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1 Jan 2012

Happy New Year

2012 hey? I mean 12 years ago I was celebrating the millennium and its 12 years past that and I'm like "Whoa! Where is my life going?".

We celebrated the New Year by inviting my in-laws round for homemade meat and potato pie (God, Im so northern!) with a trifle for afters. Then it was a night on the Wii and a good old fashioned game of Triv before the fireworks of all fireworks in London - weren't they spectacular? I keep promising myself that we should go down to London at new years. Just as the countdown began, I popped open the Cava (I know, I know but its the same grape as Champagne only a fraction of the price) but we drank it with orange to make a bucks fizz. Ellie stayed up for the celebrations which was nice and quiet and reflective.

I have no idea what is in store for 2012. Im just going to see how it pans out. I've got some great work opportunities lined up but with so many options on very few dates, Im just rubbish at selecting the right thing to do. Being self employed and freelance does have its pro's but equally it has many con's. Sometimes I'd love to be a salaried 9-5'er but then there isn't a job in crafting that would warrant that. As for Ellie? Well, she finishes school in May. YEEPS!

**insert nail biting here**

She is a long way off being independent but hopefully she will land the right college to give her an education up to the age of 21; if she wants it. But before that we have her Prom to look forward to, something she is quite into which is surprising. We were looking around websites for ideas on what she could wear on Pinterest. There is no way she can wear heels and she certainly isn't the type of kid who will be spilling out of a sequined/satin dress with a hemline up to her knickers. She likes this look here but with black converse boots. Imagine her hair piled up in an abundance of loose curls with this ensemble?

Or hair like this? But then when you have curls like Belles, why squish it into a plait?

Sensible shoes, of course. Zero chance of breaking your neck in these!

And of course, the prom date.

We have a lot of organisation to do with her preparation to leave school but right now she is promising to knuckle down so that she can gain a higher entry level to college to give her a better start.

So all in all, I think 2012 is the year of "The Ellie".

Kirsty x
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Bettyann said...

Happy New Year..

Anonymous said...

Ooo. Me is Northern too.... we had meat and potato pie followed by trifle; but tonight rather than last night. Love that dress, and the converse is a great idea; my daughter went to her Prom in a beautiful "proper" ballgown that I made, with Doc Martins on her feet! LOL. That plait is lovely, but as you say - with Belles lovely hair it would be a shame to plait it?
Good Luck with your exams Belle, work hard and "the world is your oyster"
Happy New Year to all of you. Hope it's all you wish for.

Sue said...

I hope you pick all the right opportunities.

Also wangt to say Go Elle! Hope she does really well over the next five months and then get's the college course she wants.

Fiona said...

Sounds like my kind of night, trifle, Triv, and Cava. Very best wishes to you all, especially Ellie in this important year.

Shirley Davis said...

There's no greater achievement than watching your children grow into whatever they are meant to Ellie's case, following her own instincts will guide you as it always has done. Enjoy it all, especially the prom dressing -up!

Sam said...

Ellie would look so fab in a big frothy skirt and converse boots like those - brilliant!

Manualidades said...

Happy new year you to!!!

glee said...

love the pinterest prom inspo. hope she has a wonderful "senior" spring and super bright future. good job mom!

susiesu said...

Happy New Year and all the best of crafting for 2012 Kirsty. I love the dress for Ellie she will look absolutely fab. lol susiesu xxx