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28 Jan 2011

The Letrajet - oooh, its fab! **plus GIVEAWAY!**

I've been fortunate to carry out demonstrations on TV and at craft shows with Promarker pens purely out of lust. I also teamed up with Letraset to help promote my CD of images in conjunction with using Promarkers; fab pens for grown ups, I say.

Letraset started way way back in the early years of man and were the first ever company to produce transfers - do you remember them? The little sheets with letters on that your rubbed onto your desired surface with a lolly stick??! As a kid, these were just, like, the best thing EVER! Since then they have become one of the most sought after UK marker companies, producing markers for the artists and illustrator sector in high demand. With 300 alcohol based marker pens in the Tria range (their best seller), 148 in the Promarker range and 48 in the Aquamarker range, these pens needn't be just for artists - NO WAY, MAN!

With Promarkers becoming a staple in the stamping corner of the craft industry, it does have other diverse uses. With Letraset shifting their production to 24 hours a day to meet the ink thirsty crafters of the world, its time to get a little bit adventurous with our fave colouring tool. So lets say a sunny hello to the LETRAJET! Wahoooo! But, you know, Letraset didn't send me this to promote, oh no. I begged them to send me it when I saw it sat in a lonely corner on their website and felt, immediately, that it would be such a great asset to the everyday crafter.

Here is a video just giving you a rough idea of its basic uses (let alone what you can do with it if you used it like a proper airbrush (see image below the video)

Airbrushed image by Graham Kennedy

If you want to win a 12 pack of brights, a 12 pack of soft shades in Promarker plus a 12 pack of Aquamarkers too - that's 36 flipping pens, dudes! (Over £60 worth of product!).......... then simply tell me what you love to colour in or use your markers for. It needn't be for sweet little stamps - you could be a manga artist, a fashion illustrator or cartoonist. Ill pick a winner on the 3rd Feb

Oh yeah - a scrapbook retreat in Leeds, the home of my birth right, god's country, dirty Leeds United....ha ha! Allow the temptations of proper northern culture, in a gorgeous hotel in Bramhall with delectable teachers to whet your appetite for a weekend full of creative magic. Check out the website here and get your booty up/down/across to Leeds where air is as pure as an arctic breeze
**sigh, I love Leeds!**

25 Jan 2011


Ive been buried under a mound of invoices and receipts, totting up my tax return for the past few days plus I have had the most stinkiest headaches ever - ever. I actch think I need to go and get my eyes tested as there is no reason for them other than, perhaps, eye strain.
Ive also got a bazillion things to do this week before I fly out to Los Angeles to go and demonstrate on the Letraset stand using their amazeballs markers. I have a HUGE giveaway coming on Thurs/Fri including 3 demo videos for you to see including Aquamarkers, Promarkers and Promarkers best friend. Im sure some of you have heard of it but still - its a coming and its a coming gooooooood! Meanwhile, I am looking for artists out there who like to use promarkers on other projects OTHER than pretty little stamps. If you have a taste for Manga, croquis illustration, cartoon or watercolouring and often use Promarkers with your illustrations, please email me HERE

In the mean time, I'll leave you with this bunch of latest finds on Etsy:

Im studying fashion at the moment. Im meant to be hip and inspiring and create new modern looks. Sod that, I hate things that are normal and modern. I love the 50's and if I ever do want to take fashion design to the extreme, Id be like Valentino and Oscar de le Rente with a tad of Carolina Herrera and make 50's style clothes all day long. I do like this skirt, too

Letterpress letters are few and far between these days. I fancy this job lot

I am always drawn to the crocheted scarves on Etsy - this one is particularly lush

I want to make these - why oh why am I poopy at crocheting?

This is rather dapper, don't you think? Love me some dachshund schtuff

I am so going to make something like this for our draughty kitchen door

and thus concludes my blog post today x

22 Jan 2011

Box of Hope

Ive made this for both Tattered Angels DT and for someone who I really admire (she will be at CHA next week - I hope this thing travels well!). I think using spray inks as a stain has far more appeal than brush strokes and is, in the long run, more cost effective than paints.

