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28 Jan 2012

iPhone 4s is here!

Ive waited so patiently for my 3gs contract to run out so that I could embrace the 4s. I could have cried when I got that baby in my hands on Friday. As you may know, I like to take photographs and the camera on this 4s is phenom. I wont have to lug my monster Canon's around to take happy pics so much, now. Here are a few snaps of my weekend so far:

My shellac nails in prep for QVC, Monday. My nails were originally going to be kelly green but Ellie thinks they made me look witchy (cheers, babes!)

I bought an amazing App to convert pictures to a true black and white. I LOVE IT!

Ellie and I were trapped in the car during a torrential downpour - the camera in this shot was the facetime camera which is not as good as the main camera on the 4g

Very frilly and fluffy petticoats for some pre-prom shoots in May. I got them for a stonking £22.80 (reduced from £38) so I got Hot pink, Black and Red. They are way cheaper then the Hell Bunny petti's, which put me off buying them. I've got some black and white stripey socks to go with them and the girls who booked the session are more excited about this shoot than the prom - Tee hee

My Doggy woggy - sat on his favourite step. This is his vantage point. It's a place where he can keep an eye on us when we are up stairs but also has a "lock-on" visual to any potential door knockers. Dogs are NOT stupid, let me tell you that!

I'm slowly going back to blonde. After a disastrous hair year, I'm going back to the colour Mark prefers. Even my mum thinks I look scary with dark hair (and that's my natural colour!). So here we are, honey tones in prep for the bleaching before summer.

And finally here is my new phone's temporary case until a proper one arrives. Hand stitched (crookedly - I don't profess to be a fab sewer!). The letter K is a reminder to Kick ass, just in case you were wondering ;) xx

And that's my life through the 4s. I LOVES IT!

Kirsty x
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Fiona said...

I showed my phone to Jaki Morris last week, she screeched with laughter and called her husband to come have a look,(its soooo last century dahling). I just don't get the phone thing, maybe it's cos I'm old and uncool. Loving the black nails and agree with Belles about green (I always think they look mouldy)
Loving the piccy of Eddy, my puss has a stair too.

Jackie said...

Looking forward to your show on Monday. Can you tell us the name of the b/w app you used, it looks amazing

Jackie said...

Having just acquired an iphone 4s myself, I know how exciting it is :-) Haven't tried out the camera yet but will be doing so now, especially now I've seen what it can do. have just downloaded a week in pictures app to try to inspire me to take more photos.

EmmGee said...

Glad you ditched the green nails for the craft prog yesterday, wouldn't been at all right with your green jacket/cardi! I fell for the poo punch and hope I got the right one.

Julia said...

I luuuurrve my 4s too. Have you any more apps to share for the camera? I only know about Instagram, diptic, incredibooth and hipstamatic. Would love some other tips :)