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12 Dec 2011

Old ones are gold ones

On Saturday, I went, with Belles, to see somebody who I have been friends with for 19 years. Lee and I served at the same Forces careers office in Hanley (Stoke) back in 1992. She was my Sergeant at the time and we have remained to be good friends. I've watched her daughter, Victoria, grow into this amazing girl as Lee has grown to watch Belles flourish into a sweet teen. Friendships like that are golden and rare. I offered to take some up to date shots of Victoria; here are three of my favourite.

Isn't she beautiful?
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Tonight, I had to use up some poured ink that I had no chance WHATSOEVER of getting back in the bottle. I was FORCED to make loads of rainbow pages. Subsequently, I made this in a snap; for my simple art journals.
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And lastly, a couple of cards

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The a card above uses one of Rhonnas AMAZING hybrids.
Come see here for a plentiful selection.

Kirsty x
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susiesu said...

Hi Kirsty so glad you r feeling better. Your friend Lee is beautiful. How did you get the rainbow effect with your spilt inks? The cards are great as well. I went to get a sewing needle out of my sewing box today and guess what I found a whole circle of knitting pins which I had forgotten about (free gift with a magazine)so I am going to copy you and Marion and use them in my card making too! love and hugs susiesu xxx

Chezza B said...

I get so excited when I come here and you have cards to share. I hope we see more and more cards of this style on QVC. I'm tired of matting and layering style cards with absolutely no imagination to them whatsoever whereas your cards are just the move they need to project to us, the customer.

Nicki said...

Lovely pics:0)
I love your cards and adore your rainbow:0)

Sue said...

Fab cards.

Moira Gray said...

These are excellent, love them.

Lisa-Jane said...

Love me some rainbows!