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4 Dec 2011

Our tree is UP!

I've not been feeling especially "Tree putty uppy" this week. I knew today would be the day that we would have to finally drag it our of the loft. I've got a pile of work, a mile high to do, so I was sat in my office; sorting and ignoring the creek of the loft being open and the whoosh of the ladders falling from the entrance. I totes wasn't feeling any Christmas cheer until Mark put MTV on and it was the top 50 Christmas songs playing. Whooooooooosh, I was straight in the lounge and sorting out our decorations without a second thought. Oh! Belles and I had such a good old sing song whilst Mr Grinch (Mark) sat in a corner saying the lounge looked a mess from all the boxes and trimmings. Puh! We didn't care, we were toooooo busy crooning. When I have some good light, I'll take a proper photo of Wiseman's grotto.

Meanwhile, Day 3 of Timmykins 12 tags of Christmas. His tag (here) looks awesome and typically grungy of him. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut mine? Not so much.. Yet again, Rhonnas awesome hybrids saved the day for me because I don't have so much Timmy stuff.

I used several of her fonts (namely Sack o Potatoes, Jayabean, Swirly Gig and Swell fonts) to make the background and the bird was cut fromfrom the Chevron Tool Kit hybrids (ITS AWESOME).

And lasty, that darn little froggy on the loggy. Not a well behaved bone in his body. He has been curing his hangover this afternoon in a dark spot under the stairs.
Even I'd not stoop that low to slurp wine off the counter top. No, I'd grab a straw and do it a little more elegantly. Mwahahahahahaha.


Nancy W said...

Beautiful job on the tag friend! You have inspired me to do a page with those fonts! xoxo

Nicki said...

I'm loving your tags kisrty:), I love your frog too. I think I would use a straw aswell lol.

I can't wait to see your next tags:)

I'm hoping I can get wifi or at least a signal in hospital or else hubby may have to give me my iPad (xmas pressy early;)) secretly hoping I can't get a signal lol.

Lizzie said...

Oh that froggy! He's so cute.

Great tag. I'm not one for the over-grungy, I must confess. I do like "Timmy" (ha haa!!),and think he has some great products and ideas, but I prefer to mix it in with other stuff. SO - your tag is My Kind of Thing! Love the little trimmings - the filmstrip, the birdie with a hat (!), the lacey doiley bit... and I love the colours - always colours, Kirsty - that's what I like best about Stuff a la Kirsty!

I'll look out for your Grotto photos. It looks Christmassy in our lounge now, as we did the tree on Saturday - and cleared away the pile of boxes yesterday afternoon. Suddenly, it feels like it might be Christmas soon! (Oh God, better start shopping!!)

Fiona said...

I prefer your tag to TH's Kirsty. Love the vibrancy and all the little details.

Lisanna said...

my poor frog that I gave it you in PACS 2010!

Lisanna said...

thank kirsty...
I'm happy that my frog became famous!!!!

Sandra said...

Fab tag Kirsty
Sandra x

susiesu said...

Naughty froggy on the loggy drinking all that wine lol susiesu xxx