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27 Dec 2011

QVC Outlet sale - 28th Dec (Today)

Come join Amy, Marion and I today (starting midnight 28th Dec) for 11 hours of craft sales.
Its a blowout; a place where your christmas spondoolies can be spent with savings made to boot. You can watch QVC LIVE on the internet using their livestream HERE.

Hope to see you there!

Kirsty x
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Anonymous said...

interesting concepts. saw a gold ink stamping demo. an easy pay on foam backed stamps and then just as had to leave saw a "no tissues required" situation as the camera captured a whoops moment! We then saw the "kind of robin" , the little flowers and some samples with tiny little things on them. loverely loverley loverley!

susiesu said...

Hi Kirsty was determined not to spend any money today - bit silly really but had to give in to the La Blanche flowers and flourishes on easy pay!!!! hope you are feling a bit brighter? Please let us know how Alabaster Noodle Plop is????? My crazy Froggy on a Loggy had a baby on Christmas Eve so turns out he was a she!!!!!! lol xxx

premium login said...

thank you loverely loverley loverley!