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5 Jan 2012

More sneaks

I'd love to share something other than QVC sneaks but when you have a two hour show, your life is consumed with demo and samples making. Ive spent approx 12 hours working on my samples but I think the hardest thing is coming up with format and placement. Im sure people think that we just come up with all these cards out of our heads in a moments notice. Yeeeeep! No way, hosay. Half the time Im staring at the products waiting for a spark of inspiration to show them off to their best. Maybe I should keep it simple and mat and layer with a blob of glitter in the corner?

As ever you will see a ton of ribbon. Its my staple basic for a card. I know its not "the law" to have one on there but as a blog commenter yesterday made a bit of a statement about them yesterday, I though she should know that actually I am in love with ribbon and I think it adds a lovely finishing touch. When I die, I want to be bound up in polka dot ribbon in a casket lined with a million photos of my loved ones........ thats how much I love ribbon

Erm, doiley alert!

A mini! I made a mini book!

Ribbon? How unusual.

Memory glass and accent beads enhance this particular GORGEOUS sale iten

Don't diss the peel off!

These stamps are going to FLY!

Scrapbook page - hooray!

Another scrapbook page


And finally .......... another scrapbook page

Im setting off for London this afternoon. I do love using the trains as its so much more faster plus I can sit back and think without nodding off and almost hitting the central reservation; if I used the car. I had another drama last night with my tickets; this time trying to print them from home. Rather than bore you to death with the entire tale, it resulted in a call to Bombay where the handler basically told me that because my Mac wouldn't print their PDF ticket, I had to go and find a cyber cafe or go use a PC. She was assuming I had a PC (we do, but that's not the point...I want to print from my Mac!). Who the hell tells you to go and print a ticket that you already paid for in a cyber cafe (at extra cost to me?). GRRRRRRR. Virgin Trains have really let me down the past two train bookings. Still, Ive sorted it now (thanks to Fabrizio Martelucci - coolest Italian name ever!). The moral of the story is, if you pay for a ticket online with Virgin on a Mac, don't expect their call centres to give you a clue how to redeem your ticket. They told me that I was unable to travel because of this unless I printed my ticket from a PC or if I bought another ticket at a cost of £165 (my ticket only cost £35 return!). What a bunch of criminals. **Could have cried, almost did**

Im thinking Laws of Attraction are out to test me....... must insist on a little more positivity this end. The sooner I go on my Reiki courses, the better.


Jaki Morris said...

I'm with you on the ribbon, I loves it.
I spied a little sausage on the page, can't wait til tomorrow.
Good luck, relax and enjoy

Lil' 'Ol Me said...

Im at work tomorrow Kirsty :-( but I will try and get to a pc during my lunch break to see some of it. Good luck. Remember dont mention gits! Oh and as for ribbon.....I love ribbon on card. I read that post too and was a little sad....because I loves ribbon oodles and oodles and thought everyone did :-O

Fiona said...

I read that post as well. My opinion is that there are all kinds of crafters out there. Some beginners and some more accomplished and some who might quite like to tie on a piece of ribbon or stick on die-cut bits. We are all individuals. Personally I'm not mad on QVC myself, so I don't watch it much but I will be tuning in tomorrow to see you. Keep doing what you do Kirsty.
PS I like ribbon too. xx

MARION said...

I LOVE ribbon.... and I know you're gonna ROCK !!!! I'll be watching... Was Eddie in a compromising pose ?????

Anonymous said...

am so glad to see you playing to
your VERY considerable strengths- incorporating scrapping in your samples...cardmakers can always scale ideas down... and it helps control your ribbon fetish-tee hee...
i just wanted to remind you of the huge body of work...your lovely designs...funny honest writing and creativity which all shine out of your scrapping -so clever!!

Di Everett said...

Let's weigh this up... the skill of an expert crafter who knows what she's doing with every component of her project against the critical opinion of someone who has no idea what a capital letter is. Hmmmmmm.... Difficult one. LOL. Keep doing what you do so well, please, Kirsty. We may not all do it your way - but most of us have the intelligence to know real talent when we see it. Can't wait for tomorrow, now! (Oh and... why would anyone want to be anonymous? Not me, for sure. But you knew that. LOL)

Anonymous said...

