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16 Dec 2011

Big old Camp Cinderella

Its has been literally 30 years or so since I went to a pantomime and even then it was with Brownies. The thrill of dance, song and gags will always remain etched on my mind from that time at the theatre in Castleford, West Yorkshire.

Fast forward 30 years and to tonight. Belles and I plus her Nanny and Pops tripped over to Manchester to Watch Cinderella.Im not sure what I was expecting as a whole but knew that the part played by Louie Spence (Dandini) would be a laugh a minute. And it was. The props and costumes were gorgeous. The gags, the songs and the acting were spectacular. It was a real thrill for the adults and Ellie. She really got into it and it was lovely seeing her being enchanted by the whole evening.

If you are thinking of going, take my advice. Dont book over the phone with ATG (the ticket sellers for this show). They tried to charge me £48 a ticket. So I booked online and got them for £29. And they catergorically stated that £48 was the cheapest ticket available. I still think I £29 is hideous but in hindsight, it was worth every penny.


Anonymous said...

great fun for tots and adults alike. Sadly our children are teenagers now and it is anything but "cool" to go to such a in their words babyish event. We will wait til we have the next generation to take and enjoy it with them, meanwhile we go alone and still have fun ! glad your little girl have fun! A late night but worth it! Expect it will be very busy in this coming week, its normally worth waiting til into the new year when things get a bit flat after the hype of New Yr as they often have bargains the same as the shops!

Fiona said...

We go every year to our local theatre. No celebs but they are very professional and the Dames are fantastic, we thoroughly enjoy it.