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15 Nov 2011

Come dine with me - on a hill

I love spending time away with my friends . We either veg and watch DVD's or craft or study or whatever takes our fancy. There is a ridiculous signal on our phones so we are barely facebooking, tweeting etc. Its a good thing, I tell you. This weekend I suggested we have a little come dine with me fun. As we all have 2 meals to make throughout the weekend, we decided to make one of the meals a themed meal like "Come dine with me". Obvs we were not out to make 3 splendid courses and slave over the cooker for hours on end. We just wanted to have fun and add some flavour.

First up was Roz'z "Breakfast at Tiffany's". The table set like a Tiffany's presentation box in that gorgeous shade of blue with white ribbon. We had Bucks fizz followed by grilled honey grapefruit, salmon and poached egg muffins with hollandaise sauce and dill and then waffles with syrup and creme fraiche for afters. Oh man, it was a fantastic feast for breakfast, I loved it especially as we watched Breakfast at Tiffany's as we ate. I even played the game and wore pearls, shades and ahem, knee high socks (instead of gloves) for effect!

The next themed meal was by Rosie. She opted to create a pink picnic with a smorgasbord of delectable bites such as dainty sammiches, crunchy chips, tomatoes and cheese on sticks, nuts, marshmallows, pink smarties and raspberry and choc chip muffins with a cream cheese frosting. Oh man, I was fit to bursting.

The next themed meal was my Mexican. I made cheesy nachos to start followed by fajitas and side salad. I gave everyone a Mexican hat to colour in and wear plus a sexy moustache. I did want to run around the house singing La Cucaracha but we were all so full that, instead, we died on the sofa for a few hours. We later followed it with mexican beer with lime wedges.

Last came Janet's AMEZZIN Moroccan theme. Rosie and I both wore Fez's that we had made to get in the mood as we tucked into humous, olives and breads then a SCRUMMY Lamb Tagine and cous cous followed my yoghurt and lemon cake, sweet nuts and lemon and orange slices. It was a truly authentic meal and we all decided that Janet's was the best - she won! Hooray.
I can't tell you how much fun a Come Dine with me experience is. You have to do one yourselves with a group of your pals. Just buy your food, cook it up and add laughter - perfect, if you ask me.


ShirleyDavisCrafts said...

Utterly brilliant, Kirsty. You all won the CDWM contest, didn't you? A real program of our fav craft personalities would be great...

I take your point about us all having a stepson and family did just that and loved it. I also think those dinner parties where each guest supplies a course are good fun too.

Sue said...

Food is always better with the company of friends.

Christine said...

OMG! This sounds like sooo much fun!
Fab idea ;-) x

Rosie (Freycob) said...

I'm now on a diet after eating all that food this weekend! Wonderful time spend with fab friends. Love you all xxx

D@nielle said...

great fun and it looks yummy! we have a weekend away in february, may steal your idea !

Anonymous said...

Brilliant weekend and scrummy food. Was stuffed the whole time. Missing you all so much xxx