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25 Dec 2011

Tum ti tum ti tum

I fell asleep tonight (Xmas Eve) on the sofa and woke at 1.30am.
Needless to say I was wide awake for AGES so I thought I'd actually scrap a page. I honestly don't know what came over me. As Ellie doesn't get up until late morning (seriously, our girl prefers family spirit to presents and that is the god's honest!!), I can afford to scrap until 4am and still get some sleep. We alternate our Christmas's by having one in Wigan with Marks parents and then next time we go to my parents. Ellie loves both sets of grampies and is happy to spend Christmas day listening and laughing. I think that's such a treat for me; more than opening my own gifts.

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All she has asked for is bubble bath this year (could cry at the simple things she asks for) but I couldn't just buy that for her. She will have enough smellies to last a year but in the mix Ive bought her lots of jammies (her fave items of clothes), slipper boots and a few DVD's as well as money to put in her piggy which, if I know Ellie, will last her forever as she is the kind of kid that makes considered purchases. **sensible**

Right, I'm off to just check in on the pressies under the tree to see if Santa has snuck in something secret for me. Ive asked for a folding bike which I want to buy a dog trailer for so that Eddy and I can go to the seaside in the car and so that I can go on long cycling sessions along the promenades and make stop offs so he can have a walk and a sniff at intervals. I'd dearly love a duchess bike, like this one:
but its just not practical for transporting.**one day, hey?** A folding bike will just have to do; they just don't look as swish as a Duchess with a beautiful wicker basket, huh?

Anyway, I'm waffling so I'm off to bed.
Have a simply wonderful Christmas and enjoy being with the ones you love. If you can't or won't then you can have some from me


Anonymous said...

My daughter just wanted bubble bath this year (well, and moisturiser) expensive bubble bath though! And then I couldn't find any to buy - anywhere! Not nowhere! So she's got Jim-Jams too! :-) And she too would LOVE that bike - but she lives in London and even if she could afford it/find a second hand one, reckons if she left it anywhere it would be stolen before she came back to it.... :-( Hope you get your bike?
I love that page. I have so got to get some "mists" of some sort. And what a lovely photo of Belle.
Hope you have a lovely day. Jude.x

Jaki Morris said...

I always wanted a bike for Christmas and never got one. Apparently, I was 'accident prone'
Never mind!
I love the simplicity of Belle's wishes.
Enjoy your lovely family time

Sue said...

Fabby LO.

Hope you are having a lovely Christmas Day.

You'd not be aloud to ride your bike along the promenade here.

Terrie B x said...

`Merry Christmas` to you and yours Miss Kirsty looki at sweet cheeks Lullabelle!!!Gorgeous my `friend`xxx..Hope your having a wonderful day with those you love..lots of loves The Baileys:) xxx

Emma said...

I really appreciate your Christmas wishes. Really needed them Xx glad that you, ellie & mark had a good day Xx

Emma said...

I really appreciate your Christmas wishes. Really needed them Xx glad that you, ellie & mark had a good day Xx

Anonymous said...

hope you got your bike and your little girl enjoyed her gifts and toys. they love little things and often the boxes and packaging dont they! Hope the true meaning and magic of the time was a special gift to you and as we say yuor little one enjoyed it all and managed some dinner in amongst all the excitement and time to play with her toys.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to wish you and your family a Happy Christmas from me. Thank you for a great blog. xx

Debo said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

We are lucky that for our two 'little ones' (now aged 19 and 22)the most important thing about Christmas is being with all of the family, including nan, grandad, auntie, uncle, cousins and great nan - though they do love a present too!! From Christmas Eve to at least the 27th, their friends are forsaken in favour of the family. We treasure every moment.

I look forward to following your blog for yet another year.

Festive wishes

fari.k said...

very beautiful card. :)
is this thread in pale yellow attached to the card?
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Scrapstars said...

Love the layout Kirsty, the little pennants that say "You" is that a punch, a die, or are they stickers?

Love it. x :)