The glass box was a real sod to put together but its all done now and filled with accent and glass beads. The tiny tag inside is so darling and one of my many finds from The Fruit Pixie - you will hate me for giving you that link!

Im going to make a replica box for me, but in miniature to go on my display stand....I enjoyed putting this together.

Lastly......erm, I really did dye my hair red today. The girls at the hairdressers gasped when I told them but I was determined to try something different. And even though I really HATE the cut, I do like the colour (if not a little angry looking!). Ive not seen it in daylight yet as I left the dressers at 6pm so this is the nighttime look (and yes, I am wearing my jacket in my office - its freezing!)

A bit loud, isn't it?!

21 Jan 2011

Alice was dreaming (and winner!)

This is a little something I made for Tattered Angels recently and the prompt was "glass". Using their very special edition "marmalade" glimmer mist, I decided to work on an Alice project that I have had in my head forever. It all started with that little teeny jar on the cover. I have loved these jars forever and they are so hard to get hold of.
I filled the jar with marmalade ink and tagged it with "drink me". I covered the slide holder covers in gesso and then some yellow paint. Then I inked up a tissue with marmalade glimmer mists and swirled the ink on the paint just before it dried. I then stamped and adorned the cover with various little lovelies.
The inside was covered in the same way. The memory glass has an acetate image of Alice attached to it. Its total perfection as you wouldn't know that acetate hid behind the glass. I have the image here for you to print onto acetate at your own leisure and do the same if you so wish.
You can click on the image and save it to your desktop - isn't it lovely?

I then printed an Alice quote onto acetate for the facing page and attached it with German scraps and finally added a 7 gypsies tag to hold the memory glass in place, tying it with hemp. I've promised this project to someone who I truly admire. I hope she loves it.

The winner of the massive bundle of Banana Frog stamps is: Layla
Can you post me your email address, you didn't leave one, chick. Ellie's pointy finger selected you - HOORAY

Talking of Ellie.....
I was so thrilled with the lovely comments and private emails that I received today. It prompted me to spend almost 3 hours on the phone with various support groups earlier - laughing, crying, heaving a huge sigh of relief. Im thinking things are on the up and of course, the fight continues. A special thanks goes to Caren who I found out lives local to me and of course, Lolly - Lolly, Lolly Loo Laa xx

20 Jan 2011

Can anyone advise?

This is just a quick post, perhaps more of a request for help - mainly from mommas of special kids :)

I took Belles to CAMHs yesterday. I poured my heart and soul out to a woman who had a clipboard in one hand and a look of pity as she gauged my desperation. Belle sat back in the chair, distracting herself with my iPhone. She always distracts herself but always, very always, listens. The woman, actually a psychologist, asked Belles to interject if she felt the need. I felt the need to tell the woman that Belles doesn't interject - that was part of the reason why we were there.

Belles is a lot of lovely things but she has an unusual behaviour.
Don't get me wrong, she isn't a complete psycho of a child who screams the house down nor creates havoc or has come home decided that she hates us and wants to die (rather much like I did when I was a teen - I hated the world, it owed me a favour and I wore black....every single second of the day). No, she is a very placid child who gives very little eye contact. She will not initiate conversation and I don't think I have ever heard her ask "Why?". She never questions or argues or moans. She does not spontaneously bound into a room with a tra-la-la-la-laaaa nor make a racket. She rarely sings aloud. She will quite happily sit and just observe. She prefers her own company. She never asks for friends to come round for tea or just to hang out (I have to ask if she would like this to happen). She never asks for new things. You can't treat her or offer hugs and kisses - she often says "No, thank you" and only recently I've stopped becoming hurt about it. She struggles but rarely shows it. She rarely cries. She never demands food or attention. She can become frustrated but its not very often. She prefers routine. She irks at speed and loud noises. Hates the light. Loves hot baths. Likes to lay down a LOT. She plays with string and soft toys ALL THE TIME. She takes an hour to eat her meals. She never, ever complains. She rarely chooses her own clothes to wear. Would rather watch cartoons. Pretty much eats the same thing every day unless we encourage her otherwise. Likes to fiddle with little fiddly things. Talks about animals whenever she can. Knows more facts about animals than I will ever get the chance to read and learn about - seriously, she is a genius with animal facts.

