Ladies Camera Club

12 Nov 2011

QVC craft day - 28th December

When your tummy is content with turkey and chocs. And you have had enough of The Wizard of Oz for the billionth time. And you want to get ready for a new year of craft then you might want to join Marion, Amy and myself on QVC, 28th December for a whole day of crafty gorgeousness. I'm telling you now so you can book the remote control, grab a box of after eights and discuss my dodgy Christmas style sweater (think Bridget Jones and the Rudolph number).

Hope to see you then x


Anonymous said...

wonderful news! a day to myself and the tv and cards to pay for something to cheer a long day. thank you!

Sandra said...

Great news... fingers crossed everything will be in the sale too!!
Sandra x

Jaki Morris said...

Yay, let's hope my husband takes the boys fishing!