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1 Dec 2011

Melissa Frances - my dream love manufacturer

I wish I could convince the QVC buyers to get all of Melissa Frances's supplies in. Then I'd be like a pig in muck demonstrating with them. You just cannot make a rubbish project with her stuff.

Two of my very favourite card designers in the world are on her design team and I thought I'd share them with you. I could kick myself that Im doing this but you know, christmas is for sharing - right?

Dani Flanders
makes stunning cards like this

And Melissa Phillips makes lusciousness like these
Have you got any fave cardmakers/scrapbookers you care to share?

Kirsty x
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Anonymous said...

omg-that last card is bloody awsum! reminds me of the projects in that gorgeous little square Card Trends mag - I miss that mag like mad
...but yours are very good
love to the curlygirl
lulubelle x

Christine said...

Gorgeous cards, one of my absolute favourites is Fancy Pants, I think I love pretty much every collection they've done, it's great how different you feel when using designs you love!

Anonymous said...

interesting designs if you like heavily embellished cards. the 1st one is clear and a good design, just a pity the righthand side as you look at the pic is not stuck down firmly. It always shows in a pic doesn't it! Can remember when another designer used to say look at this and held it up to show and the whole lot fell off!!! and some people still rave over same persons name and products !!!!! LOL! guess we need good use of DST!

Deborah said...

Melissa Frances is a favourite of mine and it is so difficult to find her products......although I did happen upon them in Dunelm Mill of all places. Melissa Phillips is such a talented designer and follow her blog avidly, as I do yours. Try and persuade QVC!! I also love My Mind's Eye...lots of vintage style.

Sue said...

Fabby. I particularly like the last card.

Lizzie said...

Lovely Kirsty! I can see why you like the product range and the designers - both go together well!!
Love the First Birthday card - the little notches with twine and a cut-out star just finish it off beautifully (and I didn't think it wasn't stuck down properly - grrrr... if you're going to leave comments, Mr/Mrs/Ms Anonymous, p'raps you would like to sign your name? How rude!)
The decorated tag is such fun - I would love that to hang on my Christmas tree!
Thank you for sharing some of your inspiration. I will go and look at the Melissa Frances stuff (if I can find out where to look...)

Rooby Whishes said...

Karola Witczak. Her cards are just amazing. She does loads with Websters Pages. I dont normally like 'busy' cards, but her's are just stunning. Her use of colours, and just the way she puts them together...I just stare, and stare. Amazing talented lady

Anonymous said...

All lovely Kirsty. I love Becka Feeken's work, absolutely stunning
Pat x