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31 Mar 2011

Er, do not adjust your screens

I did a scrapbook page that wasn't for either a mag or a class.
This was for us. Our albums. One of hundreds already and not a blot on the ones I have in my head, ready to create.
Using GoGo's April kit (of which I create hybrids for), I fancied having a play this morning at roughly 2.34am. Ugh, bluergh, gnuh!

I even refrained from bunting and spray inking. I think Ive finally got over that craze on my scrap pages. Phew.

I'm super proud of myself.
Like so much that I might have two green beans extra for my carb free meal tonight. Yes, I'm back on the eating plan that I kind of "Took a break from" at the end of Jan. Its been incredibly hard to get back into but I think this week, Ive cracked it. I need to. I have 28lbs of some serious wobblage to shave off. Its like freeing my winter coat, so to speak.

Also, I got rid of the red in my hair today. I had to retouch it every 3-4 washes when it faded to a pale pinky rose. It was getting on my wick. So Ive added lots of brown to rid it although there is a little red peeping through.

Here I am celebrating my new colour by sharing it with some punch love. Ive wanted this punch for about 38234762346 years and this weekend, at the GoGo retreat, I snaffled one in my grubby mits

So - I have new hair and a new found love of scrapping.
But not a new love of shoving green veggies down my neck, like they are going out of fashion. Blech.
Eating plans are poo.

Also, I have some stamps left here if you need a top up (clear out corner)

Loves x

30 Mar 2011

Don't die of shock

But I actually think, for the first time in 16 million years, have less than 5 things left to do on my to-do list. One or two things Ive been meaning to put on my blog, though............

Firstly, these from Bernice. I saw these works of art at the Bromsgrove crop that I taught at a few weeks back. Who wouldn't love to have treasure troves like these?

And card from Sandie already, using my Bug digi stamps. I'm not kidding, she downloaded this one minute and had the card done in an hour!

And pics of my newby friend Rubes with my old mucker, Vickster x. Rubes attended the GoGo weekend on a whim and had never ever scrapped before in her life. Mentals. I connected with her in a way that doesn't come around often. I think mainly due to our spiritual nature and friendship on facebook more than anything. She is a pure angel friend and that, coming from me, is rare.

Ugh, fugly exposure from poopy iSight on Mac

Belles and I are fans of angel cards and we use them often. We also like rose quartz, crystals and all things gentle and inspiring. I find religion a bit of a headache but spiritualism is something I find easy to digest and take comfort from. The way Belles and I deal with everyday life is softened by the belief that some higher spirit out there is looking after our souls. Its lovely to see Ellie take to it. And meeting Rubes, who has these beliefs was like a link from our missing chain. I am so highly spirited this week that I'm having my first Reiki session tomorrow. Am so looking forward to it.

But listen to me............I'm
not goo goo about it and I don't dance round toadstools, naked, at midnight neither - I'm not crazy! I think we all have to have a belief be it religion, spiritualism or if, indeed, carrots are blue. Some good reads if you are piqued by gentle angelness and all things wonderful - you have to have an open mind, this isnt trickery or cult-like but they are really lovely books:

Right Im off before you think Ive gone all weirdo freaky.
I'll leave that to David Icke.

Edited and added:
Ive had a number of people ask me how to get a good impression from a BIG stamp with a detailed background. Often you can lose part of the impression if you don't "press" hard enough. Well, this is my simples/cheats way of creating a super impression without buying those fangly and expensive rocker thingies:

You can buy that stamp from my website, here, if you so wish :)

29 Mar 2011

Big house, big fun

THIS is where I was this weekend.
And THIS house is only one third of the entire venue.
GoGo getaway 6 was a rip roaring success and even though I don't think my feet touched the floor, I had a fantastic time.

Ive yet to take a daylight pic of my layout of the class I taught but I wanted to show you a few snips of pics of the beautiful backdrops I had as part of my photo shoot duties at the event. Ive also been playing with filters for the photos and so far, the results have been brilliant!

No filter on this one but almost a SOOC image. Look at those lush daffs!

This is a buttery overlay, just one simple twist on a photo makes it look dreamy

This is a muted filter which create a creamy finish

This is a wispy haze finish

And this is coffee cream!

This is just a few of the seven hundred pics I took. I was very very busy. Buuuuuuut it was worth it

Now I want to draw your attention to something VERY VERY important.
Please spread the word to your freinds and other parents and teachers. I cannot relay how incredibly MAJOR this little bloggy bit is.

So, you all know my girl is photophobic and is struggling at school, don't you? You know she is this determined little thing; the little voice who has to work double hard to get half the recognition. Well let me tell you something that could help your little kiddy.


It is the best thing you could ever do if they are struggling with reading, writing, concentration, letters back to front, eye strain, distractions and lack of confidence.
It is by far the best £50 we have ever spent because tonight Ellie took the test and although she is NOT strictly colour dyslexic, the test did prove that she should wear blue tints on her lenses. I can't believe how significant this test is, especially as she has to strain, visually, in both forced and natural day light.

Here she is at the opticians, trying out the blue lenses. Bug eyes?!!!! Look at how juicy those kissy lips look, too!

