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18 Nov 2011

In a Pear Tree

Thank you so much to those who bought the image that I introduced in yesterdays blog post. I was pleasantly surprised with its popularity. And so tonight, I have another image but its only 90% done so, for now, you can have a sneak. Simply called "in a Pear Tree", it really is what it says on the tin. Ahem, walks away cringing at such originality of a name!

I'm working on a card but in the meantime, here are the images:

The kits contains A4 sheet printables of 4 uncoloured images, 4 coloured images, the same in PNG files plus a sheet of greetings.I was totally going to get it finished but I had this mad idea to go and see Breaking Dawn at midnight. I was going to go in the morning after I had dropped Belles off, however a turn of events this evening meant that I would be waiting for a phone call tomorrow during that viewing. So hastily I booked a ticket (on my LOSERY own!) and went to the midnight showing. It was a really good movie even with massive parts of the book missing. I was behind some very irritating GROWN women (not Teens!) who were facebooking throughout the whole film and talking and giggling. It kind of but a dampener on it but I enjoyed it all the same.

Let me know what you think of the movie, if you saw it or are planning to see it over the weekend.

PS: I am totally Team Jacob.


Helen Anderson said...

Hi chick, I went to see Breaking Dawn with my youngest (nearly 17) at midnight. It was bloody marvellous and I'm now well & truly hooked!! Soz but I'm Team Edward :).
P.S. Have recommended you to someone else for business cards, hope she contacts you.
Take care, Hels xx

Nicki said...

Great images!

I hate being sat behind noisy people at the cinema! so annoying,

Kate said...

I went on Friday morning at 10.30am Kirsty, it was great only 10 people in the cinema, it was like a private showing. I loved it, it was least favourite of the books (I took SO long to finish reading it) but I think the best of the movies.

I went on my own too! Pity we don't live near each other we could have gone together!
TEAM EDWARD all the way! ;-)