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8 Jan 2012

January ugh.

Despite having a fantastic show on QVC (friday just gone), why is January such a tiresome and bleak month? The lack of energy in various departments of my life is sucking my will to live. Craftwise its a busy time of year for some as various peeps prepare for CHA and Stitches. I've got a few things to organise that way - makes me happy but its a few days of this lousy month taken care of. Most of January, for me, is neatening the edges of my Tax return and hoping I hold out from the lack of daylight. I've a list as long as my arm of things to do but seriously, Im looking at them with glazed eyes and am hoping the magic craft fairy comes a-waving her wand and making it all "blow away"..........said in the tones of Mike Wahowski from Monsters Inc and his unfiled paperwork.

I don't want to go anywhere or do anything. What I would love is for one of my old RAF Sergeants to come beating down my door and whooping my enthusiasm back into shape. Better still, I'd kill to have a week at an outdoor Bootcamp. Yes! that's what I want. Somebody make it happen. I can't be bothered looking any up. **dark cloud, go away you bothersome little cowbag**

Don't ask my why I think that Diet Coke is going to give me some energy and the lack of gluten in my diet is going to give me a wheat free/carb coma-less source of jiggy. Even the last of the unloved Fudges from the tin of Roses look appealing and believe me, when Fudges look appealing in my current state of mind, I know I'm scraping the barrel of hope. Ugh. Somebody rescue me from this funk.

**Leaves my blog writing for a couple of hours to see if anything cures my ail**

Some 3 hours later I'm back at this blog entry and nope, not even Dancing on Ice and Sherlock has sparked any ember of inspiration. I'm off to go and watch 500 Days of Summer or maybe Juno to pep me up. I'll be back laters.

**Leaves blog writing for a good two hours to test my fave movie perk-me-up**

Aha! Knew it, bloody knew it. 500 Days of Summer (new fave movie ever, knocking Juno off its number 1 fave movie spot) has shifted a few of the dark clouds above my head. Do I see a beam of light and a a few inches of space on my craft desk. I'm just about to go and wizz up something pretty. I'll def be back laters.

**Leaves blog writing for a good hour to shuffle papers, stroke my ribbon and find something I thought I'd lost a while ago. But it came to me in a dream the other night and guess what - it was there!****

Here we go - bright, cheery and ribbony yums

Maybe this card could be the catalyst to a brighter few days, no?

Kirsty x
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Sue said...

Think the New Year Blues are a common thing. It's probably the let down after getting so hyped for Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Hope you soon in a bettger frame of mind.

Loving the bright card.

Jaki Morris said...

Wow, that card perked me up at 08.14 this morning!
I too watched 500 days of Summer after hearing you mention it before and spent the whole filme wondering where I'd seen her before.
I'm off to Google it right now.
I'll happily swap your fudges for you sweet of choice, especially if it's strawberry creme, coffee creme,orange creme!

Fiona said...

Don't worry Kirsty, I think most of us agree that January is the crappiest month of all. At least the days are getting longer now (not soon enough tho')
I'm with Jacko on the sweeties, Coffee Creme Ugh! Liked your cardi on Friday btw.

EmmGee said...

Wowsers! That card would cheer anyone up right now. Would send it to say Have a Nice Day, Thinking of You etc etc. Don't wait for a birthday. Planning to watch your most recent video later. Off to lunch with some old (long-standing) friends and tea with a couple of colleagues before back to work on Weds. Happy Monday everyone. EmmG x x

Anonymous said...

Hi, February is worse , all the things of the past are gone and life is boring and dark in February. If the mood doesnt lift soon natuarally seek some advice from your Dr or consultant as limiting your diet re gluten as a coeliac can have major [ and I mean major!] effects on other parts of your health and should never ever be done just for the sake ot it as nutrients are finely balanaced hence the words balanced diet- give your dietician a call and tell her how ill you feel today and ask for some advice /blood tests/supplements etc etc asap! get well soon......but you wont by messing with your diet without help!

sandysewin said...

I know just what you mean, Kirsty. January=deep blue funk & general all around bleahness

What I've found that works is to MAKE yourself do something, anything, regardless of how you FEEL about it. Once you get rolling, it's amazing how the feelings come around.

Debo said...

Tell me about it!

I've got to hand my 6000 word dissertation in by 11am Friday and all I can think is 'I'd rather be crafting' but I KNOW that if the dissertation was finished I'd be thinking 'what's on the telly and where are the chocolates?'

Meanwhile, dissertation sits there, up to 5000 but know I have to delete and replace 250words and that's brought me to a standstill! And it was growing so well yesterday :(

Debo said...

P.S. I've found in the past (i.e. BEFORE back problem!) that a good jog in the fresh air does wonders to invigorate! Have to FORCE yourself out of the door but BOY! do you appreciate it by the time you get back!


Lisa-Jane said...

Woah, psychedelic card hun! So pweety. Are you back running yet? Could that help? Sending you some smiles :-)))))))

Sandra said...

Great card very colourful for this time of year,love the show Kirsty of course i had to buy a few items didn't i ??? LOL!!!!