She will, without a doubt, get to see the world how she is supposed to.... without squinting or shading her eyes. She will be able to enjoy her vision which has tainted her view on the world; one that often seems like a big, watery blur. And she has had to suffer that for 15 shitty years, poor kid. Breaks my heart.

If anyone watched the documentary about Kara Tointon's struggle with dyslexia and how a colour dyslexia test has changed her life by way of reading, then you ought to understand how this test will change Ellies life. Watch it here - its in 5 parts. I strenuously beg you to watch them (an hour in total). I honestly think every parent and every teacher in the WORLD should watch it so that kids who struggle may get the opportunity to have this test and be saved.


This is such a breakthough for my Belles and well worth fifty lousy quid.
Let me know your thoughts x

PS: Stampers, have you seen THIS?!!!

28 Mar 2011


Wanna win all 7 of my bugs?

Go here and you might just bag yourself them :)
PS: The rest of my bugs will be available in polymer cling form by next week. Sadly, Mima bug is sold out.

Also in my shop, is my A6 sheet of uncut "Come on Over" stamps. There are only a few left and I can't believe that I didn't blog about them!
Come and see them HERE!

Have you SEEN these?

The world has gone stamp crazy and I am guilty of adding to the craze as I buy 3.2 million of them a year. Well, it feels like I do. And as they are so brilliant for storage (ie flat and snug in a ring binder on acetate) I will NEVER tire of buying them.
These are going in that ring binder of polymerness of mine, so I can adorn my baby cards and spesh friends cards with beautiful hand drawn much as a hundrety million impressions, possibly more.

Go and get yerself tret to these over HERE (SJ super pants).
They are a superb price and one that your paypal account will thank you for.

25 Mar 2011

My lovely girl

I think ive written this 563820596748371534 times on my blog about how hard it is to get Belles to sit for me. She has no interest whatsoever with having her photo taken. Im sure she is the only kid on facebook who hasn't got hundreds of pictures of herself posing and pouting in the mirror or in group shots with buddies at school. She is cut from some seriously different cloth, is that kid. I am simply consumed by her; she is my love and my light for absolute sure.

Last night, the light was lovely in the lounge. And as there was no direct sunlight to burn her photophobic eyes, I grabbed the opportunity to just observe her and take pics of her doing her "thing". After school you can find this delightful child playing with her "brother". Those two have a bond stronger than your proper human sibling relationship. The trust between them in inexplicable and it melts me heart to a mushable squish.

She also unwinds with the National Geographic channel or Animal Hospital for a good hour or two. She is so absorbed in these programs that I often want to flip open that head and watch what is going on in there! Just look at those peachy cheeks and flawless skin (envy envy envy).
These two photos typify her completely. This is what I see everyday after school and Im comfortable with how her routine defines us as a family.

I want to share you some cards that Justine has made with my Buggy dolly stamps........ I love her clean style and also Marie who has also made Petit Bug look so incredibly chic amongst other buggies xx.

There are just a few buggy stamps left before my next batch goes in for order...... this time Im increasing the line. I think Im a bit awestruck at how well they sold in 24 hours. Thank you x

24 Mar 2011

My polymers, wow - I got stamps!

I never thought I'd ever have stamps made, truly. Ive always admired other peoples stamps and left it at that.
And ok, yes - I designed many stamps for Personal Impressions but like I say, I only designed them....I never really and truthfully had them for myself to do with what I wish!
Out of the 7 bugs I have created, 2 of them are now in Polymer form. I have had them deep etched for a better impression and the polymer that I have had them manufactured on is not the super squishy polymer, neither.
Here is Mima Bug, in all her clearly gorge-ness.
I think, maybe one day - if the stamp thing takes off, I could go red rubbery but as that is an expense I can't handle....its clear for now.
Come see my new-bo stamps HERE

PS: Thanks for the SAFMAT help on the post below. I need all the first 5 girls names and addresses, please to send out samples :) Email can be found on my website, under contact xx

23 Mar 2011


Have you ever heard of/used this stuff?

If you have .......
please email me any super duper projects you have made using it (espesh unusual uses of it). It will help me with a project Im working on and you will have your name in lights! HOORAY!

If you have NOT
let me tell you all about it. This clear film product, by Letraset, is a fabulous surface to print all your greetings, images and artwork on to which you then peel from its carrier sheet and adhere to ANY SURFACE YOU WISH! Its like a rub on, but not..... you know? Its perfect for glass bottles, clear surfaces and of course papercraft projects. I like that my friend Rosie uses it to transfer images on to off cuts of paper and cards (that are too small to run through a printer) thus transferring her images from the clear sheet instead. It does leave a mat finish on your surface which, when you measure your project correctly, will look polished and professional.
In the graphics industry, its used for product mock ups on packaging but of course, when us crafters get our stickies on it....well, a whole new use comes into play.

And the new packaging is underway (of which some of my artwork was used for - Ellie's face will be in lights!!!) which should give those not familiar with it, a new interest to be piqued!

