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30 Jun 2011

Inky minky manky fangers

Well, it went live at erm.......8.15 and not 7.45 (ish) Technical hitches and pre-class nerves got the better of me. But thank you to the very patient students who waited the extra time for me to pull my fingers out as I primped and preened my work area and fought with my Logitech (ultimate pants) camera. You girls were absolute stars - thank you (and also Pippa and Darcy and and Janey for being my calming calmer-sons).

ME in my MoleskinE went out to students tonight and with a significant amount of students still signing up everyday, I wanted to let you know that this class is now available to buy to access anytime. The class comes with access to a private forum, private Flckr account, a recorded class video, a 30 page manual with page by page breakdowns and a kit posted to your door to start with - who says you have to leave home to learn? Find out more about the class here

And if you want to buy a kit, Ive ordered a large volume of supplies to get you started real soon.

Kirsty x
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28 Jun 2011

Piggy pig tails

I popped over to visit a friend that I made when I taught her one to one DSLR photography, last year. Sarah is such a lovely and calm person, she truly is. And today I met her daughter Martha for the first time. This delightful little dolly met me at the door with the sweetest pig tails in her hair. But don't let the cuteness jade your vision, for this cute little minx has skills any acrobat would be chuffed to have on his CV. And this 17 month old little lady practically levitates to heights I cant even reach - I even think she would scale glass, given the chance! I was smitten with her, she just fascinated me the whole time I was there. Of course, a lens with a minimum aperture of F4 wouldn't allow me to get the BEST pics indoors although we did manage to weld her still for some mummy and daughter hugs.

And here is Daisy - Daisy who wanted to kiss me the whole time one minute and then maxed out on the sofa for forty winks the next. Isnt she a lovely little mop?

But the raisin scoffing incident was pure magic for me. It would seem that Martha's incredible stunts get even more death defying as she tries to eat her fist with such relish. Go Martha!

Give this girl a cape, I think she would really fly!

27 Jun 2011

Mind, Body and Spirit

If ever you wanted a totally relaxing weekend with like minded spiritual souls then this retreat is FOR YOU. If I am truthful, my interest with spirituality is all down to Belles. She has this absolutely incredible nature and is attuned to calm, relaxation and angels. Her questions about these kind of things don't frighten me because she speaks like a child who has been a wise woman on this earth before. And its not only me that feels this - a number of my friends have picked up on it too. In fact, I took her for a Reiki session a few weeks back and the Reiki master asked her what colours she could see and feel and for every area the master hovered over, Ellie knew the right colour (and believe me, Ellie knows nothing, yet, about chakras and aurora's). I would imagine a lot of you might think this is mumbo-jumbo but I for one, do not. So much so that I have booked myself to do Reiki 1 and 2 this year with a view to taking the masters at the end of the year. Just so that I can provide this kind of treatment for Ellie and my friends as a gift.

So you can imagine my utter delight when Suzanne, of Spirit-Mind-Body asked me to teach at her event in November. AS IF I WOULD SAY NO. You simply have to check out this link here to see what she has on offer. A totally chilled out experience where you decide what you want to do within a fairly relaxed setting. I can't believe that Charlotte Poole is teaching there - she creates the most delightful scrapbook pages and then there is Jenn - an absolute treasure who I have known through crafting for a number of years. Her wise life coaching skills will be utilised by me at the event, let me tell you that for nothing!

So yesterday? Well, whilst my folks were spending the weekend with us, we thought it might be nice to take them over to Crosby (we went there a few weeks back). Belles hasn't been either plus it was a lovely afternoon to walk the pooch. The boys did a bit of geocaching whilst us girls ambled along the beach trying not to be freaked out by Antony Gormleys Iron men's thingies (you know, the rudey bits on resplendent display). Ellie thought it was gross!

She battled against the wind on the beach and took great delight (like me) crushing razor fish shells. I can't describe how lovely that crunch and crack sounds when you do.

She gave one of the iron men a cuddle whilst sharing her glasses with him whilst wearing my over sized sunnies and wrapping a scarf around his iron neck

Dad caught us up after a while and decided to join in the photography fun.

