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11 Nov 2011

4 girls on a hill and winner!

That will be us, again, this weekend.

Ive worked almost every weekend since May. I think I have had 2 weekends spare that Ive spent with my beautiful family but this weekend I'm going to be a little self indulgent. My friends Roz, Rosie and Janet (plus me) have rented a cottage at the back of beyond. Barely a phone signal and def no wifi, its going to be awesome.

Left to right: Me, Janet, Rosie and Roz. Man, we were crying with laughter that day in March!

Im taking my mac to do my course work and some digi work but other than that, Im slobbing in my jammies until we come home on Monday. Im also taking a bag of Promarkers, a couple of stamps and some card - and that's it! Except, of course, for spare jammies, grundies and food! Talking of which, we all have two meals to prepare. Im designated Sunday breaky and dinner; one of which has to be a "come dine with me style". Nothing grand or laborious plus it has to be themed. My theme is Mexican. Im making nachos with all the works for starters plus half a fajita and salad for main and for the theme we have to wear our "coloured in" sombreros and don a dodgy looking mexican style moustache. I cannot wait. The party game will be "how many pringles can you stack in your gob without breaking your jaw - and eat them". My record currently stands at 16 but hubbies is 22......could I attempt to break that? **exercises jaws**

Well I better get a shufty on, I'm setting off soon. Have a good weekend.

**winner of the cd is: KIRSTEEN - congratcho mucho!**


Jaki Morris said...

That sounds like such fun, wish I was in the gang! Have fun,laugh muchly and colour in plenty.

Kirsteen said...

OM and G!! :p Whoo hoo I'm so excited!! Woop thank you!! Oh now, to gets me some pens for muchas colouras :) Have a fabby weekend, sounds like an absolute blast xx

Lizzie said...

Ooh Kirsteen, lucky you! Hope you love it!

And Kirsty (with a "y" and no "n"!), I hope you have a fab break with your friends. It sounds like a lot of fun.
I am so looking forward to our Bloggers' Crafting Weekend on 25th! I hope you have a brilliant and fabulous time. X

Fiona said...

Bloody hell, sixteen!! Must admit I have not tried this but I can get loads of Minstrels in my gob. Ta for your comment on my blog. Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. Soooo funny! Have a lovely weekend Kirsty. Jude.x

Jo said...

Kirsty.. can you email details of the Cottage.. sounds just like what I'm looking for..

Many thanks..