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10 Dec 2011

Off colour

I have not been feeling tip-top today. This time of year has so many reasons to be happy but also so many reasons to take stock of the year gone by. The enormity of it hits you like a truck; I totally empathise with those whose feelings that slip and slide. Its days like this where I shut down from the outside world, cosy up with the laptop and search for some happy.

Care to see some happy with me?

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Chezza B said...

I know what you mean about this time of year. Tv and magazines depict families "all happy" and having fun when, in reality, we are all at the hands of the recession.

Its about time we went back to basics and "make owt from nowt" or "make do and mend".

Anonymous said...

Christmas , however, is nothing to do wth the recession and nothing to do with what magazines depict. It is time we put Christ back into Christ...mas and celebrate the real meaning rather than what some individual making up rather ott pathetic overpriced adverts brainwashs you into thinking you need to be "happy" as some very happy people celebrate the birth of their Saviour and friend and there is nothing better to make people happier than knowing Him in their lifes. Pretending to be happy is a very dangerous thing mentally and needs some careful thought. Spend what you have to spare and not a penny more, if the so called friends and family who suposedly care about you dont like it then its time to take stock re them.... if children have been brought up to demaqnd designer labels then again its time to take stock re them and teach them well for their futures and their life and spend time with those who care about you as a person. If you are alone do some voluntary work to help the elderly, very sick, homeless and children whose only present is another beating, another day freezing cold, an elderly person sitting in coats and hats might be warmer for an hour or 2 in your home with a cup of tea as their present! so many things besides me me me me arent there and so many ways to feel better not happy but better about the pathetic materilaistc creature some nasty individuals have become is the root of ALL evil and is in this festival and celebration too sadly because they dont know what they are celebrating!!!!

Bernice said...

Dear Anonymous, I agree we should keep Christ in Christmas. However I would like to make a comment on your last statement. The Bible actuallsays this in 1 Timothy 6:10 'For the love of money is the root of all evil' It is loving money more than anything else in life that is the root of eveil, not money itself.

Fence sitter said...

This post was about being happy at this time of year. Not a debate on religion. I find it so annoying that when religion is thrown into the equation, it releases more self righteousness and argument than what was originally being discussed.
I know for a fact that Kirsty is not religious and for all the time I have read this blog, she had never questioned or mocked it.

Jane said...

I love the John Lennon quote.

Jaki Morris said...

Man Kirsty, there sure is a lot of happiness out there.

Sometimes it is hard to be happy but if people just tried at the end of every day to think of one positive thing that happened to them or that they saw then I'm sure people would be a lot happier.
What made me happy yesterday? My son's teacher phoning to say that his behaviour had improved dramatically this week and that she was very pleased with him.
Have a very,very good day

Shirley Davis said...

What a clever and thoughtful post. Kirsty. I am sorry to read you feel glum today - just wallow in your home comforts and do nothing if you have to.

For me, happiness has to mean contentment. 'Happy' signals the idea that we should be smiling, laughing, skipping through life without a care. Come adulthood, it's a shock for many of us to find that happy is as happy does. Not a given right.

Christmas is only lovely if you can be with those you really love, or content that they are somewhere in the world they need or want to be, that all you know are warm, well fed and not alone (unless by real choice).

The gifts are the frippery that adorn our lives but we need deep-set contentment to be happy for that one day out of a year's worth of ordinary days (minus our birthdays - they are special too).

Mrs F said...

Everybody has their 'down' days, me included, we live in a very stressful world. I myself, am a born worrier and struggle dealing with my stress levels, but, having a loving family and good friends are the remedy. Happiness in to your worries and letting the love of your life hold you tight and enjoy a kiss together.

Tomorrow is a fresh day Kirsty and l'm sure you will wake with your usual zest for life xx

Mrs F said...
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susiesu said...

Hope you are feeling happier today Kirsty. sometimes you have to have the down days so you can come back up! I enjoyed reading the happy sayings especially John Lennon's. So agree Chezza B. sending you purple love and hugs susiesu xxxx

Anonymous said...

Kirsty, hope you are feeling better and know that lots of us share your feelings, life isn't all honey for everyone. I agree with you about christmas - its a mixture. Thank you for the quotations, they lifted my spirits, especially John Lennon's.
Love to you and your girlie.

Lisa-Jane said...

For me Christmas is nothing to do with Christ either, I'm afraid. But oddly, I don't think Kirsty mentioned him, or money. I have mixed feelings about this time of year. I LOVE the festive season and the magic of Christmas but it also brings home a lot of a other stuff that goes around my head - people who don't have what I have (be it money, partners, kids, health, home, etc), the passing of time as the end of the year approaches, my own memories of Christmas as a child, those who won't be here this year, people away from home. I worked for the police as an analyst on major crime for about 7 years and Christmas was always majorly busy - stress over money, who goes to where for the "big day", drinking, even just spending more time with people you don't normally can be very stressful for some people. I try to keep in mind those glorious pictures and the magic side of things and try not to let the bad stuff in but its a daily struggle for me as you know. Hope you are feeling more chipper now me old mucker xx

Anonymous said...

I think regardless of religious beliefs most sensitive people feel a tinge of sadness at Christmas. I always get, something I have discovered of late, called 'Weltschmerz' or world sadness. It is really just an empathy and feeling of being overwhelmed by the evil in the world. I do enjoy Christmas especially now I have children but the sadness is always there a little.
I think since Christmas is celebrated around the same time as the winter solstace we can all celebrate it in our own way. It is a time to really show we care and a time not to judge. If a person is not a Christian it doesn't mean they are without a moral compass. So before ranting and raving next time Mrs Anonymous have a little humility and don't assume you know it all, Claire B.

Julia said...

Kirsty you have picked out some amazing quotes there - thank you for sharing them xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Kirsty Thank you so much for those happy quotes. I have been in hospital for three months. I nearly died twice. Which was awful for my family. I look at life quite differently now. And I am thankful that I have been given another opportunity to be Happier. You're quotes have made me smile & laugh. LIFE is for living so let's make the most of it. Whatever we have in life.