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7 Dec 2011

Inspired but not the same

I thought I'd be able to do some like for like Timmy tags this year, but alas no. Ive improvised in my own sweet way with the help of oddments from my stash and Rhonnas 'mezzin hybrids. I'm on day 6 but he is on day 9....yeep, I better get a move on.

My take on tag 4 (Tims tag is here): I used a piece of Chrsitmas Junque pieces from Rhonnas hybrids HERE.
NB: I didn't have Tims snowman die, so I made this one out of three circles, layered up.
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My take on tag 5 (Tims is here)
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My take on tag 6 (Tims is here). I used a piece of Chrsitmas Junque pieces from Rhonnas hybrids HERE
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As for Frog on a Log? He has gone on two days walkabout. I know for certain that when I find him, he will have some hideous trick up his sleeve!

Gotta go and snuggle up; its nasty out there.


susiesu said...

Love your take on Tim's tags especially the use of butterflies for the wreath - brill idea! Where do u get your doilies from as I can only find big ones? lol susiesu xxx

Jaki Morris said...

I love number 5. I think it's because of the striped ribbon and the muted red of the papers. Maybe I'll have a go at this next year!
Enjoy your day

Fiona said...

Fab use of butterflies to make a wreath, very clever indeedy.

ski said...

Where's that Frog, checked in to see what mischeif he has been up to and he's AWOL.... Please find him quick his exploits have cheered me up.

Julia said...

That butterfly wreath is just inspired!! Might use that idea on a card or two - if I ever find five minutes to get near my stash in the next few days xx

Lisa-Jane said...

Totally nicking that butterfly wreath idea lady - you rock!

Michelle said...

I love what you've done here! Fab fab fab!

Scrapstars said...

Number 5's the one for me, may have to adampt to a scrapbook page :)