Please contact me if you have a use for it and Im also looking for 5 volunteers to trial it. First come first served in the comments below, please :)

22 Mar 2011

A yorks hideaway

I went away this weekend, just for some "me" time.

Normally weekends are spent as a visit to parents or a working weekend or a day out with my family but this weekend was just for me. My friend Rosie joined me for the last leg of her journey which took us an hour away from my home - who would have thought an hour away from home would give you panoramic views of both the Yorks dales and the Lakes with hardly anything to spoil the scene?

We joined Roz and Janet around this humongous table in the upper section of a converted barn. Open plan, VERY light (even though this pic was taken at dusk) yet super cosy.

I had NO intention of scrapping as I hadn't brought any photos but did think that, if I really wanted to, I could have scrapped without piccies. I brought all my kit leftovers from Studio Calico and Scrapagogo and worked with nothing but. It amazing how many leftovers you can collate in a 4 year period. I have enough leftovers to last me forever and I'm deadly serious.

This is some of what I worked on

and this is what 4 girls do on a huge rock, in the middle of a piece of open, barren land

in jammies, I may add

Going up these steps, in wellies, was not hilarious

And when you come across a grouse, do you ask if it is famous? (think about it)

And see how we acted like kids for a few moments?

And here is some of the food we made/ate

And here is the coolest welly-remover

Aside from all the fun, cooking, jokes, DVD's, music, food etc......when you are away from it all, you also take stock of your life. You take stock of the ones you love, the things you do and about who you are. This is what I came up with:
  • Have decided I hate red hair and am going chocolate brown (Of course it had to be a chocolate shade).
  • I have also decided that scrapping isn't my number one hobby anymore although it nestles amongst one of many things to do including, but not limited to......inking, altered art, painting and digi art. I think that it has been, somewhat, strangulating me. If I get my head around that I don't HAVE to scrapbook, then I'm more likely feeling I WANT to scrapbook instead. Does that make sensio? Of course I love it with all of my heart but there are too many things I want to do in addition to it, you know?
  • I must do more stuff with Ellie. We do a LOT but I want to do more.
  • I also must fall back in love with my DSLR. All my recent photos have been using my lovely and handy and LIGHT Canon Ixus 80is but now the lighter days are here, its time to dust off the 5D.
  • I must get back on my eating plan. I came off at the end of Jan and its been on/off since.
  • I must walk the dog more often - lighter nights say I can enjoy it more and drier floors alo means no wet bellies for him
  • I must watch more DVD's. I have lost the habit of sitting and watching a movie. I often forget to switch off.
  • I must get out more, even if to go and browse, look or investigate.
  • I must get in touch with people more often. Facebooking is NOT being in touch. Its ridiculous how much that bloody thing annoys me in so many ways and yet a great way of indicating "I'm there", you know? Phones are for reaching out, showing emotion and affection - indicating you have time for that special someone. Facebooking is a cop out in many respects to those you hold dear. So my dear friends, keep your phones close x
I left with a heavy heart on Monday morning knowing the light would be left for others to enjoy around that massive table and waving goodbye to lovely friends but safe in the knowledge that my guys were back home, missing me. On the way back, though, Cosie Rosie and I detoured off J26 of the M6 (two stops from home) to go to a craft shop. Pooey, it was closed so where better to get a fix other than a charity shop. Thrifting is the new black, in my book! I amaze myself at the sheer bargains that people no longer want and I grabbed this top from Whistles (hello?!!) for a stinky cheap fiver. Only it is going to be turned into a skirt.

So it did rather "top" my weekend off, if you pardon the pun.

17 Mar 2011

15th May - PaperArts

Did you know that PaperArts has new owners?
I did/do!
I met them both at Stitches and they asked if I would pop down to Gloucestershire to do a class and I was super excited. That was in February. Well, its been a while, what with Ellies Op and other work stuff but finally.......... FINALLY I have a date to go. On Sunday 15th May I will be flying down on my broomstick to teach a whiff of this:

I love teaching and Ive missed it. Last year I had to turn down so many opportunities and, as a result of feeling so depressed about it, Ive re-opened my teaching diary to a whole host of dates at events this years including

GoGo Getaway - 27/28/29th Mar, sold out
ScrapStars - one day event near Leeds, 8th April - some spaces left if you care to join us. I'm teaching THIS
Creative Heart and Soul - 6th/7th/8th May near Otterburn- 3 spaces left if you fancy a LUXURY break in the middle of stunning grounds and a victorian setting. I'm taking photos at this event.
PaperArts - Two half day events on 15th May, opened for booking today, ring the store!
Canvas and Thread - 22nd May, my event - still gathering interest, looking good so far
GoGo Getaway - Oct 2011, sold out
Plus I am off to Frankfurt in September too with Tonic Studios and open to more demonstration work and teaching (Mark does enjoy the peace and quiet at weekends!)

I designed a t-shirt, this week, for a competition. Its a play on Apple staff t-shirts. My t-shirt is for their "rival" computer company, Pear. I do make myself laugh sometimes
Finally, I wanted to share you a link to a blog of my friend Rosie, who has made some totally cute cards using my bugs. You have to go and see them, she has done wonders with them. Thanks Cosie Rosie.