Mum chose not to join in, instead retreating for a cigarette against that amazing wooden sea wall. Culture of this proportion isn't my mums thing, we reckon.
But that sea wall? Isn't it magnificent? All woody and rusty and old

The last picture of the day was Belles taking a rest on the benches on the promenade. I am not kidding you, 5 seconds later the heavens opened with a tremendous downpour. It came down so hard, it actually hurt Ellie. We ran like the clappers back to the car whilst I shoved £3,500 worth of camera equipment up my top to stop it being ruined (it wasn't a graceful look)Poor Belles can't run to save her life and got a thorough soaking. And the kids on the beach all screamed, running to their momma's with buckets and spades being abandoned as the dove for cover. I have never, ever seen rain like it in all my life - magic! It didn't stop us having an ice cream as we sat out the storm either!

I also finished this too. Remember a few weeks back I showed you it but it wasn't decorated? I was waiting for the right quote to go on there and after a few weeks of hunting, I decorated the canvas with it on full display.

If you haven't signed up to my newsletter you will have missed THIS announcement. Please sign up if you are interested in future announcements coming from Wiseman HQ.

Kirsty x
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26 Jun 2011

Another glimpse of my MIMM class

Here is another sneak of my "ME in my MoleskinE" class. I have had several more people sign up in the past 24 hours, which prompted me to go into town today to hunt those little rascal books down (They are sold in very small quantities in shops unless you buy from a larger stockist, online). Fortch I managed to seize some in my grubby mitts, namely Waterstones. Belles and I LOVE this shop with all of our hearts and I was happy reading children's picture books whilst Belles mooched. I shall never EVER tire of reading childrens books especially when they make you laugh out loud.

I thought some of my students might like a another teaser. I even took pictures of the work in progress.

These two colours make me very very happy

The texture on this page makes my eyes go swirly with delight

The brayering effect has stolen my heart

The question is, how will YOU colour yours?

**If you have been considering taking the class, you can read all about it HERE and then, if you are interested, please email me HERE**

Kirsty x
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25 Jun 2011

ME in my MoleskineE sneak

Out of the many pages you will work on, is a teeeeeeeeny peek already:

I've gone and bought more supplies for more kits so Ive thrown the class wide open (Read all about it HERE). If you are interested, please email me HERE.

You will get access to a private forum where you can access everything you need to know, info about the kits, the live class, the recording and tools you need. Plus, you will also be able to share discussion with like minded artists and make new friends into the bargain.

Only a few more days to go before the live class. I'm willing my nails to grow so they will look BEAUTIFUL for the close up work but hello??? Who am I kidding, they will be a reet inky mess after 2 seconds so should I even bother?

Kirsty x
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24 Jun 2011

The EU Package mountain plus another class announcement

That is what is residing in my lounge right now. Scores of kits waiting to go out (Some? Not ready to go out til Monday **pulls the saddest face on the planet - darn suppliers**). Thank you to everyone who is participating, it's going to be a thrilling adventure, if nowt else!

New Class
I've been asked my current students for more online classes - I had no idea that people want this more and more. So I have planned another one for release at the end of July called "Feel". Another Moleskine ram packed with touchy feely, strokable texture (which you create). Ive just ordered 5000 tags to go with the class - all buff and ready to do serious art damage on them. Each student will get a Moleskine book, 20 delicious buff tags, 20 buff wallets and hemp string plus some bit to texturise. Please leave a name below so I can gauge interest.
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Photo Day
My Birmingham Photo day on 10th July is fully booked now, so thank you for applying. I have two spaces in Gloucester on 17th July, 1 space in Leeds on 24th July, 1 space at Covent Garden on 30th July and 2 spaces on 6th Aug in Edinburgh. Come and see HERE what its all about.

Finally, my Momma and Dad pitched up today for a long weekend. I have been aching to see them and have planned a day at Antony Gormleys "Another Place", again, at Crosby. This time, I am taking essential coverage for those rudy parts ;)

PS Ooooh, almost forgot! The winners of the fine nibs are: Lynn, Kelly and Sandie
You all get one nib to wazz on your ProMarkers to enjoy the new found "fine-dom". Please send me your addresses x

22 Jun 2011

Well, I just cried and clapped and felt good

I urge you to spare 17 minutes of your life to watch this video. I promise you it will make you smile and cry and then applaud. Its one of those moments in your life where you will remember the good that can come from this crappy little hole of a planet (Meaning: The newspapers grind us down with misery). I am so inspired by this mans vision and the reaction of the kids involved. Knowledge is good and the hunger for it is even better.


