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11 Jan 2012

Daylight, Oh daylight I need you

Can't. Move.
Every ounce of my body's potential function is hibernating.
Feel bruised and haggard.
If the sun doesn't rear its head in the next few days, I'm jumping on a plane with just the clothes on my back (plus passport and sun cream) and I'm going to lay in it all day (for a week) so that I can recharge. I would kill to live where its warm and sunny and bright...all year round. Where is that place? And don't say a childrens nursery in Ikea. LOL.

Ive been working on digi things today. Both the Scrapagogo hybrids and a couple of logo's/business cards for various people. Sitting in front of a backlit screen isn't really doing much for my health but a big pile of apple and clementines might have worked up a little zing throughout it all.
Ive been creating hybrids for them for over a year now. What I think is exciting about Scrapagogo now is that they have a cash friendly kit plan which you really ought to check out HERE. Its budgets ahoy this year so they have identified and filled that niche to keep the scrap hungry satisfied

Anyway, I thought I'd leave you with 3 recent projects: A Tim Holtz fuelled card. I had lots of inky fun with this baby

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Used the last of my Amy Butler papers. **sigh** These colours are lush
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And lastly, a new art journal page using ArtQuest Mica chunks and glitters. Love their Great tape. Its not called Great for no other reason than the fact that is really great! LOL
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Gotta go get some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's and psyche myself up for going running with hubby, every night for a month.
GAH! Kill me now.

Kirsty x
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Sue said...

Fab cards.

Sounds like you need a SAD light. I would be lost without mine.

Lil' Ol' Me said...

Kirsty I feel your pain. I feel rotten and have had to have the last 2 days off sick, it's that bad. I wish my little body would just get a grip and function just like all those people I see around me bustling about and having endless amounts of energy.
Your cards are lovely, especially the Amy Butler one (those colours are soooo good) and I don't know how you manage to create such loveliness when you feel like such crappiness. My crafty mojo has left and the light at the end of the tunnel isn't even so much as dim yet :-(
I will chant "today's the day" every morning 3 times until it returns!

Fiona said...

I feel SAD too Kirsty and try decorating in this poxy light, I tell you! I keep missing bits even with my craft light on. Love your cards espesh the TH one, but what is that thing that looks like a curtain hook in the ribbon ? (haven't got my glasses on)
Gottta go, the sun's making a brief appearance. x

Jo E said...

Hey Kirsty. Just been catching up with your blog and have laughed out loud at your Virgin train story from before Christmas. You tell a story brilliantly! Sorry to hear you are feeling blue today. It's sunny and glorious down here in Essex so I'll send some your way!

Rainbow Lady said...

Come to the Highlands... three days of non stop sunshine here - cold though but that disnae matter if the sun shines
Love Cynthia x

Redanne said...

I think Sue is right, in the absence of sunshine here in the North West (me too) a SAD light would be a great investment for you (seriously). Love all your creations today especially the Amy Butler paper one. Regards, Anne Rx

Anonymous said...

go to the dr and get some help asap...somebody else said with your ltd diet you need a proper dietary support and are as previosuly said prob very malnourished [ this does not mean you are very thin if you are not!!] as you can be very lacking in essential vitamins and minerals playinga round and leaving normal foods from your diet without a medical prven reason. You sound very sad and fed up bordering on more so seek medical care and feel better soon with healthy well cooked meals and plenty of fluids!

susiesu said...

Why are you only running for a month? love the cards btw lol susiesu xxx

Lisa-Jane said...

I would never have put that card down as you but I love it all the same (the inky TH one). Keep your chin up luvvie and I hope you perk up and be back to your normal chippery chipper self very soon xx