She is 15. This is not normal. And these are not negative things about her. These things are her but there is something stopping her from flourishing and perhaps maturing and its my job to enhance that - isn't it?

Whilst the woman cogitated and made select notes as I gave her a thorough description of my daughters odd behaviour, I was becoming agitated. The woman expressed that whilst Ellie shows a few similarities to a child with ASD, Ellies case was not strong enough and that we should seek help from her schools to combat some sort of nurturing. Wow - just like that? You lumber that on the school when schools are in fact for education and not some sort of therapy?

Im at a loss. I don't know where to go for help. We need to tap into Belles head and re-arrange a few things - help her, coax her, coach her, co-herse her, assist her. Whatever. She needs support and we do the very best we can but there is no progression with her. And yes, its simply reassuring to have a daughter who isn't a tearaway, a problem child or basically - a little sod.
But what needs to happen is to jump-start what's going on in that beautiful mind so that she can be taken a little more seriously - you know, have her voice heard and for people to take note when she might, on the odd occasion, ask a question. Maybe take her seriously and not brush her aside or talk to her like a baby. Believe me, the amount of people who do that "gush talk", you know that super sickly "hello little girl, whats YOUR name? Isnt it a LOVELY day? OOOOOH exciting! You have SUCH pretty HAIR - weeeeeeeeeeeeee" like they are speaking in broken english is UNTRUE! She is a lot of things but she ain't stupid. GAH, im going mad!, can anyone suggest a system we can tap into - please? I was thinking MIND but maybe you know something we don't.

Thank you x
Giveaway still open until Thursday night - see posts below x

PPS: Just have to come back on and edit and thank you for all the comments and the emails I have had this morning - overwhelming..... close to tears. Where would I be without you kind blog readers?

19 Jan 2011

More storage from moi

You saw from my seat, the left side of my office yesterday. Well this is the other end of my office, looking back towards my seat.

So this corner here. Don't ask me why I have a TV and DVD player. I barely even watch it. On the odd occasion when I'm seriously mojo-less, I might bang on a Friends DVD or Juno (my fave film ever) but I seriously do not watch TV as there is no aerial in it, for starters. The clock was a gift from my friend Jane, its an hour fast (I just didnt turn the clock back from October!). The blue and white drawer sets hold alphas in alpha order - chipboard and big letters for my scrapping. The wicker basket on the blue drawers? Holds all my different types of adhesives - runners, DS tape, pritt stix, 3d foam tape, tacky glues etc. The 3 tier cake basket holds my "to hand" stamps. And the unit that holds my Tv? That holds a plethora of A4 coloured card.

The built in cupboards are a god send for just "shoving things in". I tidied the top two cupboards last week (see pics in posts below) but the bottoms ones? NIGHTMARE.

And don't get me started on whats underneath the table or in the far end cupboard. I AM ASHAMED. But the doors that hide the crap behind them are a life saver. He heeeeee.

The two bare printers trays used to hold all my small stamps but Im going to take them down, paint them and make some collage art work to go in them instead. The table holds a set of drawers full off "to hand punches" and the amy butler totes hold tools in one and promarkers and aquamakers in another. The clear plastic boxes hold my tattered angels inks and paints DT stuff plus Letraset bits and pieces in another. You see those guillotine from Tonic. They ROCK. I coldnt be without them - they are my treasures.Under the tables hides a violin dying to be taken to impending lessons, posters, boxes of cards I have made over the years for commissions, postage stuff like mailers and envelopes - its a hideous mess. I think Ill tidy it just so I can take a picture for you. The curtain that hides all that garbage HAS TO GO. Im desperate for polka dot fabric in red and white (but not oil skin). Must hunt some down.

