to answer your questions on a PRIVATE online networking site plus I provide a critique of your three best photos from each assignment; explaining gently if you achieved the points I've set.

Who can take the course?
Anyone with a DSLR. Any make and any model. As long as your camera has Aperture/Shutter speed Priority, RAW file imaging and a lens minimum of 18mm up to 300mm (and those in between)

How long will it last?
It will start 1st February and will last 4 weeks up to 22nd February with course notes being emailed every Wednesday. You will be sent a link to a private network site (Facebook page with a chance to chat with other students, share photos, ask questions) plus links to PRIVATE video tutorials.

Overall Objective
By the end of week four you will have had all my best, if not secret notes on how to better use your a language that doesn't make you want to bag your head against a brick wall. Put it this way, when I did my first set of photography courses (at £200 a pop), the guys on the course spoke to me with so much tech jargon that I left the event barely knowing a smidgen of what I was supposed to doing with my camera. In retrospect, I'm committed to not confuse you! I'll reveal how I get that killer portrait shot, how to freeze frame a moving object and how depth of field plays a major part in getting the right look.

How much is the course?
The online course is £60 which, at £15 per assignment, represents excellent value for money. You can book your place at this link here now, to secure a place (I take paypal or can organise a BACS transfer). If you prefer, you could always opt for a private one-to-one session at £135 which is the current way I teach DSLR photography. More details of that is here

The course has limited spaces so that I can critique your photos and give the best of myself to the group. I will run the course again if numbers sell out quicker than I anticipate.

Kirsty x
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Eager Beaver said...

Damn right "at last"!
I've beene waiting centuries for this. Put me down!

Debo said...

Kirsty, you are so innovational!

Am going to suggest to hubby that he signs up - his working hours mean that he can't commit to a regular evening class and he'd love to be able to get more from his DSLR. (and maybe there could then be a half-decnt photo of me after all!!! So we'll all benefit ;) )

Jaki Morris said...

Brilliant idea.
I know I did one of your workshops in the summer but at that time I didn't have a DLSR!
Now I do I feel it would be useful to have you in my inbox every week reminding me what to do!

sue said...

Yay, just what I need although I did one of your courses in the summer as well, I only had a bridge camera so now dh has brought me a dslr for crimbo its a must. xxx

Samm said...

How did you know my new years resolution? I realised I'd reached photo number 10,000 on New Years Day and I *still* can't confidently take my canon off auto settings! *hangs head in shame* Absolutely sign me up please!
Samm xx

Anonymous said...

I would love to sign my daughter in law on your on line course she lives in Dubai could you contact me re details

Catherin said...

Fantastic - have paid up and can't wait. I also did your course in the summer and learnt so much!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kirsty
I have just paid for the course for my hubby, he's always wanted to do a course but never committed. He's got no excuse now. What happens next?
my email:

sparklygirl-Tina said...

Hi Kirsty

I'm all paid up now and can't wait to get started! Looking forward to everything!



Bridget Larsen said...

Are you running anymore courses currently? I just bought a DSLR and I am stumped

Bridget Larsen said...

opps sorry forgot my email

Manjipoo said...

Just paid through my husbands paypal( richard roberts) but it is me Amanda roberts that will be doing the photography course, just wanted to let you know my email.
Looking forward to it, you were highly recomended!