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7 Dec 2011

Instagram kind fo a day

I have done an amazing amount of work today which left me no time to make any timmy taggies. In between life, I grabbed a few shots of my day with my (seemingly crap 3gs) iPhone. I cannot wait for an upgrade on my iPhone as the newer version has the coolest camera.

Belles threaded a bunch of cranberries onto some wire to make some cranberry hearts. I love hearts; each of our rooms has a bunch of them in various styles and material.

Here is her finished product. I've made 3 of these; I can't wait for them to dry out and be an eternal feature in the house. Ive to pack them off to my inlaws for two nights so they can dry over their wood burner.

I am obsessed with roast veggies. On the Harcombe diet, phase 2, you can have either a carb day or a protein day. Today was a carb day because on carb days, I go running. This a mix of potatoes, butternut squash, corgettes, pepper, onion and tomatoes. NOM.

At one point, this evening, we couldn't find little ginge (the dog). Its been FREEZING today so it might only mean one hiding place; that being our bed.

This cuppa here? Oh man! Its saved my life. On the Harcombe regime, you have to cut caffeine out completely. And as I hate decaff tea; I thought I was doomed. However, I read that Rooibis Red Bush tea is a naturally caffeine free drink which, when served with lemon, is delicious. And do you know what? It IS!
And lastly, this is what we found in the Kitchen today. The very dark and gloomy kitchen where dark deeds are done (it would seem!). Frog on a log is not playing this Elf on the Shelf game very well, is he?

That frog has no back bone when it comes to behaving ;)

Kirsty x
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Sue said...

Love the look of concentration on your daughters face.

Very wise dog:)

Tried that tea before, but not with lemon.

Anonymous said...

do you use willow and red wood to make hearts too? they can then be easily by a young child upwards be decorated with ribbons etc or folliage by an older child upwards or alternatives are to use contrasting colours of willow. they are not just a siple obvious heart shape when made and are so easy for a child of say 10+ to make from scratch [with supervision of tools!] and a young person of say 14 /15 upwards should be safe alone with both willow and tools req.

susiesu said...

Alabaster Noodle Plop is very good at writing!!!! love him. am going out tomorow to buy some cranberries lol susiesu xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Frog on a log, eaten by dog? :-D
Those roast veggie look delish! Jude.x