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6 Nov 2011

Yay - they are here

Im baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!
It feels like 16 years has passed since I last blogged. So after 4 days of demonstrating GORGEOUS Sizzix Products to literally thousands of NEC Craft goers, I'm back to reality. I was lucky to be seconded by Sizzix to demonstrate on the Craft Superstore stand. I have never, in all my crafting life, seen a stall so rammed with crafters. It was CRAZY! I would like to say a thank you to all the staff on the stand for being helpful when I needed a lunch break and a little natter. Mwah! Big kisses x And also, a huge thank you to my friends who came to support me and say hello and show me what they bought (jealous!).

So anyway. Reality check.
I got something in the post on Saturday. It was a parcel of some stamps that I have designed. I never know whether to shut up and keep quiet or shout from the roof tops when I see my work come to fruition by way of end design. Is it so terribly British to do this, I wonder? Either way, there are times when I wished I had been so vocal about triumphs in the past. So tonight, I am going to do just that.

You see these, here, stamps? Well all of these packs (count 12) came in time for my own christmas card making marathon (which I'll prob start on 15th dec!)
I know that one stamp sets keep selling out, namely this one. Its not my personal favourite but I do rather love it.

This delivery made me smile like this :D :D :D - that's a lot of big smiles.

I am like a little chipmunk that discovered a little acorn for an after supper treat. Tickled pink, I think or maybe bashfully proud. I'm not sure how to explain it but they are here!!! You might see these stamps in local stamp stores or you can ask Personal Impressions if you would like to stock them.

You can see my full gallery of stamps here.


Anonymous said...

congratulations on your stamp production...sure you will enjoy making your cards with your little girl this year.

Jaki Morris said...

Lovely stamps Kirsty. I do not need any more Christmas stamps, however!!!

I miss you in the mornings when you don't blog, so I'm glad you're back.

Enjoy your week.

Jaki Morris said...

Oh, I've just read that and it doesn't read as I meant it!
I meant I don't need any more stamps however I might just have to buy some more!!

Terrie B x said...

Your stamps are `Fabulous` You go shout it from the rooftops!!!You should be proud!!Yahah way to go..
Have a fab Evening:) x

Sarahjpacker said...

Ohhh lush stamps Kirsty x Where can we buy these lovlies from???

ginny c said...

bought the christmas tree stamp at the suffolk show it is lovely seen used with wow embossing powders, so ihave got to get my finger out, best wishes ginny

Tracey said...

Shout from the rooftops sweetie and be proud, you work hard and have oodles of talent, enjoy xxx

Fiona said...

Faberoony stamps Kirsty. A great achievement, well done girl you should be rightly proud.

Debo said...

Yes - you go and shout from the rooftops!!!! And Sizzix chose you because you are TALENTED, not just LUCKY!!!!

I couldn't make it to the NEC this year (TRYING to write my dissertation, so no time off for me at the mo) but after May next year I will be able to go to any show I wish!!!! YAY!!! Freedom!!!

(Going to look at your stamps now!!!)