And lastly, I had a visitor today. Paul came to pick up all my photography mags that I gave away the other week. We had a tea and a real good chinwag and look what he gave me! Hot Chock Sticks that you melt in hot milk to make proper belgian "choc-hotlate". I had only made a few the day before for a couple of friends but these look far better than mine. I made mine with a crap couverture but he gave me two bags of "better" couverture so watch this space for chocky things x

He gave one for each of us and I splurged a carb marathon on one this evening. I'm shaking from a carb overload as I type! Yumzy.

Banana Frog Giveaway is still open - you can comment on this post as well as yesterdays..... they all count x

18 Jan 2011

post 1600 and super duper giveaway

Ok, wow!
I jibber-jabber don't I?

Today has been mental. First of all, I thought I'd stuck to a commission request to the "T" when an email came back saying they needed the graphics to be bigger (ie I supplied in A5, the commission was A4). "Huh!" I thought - "EASY....I back up everything". But the smugness was soon wiped off my clock when indeed there was no back up and the whole thing had to be started from scratch again. I can't tell you how much I "wept with self pity". It was not a pretty emotion, I can tell you. And that was on top of other errands and a delicious migraine to boot. And they say that the 17th January is the most miserable day in the calendar....... they are not kidding.

Anyway - I thought I'd show you some of my storage solutions in addition to the ribbon storage yesterday. These are my whimsy shelves. Everyone who has been to Ikea will love and cherish these (which you find in the nursery department). They are a godsend to me. Ive had them about 18 months now and hold an assortment of things I need "to hand".

This is almost all the left hand side of my "converted garage" I have no natural daylight in here, but I manage to get things done without it and make use of spot lights and the strip light.The front part of this long desk is where I sit at the Mac (just out of shot, to the left).

These little shelves hold all my stationery and leads and batteries and pogo printer stuff. I always have to have tissies for tears (I cry a LOT, always blowing my nose, wiping spills etc too) and candles - I love having a smelly room. It could be better displayed but its MY mess!!! On top is my diary, my art journal and jars storing buttons, threads, stickles and all sorts of odds and ends. Polka dots are my life, by the way - that MIGHT become apparent.
This is the end shelving, below (the far end of the office). This is my most utilised storage. It holds:
Top left: Tags - im obsessed with tags
Top middle: Scissors, staplers, pokey tools and blades
Top right: I have about 30 distress inks. I didnt buy them all, I was luck to get a set of 24 for free, once. Honest....I am not super rich.
Bottom left: squirty spray inks from Dylusions. She gave me her entire collection. Must use them soon
Bottom Middle: Pastels, mini stamps, glues, sprays - all sorts
Bottom right: Dabbers and liquid pearls plus my beloved Rose Quartz Crystal. I hold it when Im feeling like poo, it calms me. I also shove it in my pocket (or even in my bra, close to my heart). Don't knock it until you try its healing properties. I swear by it.

Nothing is matchy-matchy nor is it minimalistic, in my room **sigh**. Its functional, truly functional.

This is my middle set of whimsy shelves. It holds:
Top left: Tim Holtz Alteration dies and some sizzix dies
Top middle: Sizzix and Cuttelbug dies
Top right: Stampin Up inks, I got these at a good price when I signed up with them 2 years ago. Otherwise I wouldnt have that many.
Bottom left: THE GIVEAWAY! See near the bottom for info about that
Bottom Middle: Embossing folders and cuttlebug plates etc
Bottom right: Stampin up inks again

So? The giveaway from Banana Frog. I had to step down from the team, before christmas, because my mojo just went pear shaped on the stamp front. I was not greatly happy about explaining to Bev, who was very supportive of my decision. I asked her if I could keep a few to show off at CHA next week when I demo for Letraset and asked if I could use the rest in a giveaway. Some of them have been used and some, well - not! If you fancy snapping up an absolute steal of a giveaway (I'm thinking £120 worth of stamps, here - maybe more!), please go and have a look at the BF blog and make a comment on any one of the millions of projects you LOVE and then come back here and tell me what you wrote and which post.

