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22 Nov 2011

Hmmmm, Salsa

I went to a Salsa class tonight because I couldn't face swimming today (too cold - brrrrrr). I don't know what I was thinking but I wasn't expecting "lonely hearts" club and dancing with strangers. I mean, I'm totally up for having a go but I think I was expecting more of a line dancing style of salsa. Awkward! I stayed for the whole session and danced between 4 sets of fella's (and no, Mark did not come with me - hello? Two left feet!) before I bolted out of the door. Instead, next week, I shall go to Zumba. To be fair, it was a good workout but I don't think I will be going back.

I've totally got myself in the training zone and so tomorrow Im going to try Gillian Michaels 30 Day shred before I do my C25K and maybe a gentle swim (And that's just for my arms!). I know its a lot of training but I'm allowing myself 2 days full on exercise with a rest day, although the rest day will be a huge doggy walk to keep the lactic acid from settling on my joints. I love it when I'm focused. I also love my meal plans that I have opted for until I start a more strict regime come the beginning of December. Man, I hope I don't trip down that spiral of losing the momentum.

Im finishing off this post with a card made using my Christmas bauble text thingymajigs. Not exactly conventional colours for Christmas but who the hell cares? Red, Gold and Green is not the law.

Going to go and massage my hips, they ache a bit from all that crazy salsa-dom.


Sue said...

Anothyer fab card.

Keep up the exercise.

Sally said...

OMG Kirsty that card rocks! I have a whole pack of Orange cardstock that I hate and wondered how to use it. Think I may be nicking this idea!

I have done the salsa classes too and know EXACTLY what you mean. I was single at the time but never admitted it!! I teach Zumba 3 times a week now and eat what I want and maintain my weight easily. The weeks that I eat healthily the weight drops off me. It's the best and 'funnest' exercise....hope you find an instructor you like. Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

Love it I must download those baubles, Thanks again.

Lisa-Jane said...

Love those colours and I love the design lots and lots and lots xx

Anonymous said...

there is no right or wrong colour to do with Chirstmas Kirsty because Christ is firmly the one and only reason for the celebration! Those who dont believe and trust in Him mainly use it as an excuse for overeating and getting into huge levels of debt and getting stuipdly stressed over cooking a meal they prob dont enjoy because the prob dont ever cook roast dinners and eat lots of veg! No reason for any of it other than remembering and celebrating Christs birthday. orange cards or red and green dont matter one tiny bit.

Julia said...

You will LOVE Zumba! Shame the salsa was a bit er...awkward! Lovely card xx

Katherine B said...

I'm lurking....and loving :)