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22 Nov 2011

Pick and mix

This blog post is a real cacophony of happenings so you might want to grab a nice drink, something carb infused to keep you awake and maybe book the day off work? !!

Lets start with some crafty stuff Ive been finishing off. This card, for starters. Ive been working on this for a week because I couldn't decided what to put between the two swallows. Honest, I was struggling but I knew I wanted to savour the pain so that I would be completely happy once I had found that "something". Cue one of Timmykins quote stamps.
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I love this card and yes, that's probably quite a vain thing to say but sometimes you just love a certain project now and again - one that you are so chuffed with you feel you could conquer the world with it. Well, not the world but maybe a small country.

Talking of which, that's how I feel about my body right now (the size of Bolivia, I'm guessing). If you have followed this blog from the beginning you will note that I go through fits and starts with exercise. I really go for it when I start but I just lose momentum. Maybe injury prevents me carrying on or the cold weather interferes or perhaps I get a spell of work which demands more of "me". I HATE IT when I lose the momentum. I fall down that spiralling pit of "giving up" so many times. And tonight, this attempt maybe number 845765637291294375 to restart but sod it, Im focused for the time being. Tonight I started C25K again but the best bit about tonight's efforts was my timing. I shaved 1 minute and 30 seconds from when I started it in September. I wore better trainers plus I ran in the rain. I LOVE RUNNING IN THE RAIN. I wrapped up, slung on by bestest support bra (v. important in my opinion) and tuned up with Muse, The Killers and Manic Street Preachers. I ran like hell fire and whilst it hurt, it also felt good. **Masochist, right?!** I just don't fancy going on QVC after Christmas looking like I ate all the turkey, you know?
I came home, cooled down and then put the finishing touches on this layout that has also sat in my desk since the end of Sept. What is wrong with me? I used the rest of some papers I had from some QVC prep work and this ribbon used to belong on one of Ellie's wall art projects that we have dismantled. No way was I wasting it and luckily, it fit across the paper that had been lovingly stuck on there for 7 weeks. Another layout for the album.
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Ruffling that ribbon and making it stay put - well, that took some doing!
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And so to tomorrow. Ive got the final part of my "Life is Beautiful" instalment to wrap up and then I'm off swimming at lunchtime. I'm figuring that running one day and swimming the next is going to be a good routine until I get my head around sorting out a good eating regime. I do really well on a carb free diet but i get so BORED of it after 3 months. Ive read about the Harcombe diet which does embrace fruits and yoghurt whilst low carbing. Ive def got to investigate it.

The rest of the week has a bunch of mixed emotions for me. Ellie turns 16 on Friday **blub**
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but on Thursday sees her annual review of her statement. I am NOT looking forward to it. I struggle to get my point across without looking like a desperate/screaming/paranoid/unfit/neurotic mother. All these heads of educational sectors staring at me for being the woman who dares to speak up. Its all quite petrifying, really. I do believe the school do the best they can but frankly, its because of the lack of funds that kids, like Ellie, get a totally bum deal. I'm not sure what the magical thing is to do other than keep fighting her corner but as its her last year of school, i kind of think everyones shoulders are sloping and that her future will be blighted by even more turmoil in the services she **could** have access to. I could literally cry for that kid, I really could. It hurts so much that I can feel my heart cracking in all directions and that my chest is about to explode from frustration - other than being protective of my little cub, I'm pretty much helpless :(

Finally. Macchu Piccu. **sigh, isn't it majestic?**
I'm going to start boosting the funds for this event, of which I'm going to walk the Inca Trail, in Peru in order to raise money for the NGVFA (if you look to the left of this post, you will see my Just Giving sponsor page, looking pretty low funded right now). I'm paying for myself to go but I do want to raise £5000 for this worthwhile cause. I will be walking 17miles one day, stay overnight with spiders as big as my arms and leeches sucking all my blood before I trail 17 miles back the next day **bluergh, I will wear long sleeves, hoodies, hats, gloves and elastic bands at every end of my tops and walking pants to prevent buggage crawling into my crevices**. I'm trying so hard to come up with some good ideas (and in light of the fundraiser I did this year, for Daisy Dog, I'm reluctant to approach all those marvellous people again for donations as prizes). The season of austerity is making me lose my confidence so other than shaving my head, I'm thinking of ways to raise this money. I **did** think of selling off all my lovely handmade cards or bundle up some of my own stash to sell but man, I suck at coming up with some ideas. So if you know of any, please leave a comment so that I can get a shufty on!