It truly is a very inspirational blog, honest - what people can do with stamps just fascinates me.

17 Jan 2011

Ribbon Storage

I had an email last week from a girl called Lisa asking me how I store my ribbon. Well, I don't have fancy ribbon boxes that cost £30 and only hold 6 reels of much as I'd like to I neither have the moolah nor the space for such beauty - I have more sense than money! Instead, I use these boxes that I found that came with holes in them. As soon as I spotted them I knew they would be the most perfect ribbon storage for me.
Each box holds about 15 reels and I feed the end through a hole, store them high, leave them dangling and pull when I need some. The boxes cost me £2 from Internacionale about 2 years ago but you could always use a wire mesh basket or something quite similar.However, I dare not sure you my patterned ribbon storage. They are, ashamedly, packed in clear bags in a box because I don't have the open space for those beauteous objects. Maybe I'll embarass myself about how they are stored later on.

Im glad to say that myroom is 99% tidy - boy, I have had a real good clear out. Over the next few days I shall show you my other storage solutions but please, don't expect any great luxury ideas plus, a lot of my stuff in my room is not matchy-matchy either......its all rather practical, rustic but organised!

And as some surfaces are now clear, it gave me the opportunity to make a couple of cards. The poochy one is simple "D" (for dog). I have plenty of dog loving friends and hope this comes in perfect for one of them.

And this little pretty is for whoever, whenever. I love stand-by cards....saves me faffing in a panic at the last moment.
And now I have a date with Marko and the pooch to watch some (probable) lame movie and snuggle up x

15 Jan 2011

Seeing Red

I'm 99.99999999% sure I want to dye my hair this colour
Any hairdressers out there advise me on adding red to tinted blonde hair? I don't think I have bleach in my hair, not sure.....Im sure it's tinted. I mean, I could just ask a hairdresser and she will immediately add pounds and pounds to the estimate whilst reassuring me that my hair won't fall out providing I have a £60 conditioner on top of the normal fee blah blah blah.

I just love the colour on HBC below (obv I shall avoid over sized head, frightening waves, hideous liquid blue eyeshadow and mean pursed, lips)
I'd love some advice - need to give my barnet a new colour......fake blonde is getting on my proverbial wick.

14 Jan 2011


Well, they were not lost but I came across these series of photos of my Belles. They just remind me of her lovely nature, her grace and delicacy. She is NOT a beach girl and for her to be barefoot in this picture took some coaxing. But it was sunset on a very warm Menorca evening and we encouraged her to try the textures of dry/wet sand and a warm sea.

Isn't she a dolly?

And guess what?
I scrapped.
Well, I finished these off after toying with them for 2 weeks and finally my heart applied itself full this morning to wrap them up.

Go me!

13 Jan 2011

The most wonderful girl

That's my Belle.
I say "my", obv I mine "our". But during the day she is mine, for me to smother with gentleness and caring. Ohhhhh, I could literally squeeze the life out of her when I hug you ever feel like that? You love someone so, so much that you could just squidge them to death? Well, not really death but.....oh I don't know how to describe it at such a late hour.

Yesterday she started at a new school. Every Tuesday she will spend the day at a special needs school to improve her life skills and personal development amongst kids that work at her pace and ability. I was anxious getting her ready and warned her that the kids in this school look/talk/act different with varying emotions and personalities not quite like her peers at secondary school. Basically I didn't want her to think "where the hell have you taken me, Momma?" Forewarned is forearmed, you know.

