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2 Jan 2012


We planned to go to the beach yesterday but it rained all day. Instead we vegged and we cooked a delicious ham joint. First we boiled it in a "half cherry coke and half water" filled pot for 2 hours, then we slow roasted it; smothered in marmalade. I can't describe how gorgeous it tasted. If you go to Sainsburys, the gammon hams are half price so we stocked up on them as they make great butty fillers too (for freezing)

Along with the ham, for dinner, I made a white mustard sauce (gluten free, Mark didn't tell the difference) with dauphinoise potatoes and I served the lot with steamed green cabbage. I'm loving experimenting with gluten free recipes and making up my own concoctions; its replaces the misery of giving up gluten fuelled food that shops stock so heavily on. I have discovered Sainsburys FreeFrom seeded batch loaf this week which is pricey at £1.99 a loaf instead of £3.65 for Genius. I think Genius has met its match. I have it toasted with hummus and oh man - its such a treat. I love how less sluggish I feel cutting out wheat. People with IBS will benefit from a wheat free diet; that's for sure.

So anyway. Today? It was a gloriously sunny day so we went to the beach to soak up that precious and rare thing called vitamin D. We wrapped up because we had heard there was a chilly breeze on the coast even though the weather has been so balmy for this time of year. And its a good job that we did. MAN! When we arrived it was so icy cold, it took our breath away. I mean proper, eye watering gusts coupled with a strong briny scent. Belles was wrapped in about 43298743615764578 layers and also sat in her wheelchair plus a blanket AND she was still frozen to the core.

But by god it was exhilarating to clear all the stink out of us. All be it with a 100mph winds gutting out your airways. Phew.

The poor dog almost took off with every gust and we all got blown about the pier which we abandoned half way across because as the more out to sea we headed, the colder it got. So we about-turned and went to find a fish and chip shop via the famous hall of mirrors. Yes, I really am wearing a hat with ears, wrapped up like the Michelin man!
So we find a fish shop open on the bank holiday (Hooray!). You just cannot top fish and chips by the sea, seriously and Jacksons fish and chips in Southport is THE BEST. Go there and tell 'em I sent you. Not a moment after the last salty chip was consumed did we head back to the car for a respite from the wind and a coffee from hot flask prepared before we left. Magic.

Southport has this amazing suspension bridge and I never tire of taking pics with it; even if my camera was a cheapo point and shoot jobby. Don't ask me how I kept the camera still in all that wind.
We got home late this afternoon and I instantly feel asleep on the sofa; with my coat still on my back. I was beat! BEAT, I tell you!

After a good old snooze (and you cant beat a snooze after a day at the beach) we all split our separate ways. Mark is back at work tomorrow so he finished off some marking and Ellie has another week off so she headed off to her room to watch a DVD. No guesses as to where I went, right? Ive got an outlet show on QVC, 6th Jan at 1 and 2pm so Ive been prepping my samples and demo's for that. Ive got most of the products ready to get stuck in with which I'm going to try and involve more scrapbooking. But I can't show you them yet so here is a card I made the other night during a live stream for the QVC facebook group

Ahem! Yes, I used a doyley for the 3289654742365724658th time.

Kirsty x
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Jaki Morris said...

I think you blew the winds down here. It's blowing a hooley.
Happy New Year to you and yours
With love

Debo said...

Sounds like a perfect way to spend a day!

The wind is here today! I was going to take my friend to a sale but the QE2 bridge has been closed!! Think we'll stay tucked up indoors with tea and crafting!

Can't wait to see what you've prepared for QVC - especially if you're bringing your amazing scrap booking talents to the big(ger) screen!

Sue said...

If you thought it was windy yesterday, you'd best not step outside today. I'm no light weight and it nearly blew me over this morning walking my dog. The wind got between my legs and I almost went.

Fab shots of the bridge.

Good luck for your QVC show.

Fiona said...

It's vile here in Sussex today, torrential rain and blowing a gale. Also staying in and crafting today, will be watching out for you on Friday.

Anonymous said...

gosh a cold day at the beach for you all! Fresh air is good but!!
As for random gluten free diets hope your dietician is supporting your dietary changes as vitamin and minerals esp calcuim and so on are as you will know carefully monitored through blood tests.hope you wont need any further care like that but it can be complex -diets for coeliac disease are complex things! enjoy what you can eat and follow their advice v carefully!

susiesu said...

At last the wind here seems to have died down now. It was very brave of you all to go to the beach in this weather but dont you feel great when u get back? Photos are fab - cant wait to see how you scrap them?? Finally had time today to watch your demo Kirsty and although I got two sorts of doileys from the Poundshop before Christmas I just had to go on Ebay and buy some more! Doiley mania is catching! I did not see the sketch you were using as a guide but I loved the A4 layout and your card lol Susiesu xxx