I'm a humanitarian, I try to see the good in everything. I hate hate. I want to see changes to the misery this planet is suffering. And at the rate this planet is growing, everyone will soon hate each other for reasons they will never know. Its time to reverse those effects. Do something good. Stop spreading misery. Lose the twisty feeling you have in your gut that makes you want to spew badness. Instead, contain that energy and invent a little mood converter in your body to turn it into something good. Like this man did.



21 Jun 2011

Mad busy and far too busy to think *plus giveaway**

Today -
was a day that "a lot got done". I've sorted out all the prizes and have allocated everybody with lovely craft bundles. And still, there are prizes to come in. So those will just go to the main winner, Fiona - hope she does not mind waiting a tiny bit longer. Fiona won the Craft Robo and a pile of stash plus he is about to get MORE! All the prizes for the Daisy Raffle go out tomorrow and Thursday. I'll be so excited to hear back from each winner to hear how they loved opening their parcels. **I'm pretty envious of them** As a matter of interest, what is the best way to transport a HUGE box of supplies to Eire? If anyone could advise, I'd be grateful.

Me in my MoleskinE class
The student list has risen to almost treble the initial class call. I'm stunned, if I'm truthful. However, several people have dropped out from their initial enquiries which means I have some extra extra extra places left. I've bought additional kits in to accommodate everyone's desire at the weekend, so if you fancy giving this exponentially large and exciting art class (details here) - please, contact me here. You will get access to a very private forum which is brimming with all the info you need and a place to make new friends. Everyone, so far, have been wonderfully supportive of each other, especially those new to Art Journals.

Oh, that crazy kid of Mine? Well, she went sailing tonight for the 3rd time tonight. But it was ever so choppy and all the small topper crafts capsized. Fortunately the leaders knew this would happen and saved her from keeling over by popping her in the power boat as part of the rescue missions. SHE LOVED IT! She had her trusty RNLI top on and obviously felt it warranted her being a part of the rescue missions. That damn hoody is never off her back. Dad - can we have another please??!!

Completing old deeds
Ive been putting old jobs to bed today and the heart swap that should have happened in January can finally be put into motion. I had people join up, drop out and not return art work and now I have a 4th volunteer finishing her projects and then we can get this heart swap all happy and triumphant. Thank you to the heart swap girls for their patience.

Card Makery time
I made these two cards whilst I was on the phone to a client today. One hour and 35 minutes is no time to sit in a chair and do nothing with your hands. NO WAY. I'm a girl, I can multi task, can't I? So I made these for my stock pile. Using leftovers from yesteryear (Studio Calico), I treated my creative and itchy fingers to some stampin and gluing.

And room for one more, please
Taking these photos at 9.15pm tonight was a treat - its starts to get darker at nights from tomorrow - booooooo!

And finally................Giveaway time!
Today, I received some pretty exciting stuff from Letraset. We all know and love how these pens deliver a professional look to all your art work with their small bullet and thick chisel tips, yeah? Well, hold on to your knickers because they have released an add on to your prized beauties! An ultra fine tip that you "click" onto your bullet tip. The bullet point slips into the back of the ultra fine nip and ink magically draw from the bullet to the ultra fine nib in SECONDS.

They are the only pen manufacturer that offers this unique and versatile "add on" - ever, in the world - EVER. They will be in shops at the beginning of July, in packs of three. And yes, you can whip it off one pen, add it to another, scribble a little swoosh on spare card and the new colour will flush the other colour out! However, there is always the chance you could cross contaminate colours. BUT!!! Have no fear as the price point of these "add on" nibs are affordable to be able to sit one on your favouritest pens forever!

Remember, ProMarkers offer the best value for money in Alcohol based pens with their ink capacity (70% more than its competitors) and no need to refill as they are cheaper to replace than refill. Ive used my Pear Green a gazillion times and it still works a treat and its about to get the fine nib treatment.

So, who wants to win some? You can win a set of three from me (one each for three winners!) and a set from the Letraset blog here. Add your name to the comments section below and I'll pick a winner within 24 hours.

