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4 Oct 2011

Watchya doing 22 oct?

If you are in the Wilmslow area, come to Jane's table top sale Homemade Fayre. I went to one the last time she did it where crafters brought new and old stuff to trade from their craft wares and hand crafted supplies. It was fabulous. I bought lots of stamps and sold a lot of my blank mini books and scrapbook papers. And this year I have shed loads of supplies to sell to make space in this tardis of an office (only its the opposite of a tardis, in that I have no space)

Date: 22nd October
Where: Wilmslow Methodist Church, Kings Close, Wilmslow
Time: 10:30am - 2:30pm

There will be a raffle, home/hand made craft supplies, used craft materials, stamps, art supplies, refreshments and lots more.

You **could** book a table for yourself to sell your usable old stash. Call Jane on this number here 01625 676413 if you wish to book an enquiry.

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Jane said...

Ahhh What a shame!! I live so close and yet I am at a wedding in Cockermouth that weekend!! typical!! I hope you have a brill turnout and have a great day xx