We arrived on time and I hung around to ask the new teacher what time I had to collect her only the new teacher was quite keen to show us around, including Elle's assistant who has followed her from her secondary school. The school is fully equipped with thousands of contraptions and rooms and technology to deal with children of varying abilities but what I thought I was prepared for, took me by suprise. I knew I'd see poor kiddies who would be severely mentally and physically ill; I knew what to expect but it still broke my heart. I can't tell you how hard it was to withhold my tears. I think what help me stay composed was how smiley and happy everyone was. At Ellie's normal school, you see kids with serious attitudes - varying from gentle quiet kids to full on cockiness and pushing each other on the road. But these kids - all they know is to be happy and be made to feel happy. If only in a perfect world, hey?

Ellie trundled along the rooms and corridors, taking it all in but I couldn't gauge her feelings and I didn't want to ask infront of the teachers. I left to go home 30 minutes later and sat in my car, drove out the gates, pulled over in a lay by and broke down in tears. A combination of anxiety, worry and wondering "what the hell have we allowed to happen, here?" But I got a grip and felt good again that realising that I hadn't left her in tears or with a bunch of monsters. Those 6 hours didn't half drag but come home time, I popped into the school to collect her surrounded by all the assistants of the whole school. And there she was, star pupil all happy and giggly. Her first words were "Mum, I went to pamper club at lunch time and had a foot and back massage". Sold to the worrying momma and sold to the kid who loves being pampered! As we walked back to the car, she yapped on about learning about money (she still struggles with counting the right money and change) and healthy living. Not once did she say "this kid did this or this kid has that or this kid does funny things". For once, in her whole life, she was the kid that wasn't different. And that has been a bloody long time coming.

Here is a little short I did using my treasured iPhone whilst she was still in gleeful mode:

Today she started her floristry course at a special needs college in a nearing town. THIS was the thing we both had great visions of. Plus Ellie got to wear normal clothes and not uniform. She chose her "Team Edward" Tee over a long sleeved long tee, comfy velour trackies and her beloved boots. She was as comfy as comfy can be. The taxi that was to collect her didn't arrive so we spent an hour organising a new one which meant she would be late on her first day. The school and college were so good about this. And then the nail biting 6 hours of "wondering" ensued until she came home. I got a knock at the door at 3pm with an assistant helping her through. The first thing I spotted was a corsage on her coat. I knew it was one of her creations and I squealed with delight. Her face was a picture and a half when she said "this is for you". A lovely, traditional "button hole" of two creamy carnations, wired and taped intricately with green foliage and a pretty blue ribbon bow. She said it was tricky to make and took her ages but overall, she liked the course because she got a hot chocolate at break time. Sniff, sniff. I admired it for a good while as she regaled her day in blow by blow detail. And she has a new friend (Ellie takes a while to make friends - very particular is my girl, you know ;)). Her name is Jasmine. Well, it was Jasmine this and Jasmine that for a while before she went on to explain that lunchtime is COOL. Cos they have sofas to sit on. Well if you knew Ellie, she is all out comfort and sofas in a canteen is like, well - MAJOR!

Its back to her regular schooly-looly tomorrow where she will be able to share with Amy and Bethany (her BFF's) all about her adventures. I can see a change in her already and I think that's a renewed confidence but most of all I think she is just what most special kids are - happy.

And finally, for today....look what I got. Postmarked Buckingham Palace with contents from St James Palace. My heart skipped a beat when I read the post mark. Was it a summons to the Tower of London for a beheading? Was Kate going to ask me to design her wedding dress or perhaps invites? Did she want Belles for a bridesmaid or borrow a pair of my new diamond earrings that Mark bought me for crimbo? Hmmmm?

