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28 Jan 2012

Happy Clappy

It's nice to know that my digi art goes to good use. With that, look what Tina Haythornthwaite made in the space of a few hours (since I put the download on offer - see yesterdays blog post for the link to the freebie download).

I love that she printed the first layer and then coloured and decoupaged another layer of flowers on top. I really do marvel over the many individual interpretations of varying products; in craft land.

Isn't it beauts?
Its like I want to take Tina under my wing but secretly steal all the ideas from her head at the same time. I love finding fresh talent projects to dribble over.

Thanks Tine, your card cheered me up today :)

Kirsty x
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Anonymous said...

crafting :) well done to this crafter! original ideas are the whole point of handmade cards so no point in copying or you just as well go to the card shop and buy mass produced!!

Jaki Morris said...

Lovely card. As cardmakers we all need a little inspiration from time to time to get us going. Each and every handmade card is just that, handmade and it is therefore individual and not mass produced.
I don't feel it's copying in anyway, you take an idea and you do something with it.
Annonymous, do you have any examples of your work you'd like to share with us?

Lisa-Jane said...

Beautiful card! Great use of your designs Kirsty!

Debo said...

Lovely card! Loving the composition and the colours.

Hear, hear Jaki! And I'd love to see some examples of 'anonymous's' perfect work too, to see how it SHOULD be done!

Anonymous said...

No chance of seeing Anons masterpieces. I am sure she is much too busy making her own paper, homemade glue and even glass blowing her own beads etc. :)


teacher jessy said...

What a pretty card :)