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15 Jan 2012

3 Spaces left! And some creative makes

YEEEP! I am so excited that those who booked on the course are actually on the course. Tee hee, that sounds a bit flipping stupid but I know lots of these people (maybe minus 3 - they are from the USA!) ....... crafting circles create grand ripples. Hope you are one of the lucky 3 kids to bag the last 3 spots on my Online DSLR Photog course (see details, 2 posts below!).

I have had two more ex-students emailing me with feed back on top of yesterdays volunteers:

Kathy Rogers: - One of Kathy's masterpieces
"I have owned an SLR for over 15 years and am embarrassed to say it never came out of automatic. That was until I spent a wonderful day with Kirsty, why did I wait so long?
Kirsty explained in simple terms how to improve the framing of my pictures and how to take my
camera out of automatic. The results speak for themselves, I 'throw away' less pictures and receive many complements from people that see them."

Ruth Hornby: - One of Ruths's masterpieces
"I can't recommend Kirsty's course highly enough. I went along with a little knowledge of my DSLR having previously picked up bits of information about aperture, shutter speed etc, but lacked the knowledge of how everything bolts together properly. After a very fun filled day with Kirsty I was linking all the elements together and more importantly understanding how to apply them in different situations. Most importantly it gave me the confidence to shoot fully manual all the time!

I drive a manual car, and now I can say I drive a manual camera!"

So today? Well, my parents are over which was an unscheduled event for this weekend. But I was so happy when my Dad called on Thursday to say they were coming. Such a treat. My Dad and Mark went Geocaching today (wasn't it a beautiful day?). And us girls went on a little shopping trip. I took Mum to our nearest (but not really local) craft shop. Its got all sorts of odd's and end's which I like to rifle through. We got chatting with the ladies in the shop (it's called Cardio, in Orrell) and both mum and I spied a card with a topiary tree made from split polystyrene-type balls. We loved it! Mum and I created our own versions of it it tonight in a little craft-a-thon whilst the boys watched the footy (yawn). Mum hasn't quite finished hers but here is mine, in all its pin pricking glory - those pins wrecked my fingers! Each pigging little blossom had to be curved with an embossing tool, then pin pricked and then jammed into the ball. Put it this way, if anyone asked me to make more than 3 in one go, I'd kill myself.

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I bought the cute blacky punchy thing in the middle of this poppy. Its not a poppy head per-se but when I saw the punch, I knew I had to have it JUST to make poppies. I mean, it would make a fab snowflake or starburst for a space scene but I much prefer it as a poppy head. I hand cut and rolled the petals and Im as pleased as punch with the results. Maybe its the blue background that just adds the appeal? **shrugs shoulders, as she trues to snigger at the puns of "punch" and (poppy) "appeal"**
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And finally, this card here. I bought the pear punch too. I just have this thing about pears, ever since Basic Grey brought out a pear paper from about 3 years ago (maybe more - 2008?) Its great for anniversary cards that are not rammed with flowers and hearts. Simple and clean; I don't normally do simple and clean either!
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And thats it, me old muckers.
Toodle pip for now x

Kirsty x
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Anonymous said...

Topiary tree is truly awesome-labour of love!!!
Prickyfingered love to the Curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Sue said...

Really fabby cards.

Fiona said...

I don't think I'd have the patience for a topiary tree, well done you.
Loving the poppy and hand cut petals, clever. I've got a 'splat' punch like that and it's really useful for all sorts of flower centres.
Have a great day. x

Jenne said...

I love those cards. The topiary one needn't sit on your shelf looking nice when it could be on mine!! The poppy head punch is definately fantabulous. I love the blue back ground too. I fact you could send me that one as well .....I am poorly you know! Hee hee
Have fun with your folks, it sounds like you are anyway. X

Sally said...

Is that 'we make a great pair' a stamp?

Fab cards, love the poppy especially, I have a thing about poppies :)

susiesu said...

love the cards Kirsty - the topiary tree really is a labour of love. I too have a thing about poppies - dont know what it is -just love 'em. Enjoy the rest of the weekend with your parents - hope you are having sunshine like us lol susiesu xxx

Karen said...

Fabulous tree Kirsty. Your sore fingers remind me of when I made some Xmas dec's from polystyrene, sequins and pins! Ooh the tip of my fingers were so sore and had indents in them for ages - one thing I learn't is that if you want to decorate polystyrene get yourself a thimble to push the pins into it! A lot less stress on your fingers hugs Karen x

SpookysCraftyMess said...

Oooh Kirsty they are all beautiful, and you must have had a wonderful time with your Momma - I do love Poppies and I've used a small delicate snowflake on black card for the centre of some of my Poppies and flowers.. hugs Barbara in bedland x

Sue said...

love the cards Kirsty, have Splat punch too and soooo useful. Love the pears simple but brilliant xx

Bettyann said...

wow lovely card...dont have the patience..

Cath x said...

Wow, they're amazing! xx

Anonymous said...

thrilling looks!

patty said...

L*O*V*E...these cards!
where is your "poppy center" punch from?
thanks for sharing!