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4 Jan 2012

A glimpse

Friday is approaching fast and all my QVC samples have to be rounded off before I get the train on Thursday night to London. Im staying in Kensington after my lonesome trip to see Wicked. I'll be sat on my tod with a box of "whatever lard falls into my bag before I set off" but singing inwardly to "Defying Gravity".
**I do not know anyone who can sing that high-a-pitch but its a fab song!**

I thought I'd share some of my samples albeit in macro mode, so I don't spoil the fun of QVC's 3rd day of outlet shows. QVC's task between now and February is to clear all the overstock to make way for new stock. And I know this because the buyers are off to CHA at the end of the month to buy the latest and greatest things. I've put a little request in for a few of my favourite things; hopefully they will buy my dream supplies.
**sigh, wish I was going with them, too**

Without further ado, here we go.........

That's just a few of them.
I have approx 736482034846573642 more samples to make.

Kirsty x
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Cyndi said...

You have a very unique sense of style, Kirsty. I know you will do the sales items's some justice.
Also? Ignore the negativity on the Craft Telly forum. They are so anti-QVC it almost chokes them.

Nicki said...

Loving your samples.

Enjoy the show, we loved it!

See you Friday, I will be waving.

Anonymous said...

Lovely cards Kirsty. Love them all and those pins are just too cute!
My son and "lovely American daughter" (his girlfriend!) are at this very moment watching Wicked - him for the second time, her for the 16th - in Los Angeles! She's seen it in LA, New York and London - think she might like it? She's been on her own on more than one of those occasions. And she CAN reach those notes! :-o Has a lovely voice.
Have fun. Jude.x

Anonymous said...

unique ! do you hide the ribbon inside behine an insert or just let it all show and not have an insert? Is ribbon tied around card one of this years so say crafting crazes? Wont be following it if so as I think anyone can tie a piece of ribbon around a card and it often makes it look OTT with loads of other stuff shoved around it. so many proper crafters still love proper paper crafting skills and not ready die cut pieces and shove anything on and say its crafting!!!! Sadly qvc has become tacky again :( how sad..we had hoped for improvements !!how silly we were and now have even more bibster style stuff rammed on to pieces of card which sells because someones name is on the packets!

Sue said...

Loving the bright colours.

Enjoy the show.

Jaki Morris said...

I recognise some of the papers as I've had them for years. I was going to get rid of them but I'll see what you've done with them and then decide.
Can't wait til we see the new stuff.
I for one am not negative about QVC, I enjoy watching the craft shows and it's just a pity that there isn't a regular slot like there used to be. I think the main problem people have with QVC is their postage charges, that's what sometimes stops me buying.
Can't wait til the craft shows.
Enjoy London, wish I'd known I could have come with you and we would've been well Wicked!

Emma G said...

Kirsty when is the show on QVC? I don't want to miss it!

Kirsty Wiseman said...

Remember, this blog is a happy place :)

susiesu said...

lovely samples Kirsty just hope you get to show them this time before the item sells out!!! The girls on the Craft Forum are not anti-QVC but just fed up of not having a regular crafting slot!! Cant wait to see all the new stuff we are promised. Enjoy Wicked and have fun on Friday lol susiesu xxx

Debo said...

Enjoy Wicked, it's my daughter's ABSOLUTE favourite. Good for you, going on your own! Better that than miss out completely :)

Now going to watch the show (eating my lovely leftover-lamb-hotpot-turned-into-soup for lunch!!)
Good luck - not that you need it!

Rosie (Freycob) said...

We all have older stuff in our stash & it's great that you are showing us what can be done with it! Would be great to be bang on trend and only buy / use what's current, but sadly not. Crafting is for newbies & the more established.
I'm sticking my tongue out to the craft stash snobs :-p

Clarky J said...

Well i love your style with oodles of ribbon! I am also thrilled you are on QVC and dare I say I love the doilies too :0)

Jaki Morris said...

Number two anonymous 'If I show you mine will you show me yours?'
I doubt it as you can't even be bothered to back up your opinions with a name.
Enjoy your 'proper papercrafting' whatever that may be
Jaki Morris from Worthing in West Sussex
Some one who loves ribbons on cards and papers and tags and stamps and sentiments and doesn't mind being open to new ideas and isn't scared of leaving her name with any comments

gleestormont said...

proper crafting, what the hey????
I don't have a die cut machine; but only because I can't afford one!! I'm waving my ribbons (hoarder, i confess) proudly!!

Glitter Monkey said...

Beautiful work AS ALWAYS babes. You are doing your products justice.

Why cannot people LEAVE THEIR NAMES when they put disparaging comments. Turn off anonymous commenting and then they have to put their money where their mouths are. PAH!!

Big loves xxx

susiesu said...

Anyone know what "proper papercrafting" is??? we love your unique style Kirsty and ribbons rule OK?? lol Susiesu xxx

Paula Whittaker said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Paula Whittaker said...

Sorry I deleted my previoous post - really should proof read before pressing enter *blush*

Love the quote 'proper paper crafting skills' - so, you dont use ready made die cuts, that doesnt actually mean youre a better crafter than the next person! Thing is, you have to have an eye for colour and knowing when enough is enough on a card....and not everyone has it but Kirsty does.
As far as I know, Im sure crafting is just 'crafting' wether you use any ready made die cuts etc

Di said...

Banging my head on the desk here in despair at anonymous 2's comments about ribbon and ready cut die cuts. Betcha they daren't say who they are or even show their work! Good luck on QVC Kirsty - your true pals will be waving for sure! Di xx And I do think you should turn off Anonymous commenting so you can check it out in your Spam - it ain't doing my blood pressure any good here, bang, bang, and I've now got a headache :))

Redanne said...

Kirsty, I love your style and the more ribbon the better as far as I am concerned. I would say that "anonymous" must be into steampunk or something similar but that would be too disparaging against grunge and there certainly is nothing wrong with Tim Holtz style - he uses die cuts and even ribbon at times. Regards Anne Rx