Wow - that was an epic post. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, well done for staying awake!

20 Jun 2011

Girl about town

Did you ever manage to buy these Moped papers from the Good Day Sunshine collection from My Minds Eye? Aren't they are super duper? I need to buy some more because cutting into one sheet is like breaking into a tenner when you go shopping. You don't want to do it but find that you have to in the end.

My class went live today **insert huge scream here**
It more than sold out on the original number but I have room for a tincy wincy few more. If you are dead set keen to take the class (details here) then you must email me HERE. I will then give you access to the forum where everyone has nestled in rather cosily and the details of how to pay lies within.

Huge big fab news.......... out of everyone who pays for a class, one lucky student will get their class for FREE. You see, better than shopping at Asda and being their one millionth customer.

Got my first Salsa class tomorrow night.....bites nails

19 Jun 2011

Fathers Day walk

Such a nice day to get out of the house and fuss over Mark (after he did all the ironing, of course - thank you Mark!). We took a different route this afternoon and take in the cool air coming off the local canal. Plus its easier to wheel Ellie's chair about unlike the rocky paths of our local park.

Isn't she getting taller (or is the hair adding volume??!!)
There was plenty of pretty little things to take photographs of, so I rushed ahead leaving Mark and Belle to chat

I spied this little bee in all the long grass and was really pleased he sat still for me (click on it to enlarge - he is magnificent!)

I've always had a fancy for these wild, large daisies. These were right on the edge of the canal walls. I almost went for a swim at this point (ie almost fell in!)

Mark found the world teeniest frog which almost became lunch for Eddy.

Belle stopped a while to blow dandelion clocks. We never get too old for that, do we? Ive used a colour wash on this image. I rather like it.
We walked for a few miles to psyche ourselves up for a sunday roast although I was good and had a huge pile of veggies and little of the naughty stuff.

Also - any Birmingham based peeps wanting to take a photo course with me, I've got two spaces left for the 10th July. Do come along and get to grips with your DSLR for a fun day out and learn all the tricks of what your wonderful camera (and you!) can do. Click here to find out more.

18 Jun 2011


So I decided that seeing as there are a great number of you "dead-set keen" to start this class (and that you are definite's), I've decided to open the class to more places and have included everyone that emailed me, Effbooked me and commented on the blog post below. Ive ordered extra stock in to arrive in time to post and get ready for the 29th. I really did not expect an overwhelming response but obvs very glad you like the sound and sneaky peek of the class.

Ive set up a private forum with absolutely everything you need to know so if you have emailed me today, you will have received a response on where to find us!

I'll leave you with these wheat free lusciousness-es.

Recipe One
I made these today - oatmeal pancakes. I honestly thought they were going to taste like vomit (cottage cheese gives me that impression). But NO NO NO! They were just GORGEOUS. Not far from a real pancake. I had them with splenda and cinnamon and two strawbs. 5 WWpp for two - that is all! I'm going to have them with poached egg and bacon tomorrow for breakfast and I shall be pain freeeeeeeeee. Oats are so good for low GI and high Protein diets too, in case you were wondering

This is how you make them:
Wizz 30g of rolled oats/oatmeal in a blender with 2 egg whites and 30g of cottage cheese. Spray a skillet/frying pan with fry lite oil. Pour in the mixture and fry both sides (like a pancake). Serve with toppings of your choice. Fill with fruit for a LOW ww pointage. Take to work as a wrap filled with salad for a healthy lunch in place of bread. My life has changed because of these babies!

Recipe 2
And get a load of this momma - Tiramisu Roulade.....wheat free
Click here to see how this comes together, I cant take credit for it. But I will make it and fill with low fat fromage frais and mandarins to make it less fatty foo fa-laaaaaaa. I'm reckoning 6wwpp for a 5th of the roulade. Worth it, if its piled with fruit and no suspect wheaty badness in there that makes you ILL :(

Tha-tha-tha-tha thats all folks x

Oh and Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads out there.

ME in my MoleskinE - Online Class

You see what I did there? Did you?
Tonight I wanted to share a sneak. Granted, its not attached to the project but this is a small portion of the class. And I mean a SMALL portion of the strip prompts!