Ooo. Ribbon! I loves it too - ribbon on everything. How can you NOT like ribbon? :-( And that 'sheer' butterfly is gorgeous. Will be so pleased when DH is back in work so's I can splurge on stash! lol
Virgin trains really need to get their customer (non) service sorted, don't they?! I've printed tickets from my Mac (couldn't swear to it being Virgin though) so it's ridiculous to say you can't - and it's ridiculous to say you can't anyway! So many people now using iPhones, iTouch and iPad to access the t'internet. as well as us Mac "real" computer users.ANd if you had bought another ticket at £165 how were you supposed to print that off? Do they print on Macs' if they are more expensive then? Silly people. Time to email Richard Branson? Hope your journey was non-eventful? Enjoy Wicked.

Alana said...

I can't understand why some people are bitter and twisted that they feel the need to spout negative comments on blogs. Anyway what I really wanted to say is loving the scrapbooking, can't wait to see the Eddie page (he is super cute) and I love ribbon too:)

gleestormont said...

love all your sneaks. i'm a big fan of doilies and ribbon, too. (and butterflies, polka dots, lace.....)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kirsty,
I was trying to send my comment without anon on the heading and I couldn't seem to do it, so I 'signed' my name at bottom. I'll have another try. Not everyone who is anon wants to be anon.
I'm also using capitals to show I know how to use them,as Di is critcising anons and 'non-capitalisation'. I tend to type as I think i.e. without too much it bad manners?
I hope peeps don't think I'm the ribbon-hating anon!I like ribbons very much,they are the tinsel of everyday life!
Best wishes for tomorrow
cathy-janex ...nope! there is still anon at the top. I would appreciate it if someone could tell me what the biscuit I am doing wrong? I'm such a technophobe!

Shazza said...

Good luck for tomorrow sweetie. And i LOVE ribbon too. Keep smiling gorgeous x x x

susiesu said...

I LUV RIBBON TOO!!! Cant wait for the show Kirsty - looking forward to the mini book.

Cathy-jane - with my comment box just above where you click to publish your comment there is a list to choose an identity and one of them is anonymous - have you highlighted this option by mistake???

Ribbon loving Susiesu lol xxx

Anonymous said...

could you make ribbon roses? They are great and would ease some of the pain for the ribbon dislikers [ poor English but hey who cares?!!!!]

Anonymous said...

Good luck Kirsty,waiting as I type with my cuppa and my feet up...Was gonna say break a leg and all that jazz but please don't 'cause that would be horrible (better to break oven than a leg me thinks,hee hee), see you at one xxxxx ps another example bad use of English I know,I'm really good at English honest,went to Oxford and all sorts, lol
Have fun,you've got to have laugh in this world don't cha think?
Peace to all love helen xxxxx

Soo said...

Watching today's QVC clearance show today and you're costing me a fortune!!!! :)

susiesu said...

Re: Lottery tickets - I gave my neighbours a Christmas Lottery Ticket with a plant and they won £15.00 was so pleased as Christmas was on a budget this year lol susiesu xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi - caught your QVC slot (whilst eating lunch!) I was stunned at just how quickly (and brilliantly) you completed a scrapbook page! You said you had thought it thru beforehand but hey I'm impressed. It was a good 'un.
Please ignore the 'judgemental' people - I have just come across a vitriolic site where everyone was sniping because they dont like the name Ethel - which Lily Allen has named her daughter! I despair sometimes - the 80's phrase 'get a life' springs to mind Love your blog. Carole

Debo said...

Another ribbon-lover here! I always have to have some on my cards!

I love Cathy-Jane's description of ribbon as 'the tinsel of everyday life' - BRILLIANT!! (I can never have too much tinsel, either!)

Loved the show! Loved the samples! Well done Kirsty - hope you're going to be a regular on QVC, and can't believe how relaxed and confident Amy was yesterday, she seems to have really come into her own this last year!

jamie said...

you mean there can be too much on a project?
you tell 'em girl...
and love the casket idea...creative while lying in that is style.

Sheryl said...

I love the way you use ribbon on projects - I just can't make it look as pretty as you do, so don't often use it on my projects. Doesn't stop me having a great big box of it, though!

I don't think I have ever bought anything from QVC because I baulk at the postage, but when I am at home and it's on I like to watch as there is inspiration to be had!

Redanne said...

Recorded the QVC shows and watched them last night - even though you are a bit young for it I think you should be classed as a national treasure - the thought of you in a coffin wrapped in polka dot ribbon just gave me the best of laughs, in a nice way of course! I thought that was my idea alone! CathyJane, I had the same problem as you but then signed up for a Google Account (free) and now my name appears, might be worth you trying that. Regards, Anne Rx