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6 Dec 2011

Tagless today

Puh! I have had a fall out with my crackle glaze. Its a pile of pants and therefore no tag for today. Never mind, I can get a move on with the rest before the weekend is out; I'll enjoy the catch up.

Meanwhile, tonight, I was sat with belles after school whilst she gorged on home made chocmint hot choc with whipped cream; my camera by my side. I love how christmas lights look with a fancy bokeh and have tried it several times before but was never enamoured. Tonight I found some patience, so sat with some black card and scissors to hand and I wizzed up my v cheap bokeh enhancer (which makes ordinary hexagonal bokeh look like heart shaped bokeh).
I feel so smug at such trickery but to be fair, anyone with a DSLR can do this (maybe even a decent point and shoot; if you have the patience to fashion a teeny tiny bokeh enhancer). Just Google it but if you wish, I can show you how easy it was to do.

Lastly, again - Frog on a Log. He sure likes death defying stunts, that little tink! Today, he was caught "Planking" on the balustrade.

I've warned him that if he didn't take his job serious enouhg in future, I'd chop off his legs and fry them in garlic.

Kirsty x
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Anonymous said...

I'm loving your Frog on a Log adventures - it makes me laugh every morning, and I so need that at the moment. So Thank You - your quest to amuse the beautiful Belle is amusing me too.... :-)
And I love the hearts technique Bokeh? I'm gong to Google tonight and see what I come up with - I have a bridge camera, would it work with that?
Thanks again for making me laugh every day.

Jaki Morris said...

I was going to ask you to remind me how to take the photo of the fairy lights and this has reminded me!
Can you share or shall we google?
Love your frog, maybe we get get him trending on Twitter?

Judi said...

Love the photo - hmmm, you make it sound so easy! Must try it but bet mine won't look like that! Really enjoying your little froggy adventures too - what a cheeky chappie he is!

Fiona said...

Didn't even know what bokeh was still I saw it on Shutter Sisters, yours looks ace. Will have to investigate.

susiesu said...

What's a Bokeh???? think Alabaster Noodle Plop has beeen talking to my Crazy Frog has he has climed to the top of the Christmas tree and wont come down. lmao lol susiesu xxx

Sara Sandberg said...

The hearts are so cool! I tried this last year and didn't do very well at all - you've inspired me to try again! I'm smelling garlic . . .