You see those strips?
Those strips require you to write one word answers to the questions. They have spaces in the middle of phrase where you write a one word answer. These questions cover everything about you from your head to your toes! Draw round your hand, make finger prints, draw round your foot, paint on the "nails", draw round the objects in your bag - on one page. Analyse your handwriting, discuss your hair, your skin etc. Doodle the things that go through your head (on both good and bad days), divulge everything about you that makes you "you". And get arty into the bargain - all in a lush Moleskine Cahier book (the large size, not the dinky doodle ones!)

On Monday I will release the class to purchase at £22 inc postage and packing for the supplies OR £15 without the supplies (although you can download the prompts to cut out on your own smooth cream card for £2 extra). The class will bet open to 30 people but I do have lots already on my list from the announcement I made on Sunday. But why 30? Well, I had to order the stock in first. I ordered direct from retailers so I don't make money on the supplies. And buying in 30 at a time made it manageable for me first off but also makes the class small enough to deal with questions in a timely manner.

I will print out the prompts and images on the smooth cardstock for you prior to despatch which I have ordered in specially and cut other sheets into tags that will go in the pockets. Moleskine books have 40 pages which you will make into 20 pages (which create pockets) that large tags will go into. You will also receive a Moleskine Cahier Kraft journal, 5 x kraft tags, 5 x glassine packets, a doilie and cut cardstock (but you have to cut the strips yourself - sorry!).

This book will be the "Me, Myself and I" of YOU! Its also fun; there are some pretty quirky things to journal about - that's just me, Quirky Kirky! (Kirky is what I used to get called by my brother, he couldn't say my name properly as a toddler).

The class will have a live (and recorded) video that you can access on the 29th June at 8pm. Its a closed, private lesson that you will be given access to and of course you can watch it again and again just in case you miss bits or you are detained from the study.

If you are interested in the class release of 30, do list your name below or email me HERE. I want you all to enjoy this amazing process and keep a record of the things that will be essential to your memory as sit in your rocking chair, wrapped in your quilted blanket and racking your brains about your yesteryears. Or have it as something to pass on for generations to fawn over and create discussions about YOUR life. I'm very proud of it and you will be too and PLEASE do not worry if you think you are RUBBISH at drawing. I am not the best pencil drawer (I'm more of a digi artist) but you could always use paper-piecing in those parts of the journal.

NB: To decorate your book at home, fun things to have to hand are acrylic paints, bubble wrap, needle and cream coloured thread (or white), a brayer, spray inks, scissors, glue, double sided tape, a dis-used gift card or old plastic credit style card, decorative stamps (if you have them but I will supply some images you can use to cut and paste that I have designed).

Monday night the class goes live, so keep your eyes peeled if you are interested.

16 Jun 2011

This kid.......

.....amazes me with her determination.

She makes me stronger every day. (I missed writing the "every day" part and only noticed after I took the picture. I wrote it in, now!)

A quick layout constructed whilst my WW Lasagne was in the oven. Yes, I know......its got pasta in it which essentially has wheat in it. The consequences of which could result in death, I'm sure. Or maybe just a pain in the chest. However, if you were to dissect a WW lasagne, you would note that there is a distinct lack of pasta sheetage in it. And as for a topping of cheese? I think I counted 6 sprinkles - GENEROUS! I'm still waiting for a wheat allergen attack and nope, not one just yet. Maybe because there was hardly any bleeding pasta in it in the first place to warrant such wheat overload. Doyks!

15 Jun 2011

Many things for today

Eating regime
Hum. You don't know this but last Friday I was very, very ill. I had been following a no-carb regime and on the Friday I allowed myself some bread. BIG MISTAKE. I was in so much pain, I thought I was having a heart attack. It turns out that I am either allergic to wheat or it might be gall stones. As a precaution (until I can have tests) I restarted WW today but without wheat. I love filling in my online diet sheet and discovering at the end of the day, I can have cutesy little suppers like this. Balsamic tomatoes with cheese sprinkles on a salt and vinegar snack a jack (5pp)? Hello ?? - I love you. And don't get me started on caramel Snack a jacks. Rice cakes are so divine and are a must for wheat dodgers like me.

I love this paper (the patterned one) so much. I used it in a layout (yesterdays post) and two cards tonight.
I am going to buy more of it because its just divine.

