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30 Nov 2011

Pinterest love

If you haven't heard of Pinterest, I'd like to know where you have been hiding for the last year or so. You could say that I'm a little obsessed with it. If you REALLY don't know what it is well let me tell you. Its a virtual pin board. A place to pin all your fave pictures and links to website in a secure little nugget online. So rather than right clicking on a pic and stuffing up your hard drive with pics you might take an age to find in future, you clip the images you love to a pin board for all to see too.
**that was exhausting!**

Here is a pick of some of my fave things recently:
From my Dachshund collection:
You know me and dachshunds, right?

From my Italy collection:
I love Italy so much. I'd move there immediately, given the chance

From my "Nom" collection:
Not exactly good for me right now as Im watching my diet but hey ho.

From my fave clothes collection:
I see some pretty awesome dresses and shoes on this site. **could cry, cos I want them all**

Source: via Kirsty on Pinterest

From my "in love with" collection:
Just odds and sods I have found and loved

Source: via Kirsty on Pinterest

From my fave Photo ideas collection:
Lovely images to drool over

From my quotes collection:
Im sure I am the biggest hoarder of quotes in the whole of Pinterest, if not the world.

Source: via Kirsty on Pinterest

Are you a member? Link me to your fave things or board.

Kirsty x
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qwiksave said...

Hi, I LOVE Pinterest, it is Brill! My board is

Dawn said...

I too am addicted my boards are here
The only thing that bothers me is people pinning the blog rather than the specific post but otherwise it's fabulous

Sue said...

Great idea.

Love the last quote:)

Jaki Morris said...

I am fairly new to it and try not to get too addicted to it but here is mine

Love the doggy

Paula Whittaker said...

Would love to join but cant seem to at the mo....not sure why though.

Suman Patel said...

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