I opened it as not to rip the envelope because whatever the contents, this envelope was always going to be treasured no matter what. Honest, I was trembling when I opened it and read the letter carefully and smiled. My head is staying on these shoulders after all. Albeit a very big one ;)

11 Jan 2011

Don't Forget Wallet

Ok, first of all you need to download this file here

Then you need to grab
3 x A4 pieces of white card
12 after eight envelopes
2 brads
Bakers twine or embroidery thread
DS tape
Pokey Tool
Bone folder for scoring and creasing

Once your files have downloaded, print each page (there are two) onto A4 white card.
Trim all the pieces, ensuring you cut out the "Don't forget" quote with either a punch or a steady hand!
Cut one piece of white card down to 6cmx22cm and score down the width using the measurements on the printed sheet.
Take the scored sheet and manipulate the creases - this will form your wallet.
Take a pokey tool and in the section that measure 4cmx6cm, poke a hole where indicated, like below (roughly in the centre, 1cm from crease).
Then take the section measuring 7cmx6cm and poke a hole where indicated below (roughly in the centre, 1cm from edge).
Using double sided tape, cover the backs of the patterned pieces then adhere each piece to the sections of the wallet that match. Always ensure the when your wallet is closed that the pattern is not upside down. Leave the inside 6cmx7cm piece for now.
Now poke the holes from the reverse of the wallet again.
Insert brads from the front, not so tight but not so loose.
Cover the 6cmx7cm brad "back: with the patterned paper that fits this inside section.
Gather up all your envies. You want the clock on the envelope to be face up. Take a 4cm strip of DS tape and adhere it in line with the clock. Do this with every envelope. Using DS tape in the centre will allow the envelopes to fan when they open. DO NOT be tempted to put DS tape either edge of the envelopes. Just once piece, down the centre - thats all.
Now remove the peel and stack the envelopes, clock face DOWN on top of each other.
When stacked, add a small strip to the centre of the top envelope, running down and remove the peel.
Insert all your cards into the envelopes as this will help you place the stack in the wallet more rigidly.
Carefully slot your envelopes into the wallet so that the 4cmx6cm short edge is the bottom flap pointing up.
Nestle the envelopes into the wallet and when happy, squeeze the wallet around the envelopes to secure them.
Take your bakers twine or embroidery thread, cute into two equal lengths and wrap it around the brads. Then tie to close and open.
Adhere the quote onto the front,
Ink the edges of the card if desired - I used a teal colour ink.


Well, its done

But I haven't done the write up for the tutorial. Time was CRAZY today. Ill have that tomorrow with the link to the download.

This "Don't Forget" wallet - 12 pockets, one for each month, is something to write key dates down birthdays, anniversaries etc. Its fun. And a great way to re-purpose those gossamer thin, crinkly, peppery minty scented After Eight envies!

And you can print out 2xA4 sheets onto white card (that I lovingly created) with lovely graphics and colours to suit most. You then need a third piece of A4 white card to make the wallet, two fat chunky brads and some embroidery thread.

The download will be free, natch - you just need to get those scissors out and start flexing!

Ok - its late....need sleep. Belles starts her new one-day-a-week school tomorrow.

10 Jan 2011

Ugh, I hate my office

Ive got the sorting bug right now. Ive just finished spending an age sorting my wardrobe out and slung a LOT of clothes I no longer fit into and never-want-to-wear-again-because-I-don't-aim-to-pile-the-weight-back-on-thank-you-very -much. I sorted out my toiletries cabinet and slung a lot of stuff from there too. Ive even re-organised my sewing boxes and can't believe how much I slung from there either. Im empowered by freeing up space, a little like my good self.....freeing the lard from the shell of my body. Ahem.

But this dumpster of an office?
It is taking me forever.
Ive sorted two of my over head cupboards out. Here are the "before's and after's"
Ive still got a whole lot of other stuff to sort before I show you the final office tidy up.

Dump cupboard 1:
It is what it says on the tin. Just schtuff I don't want to see "out" but can't live without, you know?

And now tidied with boxes to put things is. I mean, I hardly have all matchy matchy boxes etc and my room isn't colour co-ordinated like the inside of a posh boudoir - its just....well, practical.
This cupboard, below, is also a dump cupboard but with little boxes to store those little things. It was a pain in the butt to get stuff out without things tumbling on my bonce.

