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18 Jan 2012

Bright and Beautiful

This brighter weather has left me a little chirrupy. Actually, a LOT chirrupy. Not sure if that's a word but I like the sound of it. Today, above all else, I was going to chirrup regardless of what may come.

Ahem. That was short lived. All I will say is that Belles had an appointment at Alderhey and it was as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike. Say no more, I haven't got the energy to regale you of the horrors of wasted hospital journeys. Poor kid.

Mark and I went for a run tonight (as we did last night, actch). To say it was like running at the North Pole is not short of a lie. I wrapped up minimally as I hate overheating during a run but I will say this - low profile ear warmers are a thing of beauty. I'm only doing my C25K again, from week 1 and between last night and tonight, we shaved 1min, 32secs off our run pace. I was elated. Obvs feel that fit that I could run a marathon tomorrow; providing I was a giant whose leg span was a mile wide stride, of course ;)

Tea consisted of rolled belly pork with stuffing. A guilt free reward for hammering all the pavements of Wigan in -17 centigrade. YUMS. I felt somewhat uncomfortable once The Biggest Loser started to which I sat with a diet coke to balance off the lard.

Finally I crafted two cards to end my eventful day. Ive 3 scrapbook pages on the go but no pictures to scrap with so Im praying my Snapfish order of 300 pics arrives soon. **sigh**

I dug out some sizzix shapes of new and old for this number

And the cuttlebug tags and sizzix handbag got an airing, circa 2008!

My weird but wonderful days always end on a crafting high or is that the excessive inhalation of PVA?

Kirsty x
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Anonymous said...

sorry your little girl is ill. hope they can sort things soon as medicine is never an exact science esp so in little ones. glad she was OK and you got to go for a run and make cards. Maybe today will be brighter for you all. does your daughter usually run with you too? sounds a fun family event!

Sue said...

Sorry thye hospital appointment was useless.

Well done on running, especially in these temps.

Loving both cards.

Belinda said...

Loving the cards and need to get my butt cheeks wiggling again in those NEW black trainers bought in November and still looking a little too pristine!! Inspired on both fronts! Thanks darl....!

Debo said...

Why oh why do doctors let us down again and again? Surely the reason they went into medicine was because they wanted to help people- how can they feel good about letting their patients leave unhappy and dissatisfied?

On a more positive note, well done on your run and your cards, well - you just get it right EVERY time! Have you learnt design or does it come naturally?

Jaki Morris said...

Man that first card woke me up this morning! Was a little sluggish as my alarm hadn't gone off and it was drizzly, but one look at that and I was smiling. That dark blue ribbon is so shiney and lush.
Give me one day in your ribbon box and I'd die happy!
Hope you have a great WSednesdya

Fiona said...

Another wasted appointment, how disappointing for you all. No wonder you needed some crafting therapy, fabby cards both but espesh loving the leaf die. V. impressed with your stamina, running in those siberian temperatures we had yesterday.
Off to Jacko's for lunch today, photo's later perhaps.

Anonymous said...

lush cards-cant wait to get home and dust some off my never-been-used-but-bought-cos-they-were-cheap dies!
love to the curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Anonymous said...


You need help, therapy and maybe an English study course. Your comments are ridiculous.



Lovely cards as always.


susiesu said...

am loving the colours you have used Kirsty and am going to 'pinch' the idea of wrapping bakers twine round a bow - inspirational as always. lol susiesu xxx ps I used to live in Wigan many moons ago - place called Whelley!

teacher jessy said...

Such beautiful cards!! Love them