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20 Jan 2012

My inspiration

If I need to go somewhere other than the overloaded, scrambled heap of Pinterest - I go to these places below

(Click on the links and be transported to ultra divine inspiration)

For Journally/Doodly things

For true, organic photography

For cardmaking prettiness

For beautiful digital illustration

For colour inspiration

Ive shared my secrets, now you share yours

Kirsty x
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Anonymous said...

some interesting ideas. hope your little girl is better after the hospital visit and the older one doing well at college now.

Jaki Morris said...

That card is delish and I think I have become a saddo as I knew instantly that it was OA!
When I need inspiration I go to google images and type in the name of the paper or stamp and see what other people have done with it. That usually leads to a blog and then Pinterest!!
It also usually leads to an hour drooling over things and then a rushed 10 minute card!
That B&W photo of Dina is divine.

Craftilicious said...

I like to scroll the photos on bing images

(just keep click previous)

Elisa said...

Thank you! The moleskine journal is amazing. My secret is one you already know. Pinterest.

Kazzy said...

Thanks for sharing Kirsty...I love this place

Will you be doing another photography course later in the year?...I'm saving for my DSLR at the mo but hope to have it by summer!

LJT said...

I'm experiencing some major journal envy right now!! I usually browse through old magazines, or search something that is my main interest at that moment (usually cupcakes or something equally yummy!) and that can give me inspiration :) x

Debo said...

Thank you for sharing.
I could spend all day looking at those beautiful images and colours on Design Seeds! Beautiful!
Will look at the others later - have 6 hour journey to Cornwall today,

Lisa-Jane said...

Gorgeous load of loveliness - stop distracting me!