But now its just more regimented and accessible. **sigh**
It took me flaming ages to just go through all the boxes and shelves and then sift and sort and re-house etc. I wish Id never friggin started.

Ive done my "After Eight" envelope project and will post that up tomorrow night. Part of the project requires you to print out some matching stuff (but don't worry if you don't have a printer/any ink left. You can improvise). Its a pretty little thing and something to help keep me organised this year. Maybe that should be my "One Little Word" - Organise. Pah, I'm done with OLW, I sucketh at it.

By the way, all the stuff from the other night is sold.....v v chuffed for a: the space and b: the moolah to put towards schtuff.

365 of me updated, see top left link of this page.

6 Jan 2011

Dumpsville stuff for sale/going FREE

I have been having a sort out, trying to make room for the crafty stuff I bought in the sales. Its not been easy. Oh my, its a proper dump.What I will have to do is cull the amount of magazines I have for starters. You prob think this is a bit anal, but I have kept every single magazine I have been commissioned work for since 2005. Not sure if its for a legacy or for the fact I was a bit chuffed about the prospect of appearing in a magazine or two. I think, in essence, I shall have to cut out my pages and throw the rest of the mags away or perhaps give away FREE TO A GOOD HOME - there are scores of them ...... 3 piles like you see below (I will still cut my commissions out though, OK?).

You can come and take them with pleasure plus whatever else I sort out this next 24 hours. Ranging from Crafts Beautiful, Quick Cards Made Easy, Quick and Crafty, The Scrapbook Magazine, Creative Cardmaking, Papercraft Essentials, Simply cards and Papercraft and countless others.
Also up for collection and FREE TO A GOOD HOME is this little lot of photography magazines. Ive worked out that there is roughly £300 worth of magazines here - all on DSLR photog with tutorials, hints and tips in them. PLEASE will somebody come and grab them from me? First commenter to ask can have. (I live in Ashton, J23/24 of the M6). Again, come and take them with pleasure.

The bit below is about stuff for sale, so you might want to skip this bit x

Stuff for sale: 50MM Macro lens ring attachments
THESE ARE FAB. I don't have a 50mm lens anymore as I swapped it for an 85mm jobber, so they don't fit :( Please email me if you want them - they are in perfect condition. I bought them for £10 with postage on top at £4.50. Ill sell for £10 incl P&P (uk only, obv....overseas sales can be sent at actual cost, I wont rip you off)

I did a post about them back here and will fit a canon 50mm 1.8 lens and effectively turns the lens into a macro. You can make your 50mm take close ups as lush as this:

Indoor studio lighting:
I also have two sets of indoor lighting for sale (photography). As my office is now what used to be my photography room, I seriously do not have the room for indoor photography anymore and never will, sadly. You can achieve high key imagery with them using a plain white sheet as a backdrop, like this one:
One lamp comes with a foldable softbox and the other comes with an umbrella (think the bulb has gone but easy to replace) - all with tripodic stands. PERFECT lighting for those starting out - please please come and grab this bargain.....I need the room. The outfit initially cost me £300 but I am happy to take £130 for the lot....just to get me some space back. You can have a look at the system here, here, here and here.

Display Stand
I don't do exhibitions using these stands anymore. They are those fuzzy ones that you Velcro your projects to royal blue one side, grey the other. They come in a portable carry case (free of charge on this deal) and the best thing about these is that you can fold your boards up with your projects still attached to them for ease and time saving between setting up and setting down at shows. These cost me £250 inc vat plus £25 P&P but Im happy to sell for £150. Postage is NOT an option - they is massive for my pokey little post office. They do not come with lights.

Please come back tomorrow to see pictures of a newly organised room that should set me up for finishing off samples for CHA and getting my groove on with various DT work and commissions for Crafts Beautiful.