Belles started with a sailing club last week. I cant tell you how distraught I was leaving her on her own on her first session. Purely because of the "falling in the water thing". She isn't a strong swimmer and yes, she would have a buoyancy aid on but if it happens and I'm not there - well, I'd be distraught for HER - cold water, panic and the fact she would lose her glasses would mither her but then, you have to live and learn, don't you? This week she was fine. She went on a larger craft but she is not adept as the other kids and is finding it difficult to switch sides quick enough (when turning the sails). I'm sure she will get faster or, at least, duck faster! She really enjoys it and she is mixing with mainstream kids which is something she is not actively encouraged to do at school (which grinds to my very nerve ends, let me tell you that for nothing).

Special Crop
This weekend, in Milngavie (Glasgow) there is a charity crop to raise money for Arthritis. If you are at a loose end, go and see what fund is being organised HERE

I think that's it for today. Yes, actually - is it! Toodle-ooooooo x

14 Jun 2011

I thought I'd never scrap this

It's true, I honestly thought I'd never scrap this! Belles beautiful eyes peering through all that chockoly goo. I hated her getting messy at feeding times (not that I minded her eating, though). Mainly because I've always been and a neat and tidy freak. So when mucky chops, here, destroyed that chocolate pud - she also managed to fling it across the table, rub it deep into her clothes and had it smeared all over her precious dolly.
But of course, the cute factor creeps over you and you whip off the mucky clothes, give her a super bubbly bath and pretend that it never happened.....until the next time.

Groundhog day choc pud incident, anyone?!

13 Jun 2011


All of these amazing projects have been beautifully crafted from paper. Puts my cardmaking efforts to shame, don't you think?

This dictionary here was cut by revealing just the imagary on each page - its stunning

You can see the rest of the exhibition here

I would stay and write more but I just got back from the X Factor auditions in Manchester. Great night but 7 hours in cattle class is not exactly enthralling. Good to be with smashing friends, though. Thanks to Beth, Louisa and Mazzer for the company x

12 Jun 2011

Been thinking......(thats dangerous, Kirsty!)

I am beyond obsessed with Moleskine books. You know, the natural ones - espesh the ones with no lines or grids in them. They are perfecto for an idea I had whilst shopping in Next this afternoon, too. I spent three hours, when I got back from town (and during the "rain stop play - F1") to plan the whole idea and now I am buzzing that its worked out.

In a few days I am going to put out a class available only to 20 students.The reason being is that I have to order stock in first. Namely A5 sized Moleskine books and decent cardstock for printing hybrid prompts and decor on. 20 students is a fair size as there is P&P to consider and Royal Mail to pray on for a decent delivery time. The class, yet to be named (I'm torn between two names right now) is based on a 40 page book that you turn into 20 pocketted pages that you will fill with paint and ink techniques (the pages, not the pockets!). The theme is, simply, about YOU but not in the melancholy, psycho analytical YOU - more or less the organic YOU. I was laughing to myself when I overheard two teenage girls in Next who were asking each other do or die questions, whilst flicking through the racks. And it got me thinking. I conjured up this book in my head, bought some new Moleskine books and came home and wrote the class in 3 hours.

It will be quite unlike any art journal class you have taken as there are lots of lovely Fonty loveliness to cut and paste. You will be required to do some drawing but the aim of the book isn't to be an elite artist, the whole idea of the book is to embrace yourself and dare I say.....even laugh at yourself. You will also have to have a number of basic tools like needle and thread, a brayer (if no brayer, a jar will do!), bubble wrap (a small piece), corrugated cardboard (rip up one of your pizza boxes!), scissors, acrylic paints in YOUR fave colours, inks and decorative stamps. If you haven't got decorative stamps, I will supply my own design images to print out onto paper that you can cut and paste.

Anyway, I'm shutting up about it. I will work on it over the next few days and share sneaks and then open it up to the first 20 people. So lets see how it pans out. **excited though**

Finally - a layout. A very simple, non-patterned-paper, make-it-whilst-tea-is-simmering-on-the stove kind of layout. A layout using up all those bloody numbers, which lay unlovingly abandoned on the alpa sheets forever and a day. A layout to, somehow, incorporate that god-awful green cardstock and convince myself it looks fabulous.
Which, incidentally, I think just that - fabulous ;)