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8 Nov 2011

Normality will resume shortly

I am so behind with emails and little jobs in the wake of recent events. What's made things worse is this cold which I have developed since Sunday. It's wiping me out. And since coming back from hospital with Ellie this afternoon, it's suddenly got worse in waves.
Am I to die a death like Lavinia from Downton Abbey?
Hope not, got too much to do and some party planning for Ellie's 16th (yes, SIXTEENTH) birthday in two weeks.
Forgive me whilst I snot it all out.


Julia said...

Poor Lavinia - that was sad. Hope you feel better soon xx

Sue said...

Hope you feel much better soon.

Jo said...

I am so glad it wasn't just me that came back from the NEC poorly... lol.. hope you get better soon! It was lovely to see you (without your skirt stuck in ya knickers.. lol)

Jo xx