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28 Nov 2011

Zumba - ouchie!

So after last weeks Salsa class fiasco, I was determined to get some latin dancing in my routine, somewhere. I couldn't wait a week for the next class so last Weds I found a local class, more close to home than the salsa class place. I rang the venue to make sure the class was still on and she said "you are in luck and that there was a place for me".

"HEY? Waddya mean, a place for me?" I thought!!!

Well, all became clear when I turned up and found that the ceiling numbers for Zumba was 150. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY? Holy crap, I have never been to a fitness class with more than 25 girls, tops. But there it was, 138 of us in a massive gymnasium and in the dark and shaking our booty's (and other wobbly limbs) to Latino beats.
In fact, I loved it so much I bought the Wii Zumba disc on Friday and I tried it out last night. And this morning? OUCH. I ache in places I didn't know muscles exist. Its a serious work out but in all honesty its not much of a work out - more of a dance and a couple of twists and hip swishes and yet somehow your body is getting a beating!. Most of all, its such a laugh watching my body do the opposite of the trainer on the TV (must master my co-ordination and quick!) I thoroughly recommend it.
All this on top of trying out a new eating regime. I am carb sensitive, I know this because if I cut out carbs, the weight drops off me. I usually follow an Atkins style regime but all those oils and fats are NOT good and that's what puts me off sticking to it. Then I heard about the Harcombe diet from my friend Rubina so I gave it a go, finally, today. Its a little tricky, mainly due to suffering withdrawal from sugars and fats; you know, the crap that promote insulin and makes up crave more of the same. I'll keep you informed on how its coming along.

Lastly, a card for on of my friends who needs a little "pick me up".
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Hope she likes it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Kirsty x
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susiesu said...

hope your muscles are feeling better? love the card and will definely be borrowing the template of your card as I know I cant copy it lol susiesu xxx

Julia said...

welcome to the world of Zumba! It's addictive!!

Lisa-Jane said...

Maybe I need to give it a go on the wii instead... LOVE that card, every little bit of it. Xx

Sue said...

Fabby card.

I have tyhe Wii Zumba. It definitely is a work out:)

Robin said...

I LOVE Zumba too! The class I go to is a great workout and so fun!! I was wondering about the Wii game and wheather it would be worth trying...
fun card!

Jane said...

I bought Wii Zumba, thats as far as I got!! And Thanks hun my tonic punches arrived, he Emailed me to say the one I wanted was all gone so they sent me two instead Yay!! Thanks Kirsty xx

Rooby Whishes said...

Im so good a recommending..... shame I dont get my big fat one in gear though!!! Its still sitting on my shelf, staring at me saying "use me lard arse"!!!

Shazza x x x said...

Zumba is bloomin hilarious. Not been for a while but fabulous as making you giggle and really good workout too without you realising. Hope you're feeling better x x x