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31 Jan 2012

Love London

I just love London. Its so vast and exciting. When I lived here during the nineties, however, I also found it very lonely. I think that was namely down to never seeing the same person twice (unless it was a local shop keeper or colleagues). It wasn't as cosy and personal as living in a small town. But still, I stomached it for three months before I gave in to my northern roots and family.

I came down on Sunday night ahead of my QVC slot on Monday. I stay in some of the most fabulous places and by fabulous I do not mean by staying in hotels of distinction (hello, Im not made of money). I use my trusty AirBandB portal and this time I stayed with Adam again. HE IS THE COOLEST. Despite living on the fourth floor he comes down to meet me and take my exponentially heavy suitcase all the way up and then makes me a lovely cuppa. He is such a fascinating guy and I will never ever tire of him. Ive stayed with him before but on this occasion he had another AirBandB'er staying with him. Eduardo of San Paulo, Brazil. Well, he was just fantastic and has come all the way here to learn English. I mean, with the USA being inches nearer to Brazil than the UK, I found this astounding. I fell in love with his broken english and pronunciation. My stay with Adam has and always be the best part of the trip.

On Monday I tripped over to QVC for a meeting. I thought it might be fun to share a QVC pre-show secret. Below is a picture of my everyday make up - lippy and liner *eye liner, that is* but............

This is the amount of slap I have to wear on TV so that I dont look uneven/ill/hobo. Takes ages to apply all of that; its why I dont bother with it daily!

At QVC, I met my friends Jaki and Judy too. The plan was to stay for the show and go night time photographising at night. I was lucky that QVC allowed them backstage and Im grateful that they helped me set the show up - they were naturals. What was a great bonus to the day was when one of the Strictly team came into QVC to do the Zumba show prior to mine....we were star struck a little. Then after my show we did some night shots on the Chelsea Bridge using the lights of the traffic to create to trickery. I didn't lug my camera with me preferring to teach them instead. Later, we went for a meal at Pizza Express where I had my favvo pizza (the Pendana) and vino. To be fair, it was minus 42893747442657615 centigrade so the night time shoot was somewhat short lived! It was such a lovely evening. I treasure the time I spend with friends; all with the same woes/happiness/baggage/stories/battles/love as I.

I stayed another night at Adams in readiness for a client meeting today. I got up late. did some admin and dragged my suitcase (weighing 4183462742672346751 tons) across London to the Charlotte Street Hotel. Wow, its lovely, a love their frontage - is that even a word? Its here I met my two clients of whom we discussed some really exciting work ventures for the future. Its a slight tangent from my everyday but nevertheless, sort of the same? Everything I seem to do at the moment is by luck or chance - so you gotta grab life by the balls and go with it, right? I stayed for afternoon tea and stuck my huge gob into this lot.

Isn't it a work of art? Disgustingly over priced for what was essentially a crumb of a few sandwiches but on another footing, it was oh-so-decadent. I think I could get a weeks shop on this treat but what the hell; I could get run over by a bus tomorrow. I'd need a full belly for that journey, wouldn't I?

My train leaves in two hours so Im signing off to finish my assignment details for the start of my Online Photography Tutorial tomorrow night. I shall leave London with a tad of sadness but then my heart will swell as we pull into Wigan and be with my little treasures again.

Kirsty x
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Jaki Morris said...

Glad I got to use a bofo for the first time in my life.
It was fab, you ARE fab but you are right is was fripping freezing.

Sue said...

Blimey you wear me out with all you toing and froing:)

Anonymous said...

glad you had a good time. wondering if you use a nanny or do you manage with a child minder or after school club type care? which do you think works the best for the little ones and do they have to have special statementing for children with disabilities? just starting out on that route and it all seems a bit daunting - want to be able to work and yet what is best? suppose only time will tell

Anonymous said...

No Anon, I guess she doesn't use any of the above. Why pay for child care when you can lock your bazillion under five kids in a broom cupboard. Just have to remember to feed them the odd crumb now and again.

You are so PATHETIC! I don't know why you keep leaving comments, they aren't even funny. You know exactly what you are doing, what a sad person in real life you must be.

Julia said...

Ooh Kirsty, I love afternoon tea. You and I should meet up in The Lowry Hotel at Manchester - they even do a champagne option :)

susiesu said...

Did 1st anonymous leave an email address? Can you not delete them or something? Anyway glad you had a lovely time in London you deserve it after talking me into buying the die cut messages - at this rate I'm not going to have any money left to buy the TH distress markers. Saw TH demoing them and they are a real 'must-have need them now' item. good luck with your new projects lol susiesu xxx

Kirsty Wiseman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jaki Morris said...

Hello annonymous
I was with Kirsty in London on that day and I have two children, one with a statement of special educational means.
I find that using their Nanny works really well as she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren. Their fathercan also do things for them like put them to bed.
Most working mothers have to find ways of taking care of their children and work.
I work from home as my eldest son has a medical condition, I can never leave the house for five minutes without thinking, 'what if'
However, I am entitled to have a life, just like you, him, Kirsty and everyone in this world.
I suggest YOU go out and get a more fulfilling life so that you don't have to make ridiculous comments on people's blogs.
If you don't like how Kirsty lives her life, why don't you just leave her to get on with it?