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20 Dec 2011

Calamity pain!

Well you think you have it all planned out until techy cyber gremlins attack you at will, forcing you to take cover under a cloud of mayhem.
Yep, that was Amy, Maz and I tonight on Ustream.

We had all planned to take 15 minutes each to showcase quick and effective creative makes as a collaboration to treat the QVC Crafts facebook members for their loyalty (click on the link and come join us!). I was airing from Wigan, Maz from Essex and then back up to Amy in Blackburn. Only when things should run smooth; they don't. Oh I did laugh. And I mean proper snort and grunt like a hog. It's was a complete farce and fortunately our viewers were patient and forgiving. What should have taken 45 minutes took us 2 and a half hours. The shame!

Here are the three things I managed to showcase in 15 minutes (relying on "here's one I made earlier" to speed up the process). The bauble came by way of SJ who pointed me to the idea on Pinterest a few weeks back. They are the easiest things to make on this planet - EVER. They also look beautiful. Its made from a polystyrene ball, paper punched flowers and pins.
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The tree? Man! That was even easier. Made from book pages and takes seconds to create.
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And the card? Well not easy but simple...... so yeah, kind of easy, LOL. These are also my christmas cards this year to my most loveliest of friends x
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I was going to make this but I ran out of time. So I made it later this evening. Its a broach but you **could** use it as an embellishment for your papercraft projects x
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Ive also been busy making this card for my friend Beth. She loves Bee's, so I erm.....obliged x Happy Birthday, Beth. The hybrids are courtesy of the amazing Rhonna Farrer.
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And lastly, its a Happy Birthday to my hubby today (a whopping 45 years old. That's, like.......v v v old). Happy Birthday Grumpy x
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And that is my crafting frenzy ground to a halt.
Until tomorrow ;)

Kirsty x
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Clarky J said...

Hi Kirsty check out my blog there is a you tube link to a 12 days of Christmas song which you are featured in - hope it makes you smile :0)

Nicki said...

Thank you for the fun and laughter it was a great night although my hubby thought I'd gone mad when he came in as I was wetting myself laughing at a blue screen!! All I could hear was Marion lol!!!

Thanks for the demos too. Your projects are scrummy, maybe you could show us the broach tonight;0).
Happy birthday to your hubby.

Sue said...

Fabby creations.

Lil' 'Ol Me said...

Oh Kirsty last night was just hilarious! Mr G thought it was time to call in the men and white coats when he found me crying with laughter, looking at a black screen!
Your cards are gorgeous as usual, I'm so jealous of your crafty talent.
Happy birthday Mr W x

Fiona said...

Firstly Mr. W is not vvv old, OK ???
Secondly, great cards espesh Beth's one, fab honeycomb idea.
Just seen you featured in The Crafters Carol, how cool.

Scrapstars said...

Gorgeous Kirsty should have some of those mini projects as make n takes at the retreat. Love the Bees card, :)

Jaki Morris said...

Who'd have thought that staring at a laptop screen and chatting to cyber buddies could be such fun?
I am so going to make that tree when I find a suitable book.
As always your cards are stunning.
I also agree with Fiona that 45 is almost chicken like

susiesu said...

you seem to be a bit brighter today. loved last night was such such fun thank you so so much. Am going to have a go at the tree in a mo. Where did yo get your fab wooden cotton reels????

Stephanie All About Beads said...


Love, love the bauble covered with flowers and red pins.

May I ask a stupid question? I'm fairly new to papercrafting.

How do I attach the hanging ribbon to the polystyrene ball, so that it is secure?

Love your blog.