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17 Dec 2011

Colour Combos

This season screams traditional reds, greens and whites; even for birthday cards. But not in this craft room. One of my top 5 fave colours, Coral, is a colour I rarely use in crafting so I thought I'd give it a whirl. I hand glittered that flaming card (took forever) but I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

look at my I win a prize?

And that is all from me tonight cos I'm just not feeling bloggy enough. I went christmas shopping earlier to pick up my final odds and ends and as much as I want to say I'm relieved its over, I'm not. I'm struggling with a few things this season and I can't say I'm really "feeling" it. What if I'm turning into the grinch? Yeeeps!

QUICK! - somebody tell me a cheesy cracker joke to cheer me up!

Kirsty x
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Sue said...

What a stunning card.

Maz said...

What is Santas favourite pizza?
One that's deep pan, crisp and even.
See? You feel better already!

Jaki Morris said...

What do you get if you eat Christmas decorations?


Did you hear about the hyena who ate an oxo cube?

He made himself a laughing stock

Is that better?

EmmGee said...

My current fav:-

'Advent calendars, their days are numbered!'

Does it for me.

Anonymous said...

What do you call a man with a seagull on his head?
Cliff...... groooooooooaaaaaaan! :-)

What a lot of patience you have - the glitter card is gorgeous.

Brenda G said...

Kirsty, that is a stunner! The glittering is so effective, love the whole look.

Jokesters, some good ones there!Got me smiling x

Amy said...

The card is absolutely gorgeous!!

Amy said...

The card is absolutely gorgeous!!

Julia said...

What did the fish say when he swam into a wall?... Damn!

sarah said...

Police found our ice cream man on the floor of his van covered in hundreds and thousands - they think he topped himself!!!!!!! made me laugh for days! have a fabby christmas x x

susiesu said...

lovely card Kirsty lol susiesu xxxps mind has gone blank cannot remember one single groan moaning joke - just go over to our QVC Craft Forum - there will b something funny on there!!!

Anonymous said...

Who hides in the bakery at Christmas?
A mince spy!

whatever is wrong and wherever you are hopefully this Christmas you can find a way of having your famly focus on the one and only reason for the season . Its not about perfection, red green and gold Be prepared with a happy thankful heart, relax and enjoy what you do have. As the people who truely celebrate the real Christmas praise God for the one true reason we all celebrate the ill at ease will be stressed and pathetic re food and drink, gifts and family arguments or travelling. Yes , Kirsty you are invited to accept the proper party which is free to enjoy because it is the party we should all have and could all have if only the media hype and retail battles had not had a pathetic effect on people! come and find the real reasons and relax in His love at his season and the only reason for Christmasx take care.

Di said...

Who looks after poorly elves?
The National Elf Service.

Debo said...

No joke but my advice is: pour yourself a glass of mulled wine, it's done wonders for me today ;)


Fiona said...

Britain has come across a new craze where men drink vodka from a womans fanny using a straw.

The government fears a rise in minge drinking!

(Feel free to delete it if it's too rude for your blog, but you know what I'm like! Made me snort with laughter anyway.)

susiesu said...

Kirsty what is Alabaster Noodle Poop up to he has been so quiet????? lol susiesu xxx