Anonymous said...

sure you will come up with something to sell to raise the money and the reality is people buy "labels" they wont go for the cheaper unbranded items if they can have a DB or KW stamp etc.
If your daughter needs some extra help then she needs it but there are children who cannot ever sit up alone, cannot ever walk, talk, eat , drink. go to the toilet, cant hold a pen, hear, see, speak, dress, undress etc whose parents are not getting their child the help they need to even get into the building let alone learn! I was talking to a Mum whose child would die if didnt have one to one to deal with the medical equipment to ensure they can breathe [ pretty essential really!!] and also they need other help with ever single thing as above and also need hourly medication on time and they have to fight for the care and help too!!! FIGHT to allow a very intelligent child who is very ill to maintain some degree of normality and education...its appalling really appalling!
So all you can do is fight remembering for all children the resources are spread thinly and if they can do things like stay alive without help and can read and write and hear and speak the levels of support are less and less and even those who cannot do these things get less now.....not ideal or right but the way of the silly sad world in some LEA's!! SO good luck with getting some support for your daughters needs whatever these may bex

Sue said...

Loving the card and the LO is beautiful.

Hope you get on ok with Belles annual review. I'd say as it's her last year, you go ahead and scream and shout.

Well done on getting into your exercise again.

Anonymous said...

Kirsty, I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I can't think of anyone I'd rather have in my corner than you when it comes to tough times. Huge respect to you for what will be a massive undertaking. Don't sell your precious stash though. I will happily buy one of your gorgeous cards for a tenner. Sorry it's not more, but I'm currently fighting an appeal for my benefits and things are a bit tight. And I seriously hope you WILL scream and shout at the LEA if needed. In fact, I hope to hear you screaming from here!

Debo said...

Kirsty, you are one AMAZING woman!

You will do exactly the right thing for Ellie on Friday. That doesn't mean, unfortunately, that they will do the same but that does not mean you shouldn't try! My nephew has been given SO much support for his Aspergers for the last 2 years, even now that he's in year 12! But he's not in the same area as you, so different funding priorities probably. But it DOES mean that there CAN be help post GCSE years!!!!

Your work is amazing and I'm sure people would buy it - especially as it's for SUCH a good cause! Good luck (and just remember to enjoy Ellie's birthday!!!)


Fiona said...

No fundraising idea's unfortunately but your card is superb. Good luck on Thursday, hope you get a result and Ellie has a sensational sixteenth
on Friday.x

Anonymous said...

.... but the problem here is that unlike other kids, from what I have understood, no one has ever said her daughter has XYZ. That would make a huge difference. I imagine that every time Kirsty goes looking for assistance she is caught up in that. You know what red tape is like nowadays, if it isn't written on paper then not a single person opens their eyes, looks at the girl and has the good thought to say she needs all the help she can get.

Anyway, good luck. I hope you will let us know how it all goes.


Amy said...

Unfortunately I have no advice with regards to fundraising but I just wanted to say good luck. I did a sponsored walk from Leeds to Wales a few years ago and was absolutely astounded at the generosity of those I knew, let alone complete strangers. £5000 is quite a lot but even when times are hard you'll be surprised how many people are willing to give a little to help a good cause in their own small way. I am both in awe and extremely jealous of you, climbing Machu Pichu is definitely on my bucket list (though the creepy crawlies can stay away thank you very much!). I've been a lurker here for quite a while now but I just wanted to offer some encouragement. Also, Belle is adorable in her portrait above :)

Katherine B said...

this is the thing about us special moms who have to fight the educational system...WE are our child's ONLY advocate and if that means people think I'm demanding/neurotic/pushy/whiny/picky and I am usually a combo of all of the above-too bad...I tell them if I'm not all of the above, then I can't sleep at night! I usually get what I want for Thing 2 so I am ok with that-that way, when he's older, he'll know and appreciate the fact that I NEVER tried to hear the word NO...Keep doing what you are doing; it all has a purpose.