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13 Jan 2012

Just a few spaces left!

Wow, what a surprise to wake up to so many spaces booked on my online DSLR photography course (see yesterdays blog post). If you haven't already and are toying with the notion, grab one of the last few spots before they all go, go, go!

Here are a few feedback quotes/Pics from some of my past students:

Lynn Anderson: - One of Lynn's works of art
"I had had my camera for over a year and it had never been off automatic. ONE day with Kirsty and I was shooting in manual and understood all those jargon words that had befuddled me before.
Kirsty's course is totally understandable, easy to follow and gets the results that you want. You will learn not only how to use your camera but about composition and lots of amazing hints and tips that only a professional knows.
My camera has never been in automatic since - highly recommended."

S Johnson: - One of Sarah's works of art
"Kirsty's no nonsense, plain English, non tech speak was exactly what I needed to to teach me how to transform my DSLR from a very expensive point and shoot camera into a tool to enable me to take the type of photographs I'd only ever dreamed of taking. Everything was explained to me in a way that I could understand and more importantly in a way that I could remember and put into practice when I got home afterwards! Excuse the pun but depth of field was such a blur to me beforehand but after Kirsty's straight forward explanation and demonstrations all become clear and very easy to understand. Thanks to Kirsty I now have the confidence to use my camera in the way it was intended to be used and achieve results I never imagined possible!"

Stephanie Openshaw:
"Well after shooting in Auto since getting my DSLR i thought it about time i really found out how to shoot in manual and what it all meant.i learnt more in that one day with you than i had at a few night classes with so much technical jargon it was baffling. I learnt about aperture and how it affects whats in focus, the best aperture for shooting people ( obviously not SHOOTING them).i learnt about shutter speed and freeze frame.How white balance works and what ISO means higher the number for darker situations etc. Learning before i take a picture to consider Aperture, white balance and ISO.I learnt about design principles and what makes for a pleasing picture.mostly though it was taught in my language and i had so much fun learning. And it didn't end there as help was on hand if i got stuck at all. Thank you again for a most enjoyable day you did make me laugh too"

Paul Browning:
"After a day with Kirsty, my camera is now permanently on it's manual setting. Never on automatic. For the first couple of hours of the one on one class, i struggled to take everything in and kept forgetting the stages of manual photography. But suddenly, with Kirsty's patience, something just clicked. It sunk in. And now, like driving, or riding a bike, it's in my subconscious. I point my camera, take a reading, apply the settings I want and click away. I hardly have to think about it. Since that day, photography has become more of a joy, as I love seeing the results of the improved quality of photographs I now take. ."

Lesley Sharpe: - One of Lesleys works of art
Kirsty's photography course turns you from an enthusiastic amateur to a semi professional in a few fun filled hours.

C Gardener: - One of Tina's works of art
What a wonderful day out.
I went along to Kirsty's photo course in the Gloucester area last year. I learnt more than i expected as it always looked so complicated. Kirsty made it sound so straight forward and it was very practical. I now know what aperture is all about, how to get depth of field, how and when to change the shutter speed and best of all the most effective picture composition. I very rarely use automatic now(only inside at night, haven't mastered that yet) and enjoy sharing my photos with others. I cant thank Kirsty enough for giving me some inspiration to use the camera properly. I would recommend anyone to give it a go.

For full details on how to book, do nip over to the blog post below before the spaces run out!

Kirsty x
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Jaki Morris said...

I would like to add my endorsement of Kirsty's teaching technique.
A good teacher is one who is enthusiastic about their subject and can pass that enthusiasm onto their students and Kirsty certainly does that.

Sign up, you know you want to!

Anonymous said...

practice can assist you towards your favourite shots. why spend so much on a camera if you dont know what to do with it ..suspect its a 5 second wonder with many and few will have the time money energy or whatever to professionally make a living from it. As a hobby it is great, join the hundreds of thousands and enjoy what you have already spent out your hard earned cash on! have fun!

Judi said...

Having been on Kirsty's London photography course last year, I learnt so much and had such fun alongside a great group of like-minded students. Hard earned cash well spent!!!

I feel sure the online course will be just as good.

Jackie xxx said...

WOW these examples look amazing so I've signed up and so looking forward to stepping up my photographing abilities.

Missed out of your day course in Birmingham last year, but the ladies I know who went on it, couldn't praise you enough for what you had shown them in such a short time scale. So with that in mind I know this course will be amazing and is definiately one for me.