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22 Jan 2012

Daubing for Charity

I haven't made anything craft-wise for a few days because Ive been ploughing away at my tax return. Suffice to say its done and ready for inspection before I dig deep and cough up to the tax man. For a break, Belles and I went to the cinema together whilst Mark sat on his own in another part of the cinema; watching shoot-em-ups with blood and guts and brains flying around the screen. And tonight I vowed that after "Dancing on Ice", I'd slide into my craft room to erase all traces of tax and number crunching hell.

I was going to whip up a few cards for upcoming birthdays but instead I was lured by the call of my Jo Sonja's paints. It's not fully dry yet so it's not the best picture of it so far. Ive decided to call this artwork Sun through Crystal (imagine that the white hot of the sun is not a fried egg!). I'll probably auction it off to raise money for this HERE - I'm also going to sell a lot of my cards that I have made for various projects too to help bump up the funds or perhaps sell tickets and one winner can have the lot
**unsure; what do you think?**

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I'm paying for myself to go to Macchu Piccu (of course) and, as I'm going alone, Ive got to admit that I'm concerned that some tour guide is going to eat me on the jungle on my way to this amazing place. I believe they eat guinea pig out there so anything goes, right? Ive already decided that I will have no skin exposed in order that any potential bug crawlage will not be felt plus I'll have a hat on where no ticks/leaches/rats can make a nest out of my barnet.

Then I have to factor the 20 hours flight from London Heathrow to Madrid to Lima to Cusco (pukesvilles - plus you can guarantee I'll be sat next to random smelly man the entire trip). I also have this nagging feeling that when I get there, it will be cloudy and my photos will look like cack.

Ive done some amazing fund-raisers in my time but this one is not shifting. I've only raised £640 so far, see HERE (a heartfelt thank you to those who have helped so far!). To get some extra motion with it, I'll have to get a grand prize to lure you all in! Its for a great cause, a cause which we support in light of the problems that Ellie has - namely neuromuscular based issues, scoliosis, photophobia, a pervasive development disorder of sorts (we think a strain of aspergers/autism), muscle weakness, is failing to thrive plus she twitches involuntarily. Not a type of tourettes, more of a nerve thing - her limbs and torso jerk constantly. The specialists just can't pin down her condition to one general diagnosis which is so FRUSTRATING.

I digress! The charity we support is the National Gulf Veterans Family Association. It's an independent charity which gets absolutely NO support from the government or Help for Heroes (which I think is very very sad, considering they operate a 24 helpline and countless other services for veterans and their families of all wars since 1991).

Im not sure if you have read my beliefs before but I think Ellies problems stem from the NAPS tablets that Mark was subjected to when he was in the Gulf war (the first one - the high theatre one where he served front line with the Desert Rats). Most of his colleagues did not ingest their tablets when they were ordered to, choosing to put them in their mouths in front of their commander only to spit them out when they had left the "line-up"; in fear of what it would do to them (it turned out to be an investigative drug a number of years after they were forced to take them). Mark chose not to spit them out as he wasn't taking any chances should there have been a nerve agent attack - a double edged sword as he now recalls. God, its a right mess trying to explain it.

**For the record, I don't hold Mark accountable**

The government have not funded a project into researching this because, well, you know the government. And the NHS can't research it because the NHS are part of the same funding system as the MOD. You see what Im saying, don't you? This NAPS theory is not discounting the depleted uranium he was subjected, the course of 11 inoculations that were administered and subsequently "not recorded on his med records" and the toxins in the chemical warfare gasses he may have encountered during operations. Its quite a minefield to you readers, but to us its just us clinging onto a potential diagnosis for Ellie. In sum, the charity we are supporting are helping to build a case towards uncovering the gory details of our veterans mistreatment during gulf war 1.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, Im going to start painting to raise money for charity! He heeeeeeee

Kirsty x
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Oracle User List said...

Interesting blog story post !!

Kate said...

You may have already seen this, but OH's cousin works for this company
You can join a trek in aid of your chosen charity on any open challenge.

** Kate **

Jaki Morris said...

I would love to donate some money to help your cause and I will. First I have to get to the end of January without selling my children or a kidney.
Take this as my written promise!
Can't wait to see the paiting when it's finished

Sue said...

Kirsty, my heart goes out to you. I now have a lot more understanding on why you want to raise money for this charity and I will certainly do what I can to help. Sue x

susiesu said...

Me too Kirsty promise to donate some money for your cause but like Jaki just limping along till pay day which fortunately is now only till thursday! I knew Ellie had 'problems' but didnt understand how severe - to me I believe there is a link and, of course , it is not Mark's fault it is the xxxxxxx government lots of lv susiesu xxx

Debo said...

Good luck, Kirsty!

It's totally unacceptable the way you all have been treated. You put your lives on the line for your country - you deserve much better!
And, of course it's not Mark's fault!

Kirsty Wiseman said...

Anon - above......
where did it say I was ill? Are you my little frequent troll that likes to make things up? Ive missed you x