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3 Dec 2011

Tims 12 tags of Christmas

I promised myself I'd do these, this year. Only I don't have half of the supplies he uses so I've had to improvise a little. Cue Rhonna Farrer and her many, many solutions to all your hybrid wants and desires. I have to say that my "Tim tag, day 1" is not precisely like his version HERE.

No, mine looks more like this:
<span class=

I used Rhonnas Swell font and Christmas Junque pieces to give this a Tim inspired tag. I did use a Timmy embossing folder too, a bit of ink, some hessian, some twine and my most fabbest beads. I have to say that I am in LOVE. Yes, yes, I'm a day behind but look below. I'm on track with my version of "Elf on the Shelf".

If you haven't heard of it, let me tell you this. Its meant for small children and the whole point is to hide the Elf in the house, out of reach to them (but in sight!). They mustn't touch him as he is a ward of Santa Claus and is there to report if they have been good or bad. Children cannot wait to discover what he has been up to when they wake everyday but are also in the knowledge that they must be GOOD on the lead up to Christmas. It's been a tradition in the USA for a good while and this year, its gone CRAZY in the UK. But I am NOT paying £30 for one and besides, Ellie is 16, you know! However, I felt bereft of this new trend so I had to improvise. I deigned to take a toy from Ellies Treasure cupboard (a place where she keeps all her old toys) and found a snake at first. I tried rhyming it, like snake on a rake etc - it sounded poopy. Then I found a ladybug toy but rhyming ladybug was rubbish. Then I found a frog! Hooray; Frog on a Log was born.

We both named him Alabaster Noodle-Plop. The aim of our game is to just make each other laugh, with him doing silly things (age appropriate) for Ellie to see the devilish side of me. I'm an evil momma, but like a white witch kind of evil ;) Yesterday he was caught bungee jumping over a pan of boiling eggs

and today he was clinging onto the edge of the toilet seat. My daughter was crying with laughter on both occasions. My mum has disowned me until I start to behave, but I'm still 22 in my head, you know ;)

So thanks to the Elf on the Shelf phenomenon, we are having a blast in this house albeit with Frog on a Log.

**Appendix: That toilet is my baby; it is bleached everyday - you could eat your dinner off it

**Appendix 2: No frog was harmed in the making of these photo's and these stunts should NOT be tried at home ;)

If you have any Elf on the Shelf shenanigans, link me - won't you?

Kirsty x
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Lilly said...

I just spat my tea all over my tee shirt looking at those Froggy pictures. More of the same, please!

Sue said...

I just did what Lilly did, but mine was coffee:)

Carole Bryson said...

wah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ... can't wait for more updates .... ha ha ha ha ha ah ha !

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! Frog on a log in a bog! LOL :-D Hope you all have fun with him. Looking forward to his adventures. TFS. Jude.x

Nicki said...

Lol, I love your tag:) I usually have to improvise but that's all the fun.

I also love your frog idea too, I might do that for hubby to make sure he is good.

Eileen said...

Hilarious! As 'anonymous' said, a la 'Priscilla' - it has to be 'A Frog on a Log in a Bog'!!!! Not surprised Elle loved his antics, so do we. I wonder what he will be up today?

Brenda G said...

Kirsty, you nearly finished me off with this! I hurt with laughing, the bungee jump is priceless! Have you ever thought of doing stand-up? I'd pay to see you telling these tales live! xx

Julia said...

Ha ha ha! Love the pic of frog on a log clinging on to the toilet. What a great idea! My two are too old for the elf thing but reckon I might try this next year! Lovely tag too x

Jan C. said...

You wicked girl, you, making us all spit liquids on our keyboards. I hope the frog on a log is taking notes on YOUR behavior for Santa.

On a side note, I must say that I have never heard of the elf who takes notes for Santa and am wondering if the writer of the Elf on the Shelf book just made that up! My mom had a bunch of those elves that she used to put out for my enjoyment on Christmas, but there was never a story about them watching me, etc. As far as I know, they were given away in boxes of Rice Krispies cereal in the 60s because they looked like Snap, Crackle, and Pop, the Rice Krispies elves (do you have that cereal, or am I sounding completely nonsensical?). I am going to begin straightaway surveying everyone I can to see if they've heard of this. Maybe my upbringing was lacking and I need to go back to my mom and have a word with her?!!!

susiesu said...

hysterical Kirsty! Frog on a log in a bog!! how many more words can you find to rhyme with frog? Cant wait for the updates. Think we need to have a word with your Mum - a day without laughter is a day wasted lol susiesu xxx

susiesu said...

ps loving the tag xxx

She said...

Love your Tag and I need to see more Froggy pictures please :-) S xxx

Deb said...

Love your frog pics, what a great take on the elf tradition. I must say though, having lived in the US over 2 years now I haven't heard of the elf on the shelf!
Your tag is fabulous, part of the fun is using your own bits and pieces I think!
have a great weekend, Debxx

Kirsteen said...

Oh Jan - they so look like the Rice Crispies characters! lol

I have adopted my own version of Elf on the Shelf Kirsty. The huge price tag put me off too but (sorry to all Elf on the Shelf-ers) but he's just a wee bit too creepy looking for my likey :p

So I bought Elf Dangly ( from the North Pole branch of M&S of course. He's imaginatively called Elf and he arrived on Advent Sunday, he's allowed to be cuddled and even comes on days out with us. We went to see Santa last weekend and my 3 year old presented Elf to Santa saying 'he's your friend'. He swings from lights and is currently shaking his wotsits on my vibration plates machine (it seems elves can eat too many mince pies too). I need to think up some naughty things for him to do Kx