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22 Jan 2012

Looking forward to CHA 2012 releases

Im not going to CHA this year but it doesn't stop me drooling over the new releases. Ive not seen any Melissa Frances sneaks (boooo!) but Ive spied these babies from JUST Maya Road. Ive always loved the bare basics from Maya Road and these are going to be MINE!

Burlap - yummy!

which will make this thing of beauty:

Mini wooden rules

And these delightful spool end stamps

To fit these - swoon!

I wanted to add My Minds Eye new releases (especially the ones designed by Rhonna Farrer) but they wont let me use their images - so go and have a look HERE.

Im dribbling already, someone get me a cloth!

Kirsty x
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susiesu said...

I'm dribbling too Kirsty! love the wooden spools, the rulers, the burlap. Seeing the bag just had an idea of crocheting a strip and rolling it up like flowers oooooh imaginaton is working now I'm going to bed lol susiesu xxx ps I was only joking too wasn't going to part with my card!!!!

Anonymous said...

easy to make little crochet flowers and do them in different threads for texture and interest. that is the real part of the crafting eg your own designs not copied and the real part in making the things you use not having to rely on others to do it all for you and then paying for their skills- makes it a waste of the ltd disposable income and it is not crafting merely using others skills! good idea that has been done over and over again by those who love crochet!! flowers, trees, leaves, bells, stars, angels, you name it it is done! members of my craft group whip them up in seconds and sell them for *charity* because they are so so easy to do and are in no way original or special any more than anything else! 10 a penny really and no need to spend a fortune on crafting from those who make their names big - learn the skills and DIY rules the world!!!!!

Bumblebee said...

ooh, I have a burlap type bag for life which is ripped beyond repair, but I'm thinking could be up-cycled into some lovely flowers like these!!

Jaki Morris said...

mini rulers, cotton reel end stamps, cotton reels, ermm I'm literally reeling with desire.
Can't crochet though. Actually I've never tried so maybe I can!

gill said...

I just love the look of the burlap flowers and that purse is really cute.Must try and get some of these.

Shazza said...

Love those spool end stamps! x x x

susiesu said...

Hi Kirsty button mask is by Creative Expressions. Are you able to alter your comment box so that you can vet comments before they are posted?? As I see 'anonymous' is here again!!!! lol susiesu xxx

Lisa-Jane said...

They look lovely! I've never tried to crochet but I love the look of it. I just want to spend my time doing the things I do want to do. Sometimes its not cheaper anyway. Those spools are yummy - would love to put my twines on them.