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19 Nov 2011

It's been a while

I even had to dust off my Cameras. I just haven't taken photos for AGES since other work commitments took over. Even worse, I've had to re-direct clients to other photographers in my area because of it. Boo hoo. But at least I can pick and choose shoots when Im free and today? I was FREE!

This is Harry - isn't he Mr 'Tude?

This is Sharon, Harry and Isobel

Isobel being swung by Momma

Isobel admiring her reflection with her BEAUTIFUL pink shoes

Harry being tickled by Momma

Harry and Isobel on a RARE and I mean RARE Bro and Sis snug. They did NOT want to perform today!!!!

Dear Canon with your safety distance of 100mm (ie - not in your mush), I love you and I am sorry I neglected you so.

Kirsty x


Sue said...

Really lovely photos.

Fiona said...

Oh dear, Harry looks well fed up in the first one, well done for capturing some smiles from him. Needless to say-fab snaps.

Sandra said...

Fantastic photos Kirsty
Sandra x

Judi said...

Wow, what fab photos

Debo said...

What AMAZING photos!! I particularly love the black & white one of Harry and mum, and the reflection in the puddle but they are ALL truly stunning!

Shazza said...

Blooming fantastic photos again. Can't wait to see the rest x x x

Caroljenks said...

WOW What fantastic photo's - Just LOVE the one of Mr 'Tude!


Carol x